KNOCK AT THE CABIN Ending Explained | Full Plot Breakdown, Book Differences And Review

KNOCK AT THE CABIN Ending Explained | Full Plot Breakdown, Book Differences And Review

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KNOCK AT THE CABIN Ending Explained | Full Plot Breakdown, Book Differences And Review. We review, recap and explain the new M. Night Shyamalan movie Knock At The Cabin. This contains major spoilers for the ending and a full breakdown of the films plot. Spoilers are in full effect here so if you haven’t seen the movie then check out now.

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Alright so M. Night fans are in for another twist and turn psychological horror story, with his latest, Knock at the Cabin. Four strangers, One cabin. The “Signs” are all there. But yeah, we’re going to be breaking this thing down for y’all, what that ending means, a whole lotta symbolism, and of course our reaction and review on the movie and mandatory M. Night cameo.

All sorts of heavy spoilers in this one, so a huge thank you for clicking this, I’m your host Jared, now let’s get into Knock at the Cabin.

Alright so Knock at the Cabin opens on a family of three on vacation at a remote cabin in the woods. As we’re introduced to a young Wen catching grasshoppers. It’s funny because she is categorizing them in her little notebook, showing us she’s an inquisitive little girl. She looks up, as a stranger walks out of the woods towards her, and this is Dave Bautista’s, Leonard. After the two play a game of back and forth questions, Leonard’s friends follow behind, and he tells Wen his heart hurts because of what he has to do today.

Like BAAMM, we’re right into the home invasion portion of the movie, as Leonard and the group try to calmly reason and discuss what is about to happen, but have to use force against Daddy Andrew and Daddy Eric. The couple is tied up, after Eric hits his head, resulting in a concussion. The four strangers line up with their makeshift weapons, and Leonard tells them they need to make the ultimate sacrifice to stop the apocalypse. One of the three must willingly give their life to stop it, by the hand of another. “What? Noooo.”

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Avatar of @sethmorales1519
This is not heavy spoilers lol, pretty much watch for the the main dudes voice, why do these tubers keep trying to hand work over ? If you want a vacation we understand, but we watch for “your” content
Avatar of @ktabaha
A generous 7, for Dave Bautista
Avatar of @darthgzuz
Four horsemen of Apocalypse
Avatar of @theadmiral4625
Avatar of @evans1120
M Night basically destroyed this great book…I will never watch anything by this arrogant jerk!
Avatar of @runningrock124
good video

