KNOCK AT THE CABIN Ending Explained | Full Plot Breakdown, Book Differences And Review

KNOCK AT THE CABIN Ending Explained | Full Plot Breakdown, Book Differences And Review

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KNOCK AT THE CABIN Ending Explained | Full Plot Breakdown, Book Differences And Review. We review, recap and explain the new M. Night Shyamalan movie Knock At The Cabin. This contains major spoilers for the ending and a full breakdown of the films plot. Spoilers are in full effect here so if you haven’t seen the movie then check out now.

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Alright so M. Night fans are in for another twist and turn psychological horror story, with his latest, Knock at the Cabin. Four strangers, One cabin. The “Signs” are all there. But yeah, we’re going to be breaking this thing down for y’all, what that ending means, a whole lotta symbolism, and of course our reaction and review on the movie and mandatory M. Night cameo.

All sorts of heavy spoilers in this one, so a huge thank you for clicking this, I’m your host Jared, now let’s get into Knock at the Cabin.

Alright so Knock at the Cabin opens on a family of three on vacation at a remote cabin in the woods. As we’re introduced to a young Wen catching grasshoppers. It’s funny because she is categorizing them in her little notebook, showing us she’s an inquisitive little girl. She looks up, as a stranger walks out of the woods towards her, and this is Dave Bautista’s, Leonard. After the two play a game of back and forth questions, Leonard’s friends follow behind, and he tells Wen his heart hurts because of what he has to do today.

Like BAAMM, we’re right into the home invasion portion of the movie, as Leonard and the group try to calmly reason and discuss what is about to happen, but have to use force against Daddy Andrew and Daddy Eric. The couple is tied up, after Eric hits his head, resulting in a concussion. The four strangers line up with their makeshift weapons, and Leonard tells them they need to make the ultimate sacrifice to stop the apocalypse. One of the three must willingly give their life to stop it, by the hand of another. “What? Noooo.”

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Avatar of @double0double0
this movie sounds really great on paper but this film is so bad. the pacing is terrible, the performances are ok, the cinematography is forgettable, the plot is better in paper, the thrill comes from the sound effects, the characters are terrible

the best thing about this film is the fact you get to see trailers for what’s coming in April!!
Avatar of @whateverwhatever4026
Who are they lying and or hiding to/from? They know being gey is more than legal in current year, right? Idk, seems like some narcissistic geymen...And a pretty shallow story. But that's Shamalamab nowadays I guess. What if beach makes you old but faster!?! Old people??But crazier!?! M, maybe just stop doing what you're doing...or at least put a whole story together before filming it.
Avatar of @MrLuigi5150
So much potential and he didn’t capitalize
Avatar of @RampageYI
I wish M would have made it not truly known if the plagues and shit was really from god and made us question if the things happening was just coincidence or not. The ending was too on the the nose.
Avatar of @jayday1503
This movie sucks!!! I needed more! Deep Impact gave me 10x more apocalyptic feeling… I felt nothing… Earthquake? Planes falling? Give me a break

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