awful movie
Avatar of @danielcastillo4537
M. Night is a one trick pony. I will say Bautista is increasingly becoming a serious actor with each new script.
Avatar of @tlwatts88
Hard Pass! On This Movie!
Avatar of @csiyaoe
Nurses don’t make much. FYI
Avatar of @DavidLawyer
Just finished the film. Pretty straight forward from an M. Night standpoint but I liked it...
Avatar of @Buildbridgesnotborders
Knock At The Cabin was an intriguing, thought-provoking emotional roller coaster. I enjoyed being torn between what side to believe as the story unfolded. The acting was great, the cinematography was fun and is what has been one of my favorite aspects of M. Night’s storytelling. Another great addition to his work. Great video from Heavy Spoilers as always! KNOCK KNOCK
Avatar of @YeliMe
The Sixth Sense wonderfully blew my mind. After that I've been satisfied reading the spoilers for all the other movies.
Avatar of AlifePug12
2:04 i knew that was redmons story
Avatar of Aizen Sousuke
Aizen Sousuke
The fact that they still had to kill Eric is the twist that all of it was real.
Avatar of Mr.LightzPlease
I think the twist was the 4 horseman sacrificing themselves
Avatar of The Darkwing
The Darkwing
Video claims there is no twist. I disagree, the twist is that, it WAS real. Everything was confirmed correct.
Avatar of jono wright
jono wright
Felt you was thrown in from the start, rushed
thus feeling no emotional attachment to the characters even after they were killed , and being told you will be guessing till the very end.. I'm still guessing what exactly the twist was 🤣
Or is it you will be guessing til the end as in guessing why I even bothered 🤣
Stick to servant ❤️
Avatar of Mr.LightzPlease
You forgot to mention when Leonard knocks he knocks 7 times resembling the 7 seals that god protects his right hand with
Avatar of Melchior
They drive away from the cabin in another truck and turn on the radio to find the same music as they were listening to going to the cabin.
Avatar of LFG2
The reason for Redmond being Rory O’Brian was to further make Andrew, Eric, and the audience second guess whether the attack was based on them being gay or if it was all legit. As well, you say that M. Night gives it away half way through, but I’m not sure how? It isn’t until the airplanes start falling from the sky that you can start to believe it’s real, but like Andrew points out, how do we know the news reports aren’t fake or prerecorded? We don’t truly know until Andrew & Wen leave the cabin.
Avatar of Zack Hayes
Zack Hayes
Sounds like a dumbass movie
Avatar of Naomi
This movie was awesome 👏
Avatar of Miguel H
Miguel H
Hey Paul is your intern running the show will you're on daddy duty ? Great video btw
Avatar of Matthew Jolley
Matthew Jolley
I Loved Black Panther 2 And I've Not Seen Knock At The Cabin Yet But I'm Hoping To See It This Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar of Dale Futrelle
Dale Futrelle
Not going to lie but I went to see this movie hoping for a twist ending... It wasn't bad but definitely not M.Night's best movie.
Avatar of Maximo Delacruz
Maximo Delacruz
I just watched this movie and had a good time with it, it's definitely better than Old in my opinion.
Avatar of boilinghell
The four do not represent the four horseman. The four horseman do not release the apocalypse, they are the apocalypse. It seems like they are representing the first four seals from seven seals of the seven seals of God from the book of Revelations. The first four seals are represented by a white horse, a red horse, a black Horse and a pale horse (sounding familiar?). Also only the Lamb of God (Jesus) can break the seals, hence why we see the ghostly figure appear before the first seal is broken. Once the four seals are broken then the horseman appear. The breaking of the fifth seal is the cry of the martyr. The breaking of the sixth seal is when global earthquakes occur, the moon turns red and the skies darken (it kind of happened in the movie but not in the right order). The breaking of the seventh seal is the silence in heaven as judgement is passed on the wicked and martyrs are vindicated (doesn't happen in the movie). So I see more parallels with comparing the four in the cabin the seals as opposed to the horseman.
Avatar of Maurice P. Kerry
Maurice P. Kerry
The Cook / Famine
Lenard caught bugs/ Pestilence
Redman attacked them /War

The Nurse/ Death

You're welcome
Avatar of Kellan Hills
Kellan Hills
After the first 30 minutes I was hoping for the apocalypse to actually occur to put me out of my misery of watching this leftist propaganda crap. 0/10. Laughable and miserable. More pukes per minute than any movie in a long time! 🤮
Avatar of Young Han
Young Han
It's a mashup of two biblical stories. Issac and Jacob with the 4 horsemen of revelations.
Avatar of Busta Myers
Busta Myers
I think it was a good movie I kept trying to figure out what the twist was going to be and when it ended I was like hmm no twist. Gonna have to watch this again
Avatar of BigDoze
Saved me 14$ not having to watch this trash. Props that they had a gay couple in there though. Stay woke
Avatar of Chad Cognac
Chad Cognac
Rupert being in the bar highlights he’s Malice. 🤷🏻‍♂️
Avatar of 1995 akcoop
1995 akcoop
movie was dumb as 💩
Avatar of random
I’m so confused??
Avatar of Zack McIver
Zack McIver
Is everything a fairy tale or made up?

Faith is by hearing not seeing.

It took FOUR sacrifices and evidence of the plagues…yet still there was doubt or belief.

It’s a great emphasis of what faith or belief in something is all about.

When people say they’d “believe” in God if there was better proof etc..

Yet a sacrifice, resurrection, prophecy in the Bible…

Just still isn’t enough for some.
Avatar of Crisin Snow
Crisin Snow
At the end when the lighting hits and there’s a glaring light standing at the back kinda had me tripped out
Avatar of Brian Ng
Brian Ng
Really enjoyed the movie. I’m glad Mr Shyamalan stopped his schtick in this movie. No gimmicky plot twist/reveal meant the story was it, and I enjoyed the journey- the drama and thrills.
Avatar of Karen Porter
Karen Porter
If the four intruders were in fact all who they said they were, normal people, then what forced them to sacrifice themselves? I understand them trying to prevent the apocalypse, but what forced them to give their lives and "help" the apocalyptic visions come to fruition? Would there be a punishment to them personally if they didn't comply? It doesn't really make sense to me. Any help explaining would be appreciated. I liked the movie overall but am also a little disappointed with the ending.
Avatar of Feck
I think the Stuart Little screenwriter M. Night was when he was at his best . Not all the crap he's done ever since 👍😂🤣
Avatar of JayScarim
It may not have been a brain shattering twist but the twist was that the intruders were the horsemen and everything started going back to normal at the end, meaning it was all real.
Avatar of Half Angel XV Story Channel
Half Angel XV Story Channel
Great movie! But what is the message of this movie? What is this movie trying to tell us? In my opinion, it seems like the movie's message is that while it was so amazing to see the love the two fathers had for their daughter, and the priceless moments they had together, they did not really care about everyone else in their world. They were convinced that everyone hated them and treated them with animosity. Their trip to the cabin in the wood kind of symbolizes that. They disliked most people and to them the only thing that truly mattered was their love for the family they had created. The higher power that was present in this movie ( You could see it in the mirror or being part of the nature and trees when the camera zoomed in at the trees) was not pleased by their way of living. If people with positions of great power all thought this way they could start a movement that could literally divide the nation and affect our basic human rights. The right to live the way you want to live as long as this way does not hurt others and as long as you respect different cultures , ideologies and religion. To prevent this tragedy from coming true, this higher power sent ''the four horsemen'' to earth in a different way than you would expect. If this gay couple could let go of their hatred for people with different beliefs then they could enter heaven and this would prevent the apocalypse from happening. That's just my 2 cents.
Avatar of SaveDeion
I really enjoyed it. Really clicked for me once I connected the dots with Eric's sacrifice being similar to Jesus's sacrifice. Especially in the last scene where the couple was arguing on about if Eric should even sacrifice himself.
Avatar of Summer Skye
Summer Skye
0:06 I couldn’t wait to see this movie I watch all of his movies. They are all magnificent to say the least very edge of your seat each one of them this movie cabin at the woods I follow several of people that were in the movie itself definitely again edge of your seat kept me guessing wondering was it legit was it fake, was it something more? I’m not very religious but I saw your video and now I understand more. You definitely explain it very well, and I was wondering, where he would show up in the movie, so you clarified that too, but yeah, I didn’t notice the bright light right away, and I had a feeling he was going to survive and I was correct. I really didn’t believe that Batista would actually kill himself in the movie I thought he would’ve been with these two that survived, but very amazing very crafty very entertaining. Definitely not losing his touch one bit, and I definitely look forward to seeing more of his movies.👍🏻👍🏻
Avatar of jbauer140
you know what have been very cool for the ending is that diner scene in the end, as the camera pans and shows the people watching, then in the background you here " is there anything else I can get for ya?" , and as the camera pans onto a hand that puts a coffee cup down, the person says " no thank you...I HAVE A WORLD TO SAVE...AS YOU HEAR THE RAIN START TO POUND DOWN THE PERSON GRABS THEIR TRENCHCOAT" as the camera pans upward only to reveal DAVID DUNN, that he actually survived the ending in Glass! LMAO Hahahahha sorry its 3 am thoughts race though my head and for some reason I thought of how cool that would've been as a laugh.
Avatar of adrian
Just saw the film and enjoyed it but couldn’t help being let down. The story wasn’t really tight enough and I left feeling a little unsatisfied …

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