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Knock at the Cabin Ending Explained | Knock at the Cabin Spoilers | Alternate Ending — This video covers the new M. Night Shyamalan film, Knock at the Cabin, explaining the plot and ending, as well as covering many of the changes from The Cabin at the End of the World book the movie is based on. There are spoilers for Knock at the Cabin in this video.

Chapter Timestamps
0:00 Intro
0:32 Main Characters
0:52 Plot Synopsis
4:58 Plot and Ending Explained
5:28 Four Horseman
5:39 Final Judgment and The Family
7:08 Eric’s Vision
7:47 The Prophecy
8:50 Book Changes

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Avatar of @user-fb3hd5lb5w
And this is why God does not leave the end of the world up to us. You cannot do evil so that a good may come of it. Were they so afraid of dying? When it's time to go, it's time to go. The right thing to do would've been preventing any of the four visitors from killing themselves if they could, and even if the world collapsed around them they should not murder each other.And i don't know why it's a gay couple portrayed as the innocent family. Yes they are kind and sweet but does no one read the Bible? Sodom and Gomorrah was destroyed for that very reason: homosexuality. It's why we call the sin 'sodomy'
Avatar of Zach Couch
Zach Couch
The book ending is better.
Avatar of SincereD
Why didn't the 4 Horse just off themselves since they were killing each other, but of course you had to kill one the couples.
Avatar of Beast Mode
Beast Mode
Thanks for including the book’s ending.

I prefer M. Knight’s ending better. An ambiguous one would’ve been terrible after seeing all those deaths.
Avatar of RoyThomas
I bet this movie pissed some homophobic Christians off. They throw a fit if two dudes kiss on TV. So for a gay couple to stop the biblical apocalypse must have eaten' at 'em.
Avatar of Miodrag Petrovic
Miodrag Petrovic
Just here to say that I think the movie is better than the book. For the first time ever. The books ending really left me kinda annoyed.
Avatar of Willyan
I enjoyed the movie a lot! 💫✨
Avatar of dantediss1
War, Famine, Conquest , and Death...
That was what i learned the 4 horseman were. Not the names given in this vid. Not sure if the namesakes in the film have bearing on their actions and or personalities though🤔
Avatar of Steven Vo
Steven Vo
I think how people feel about the film depends on what they expect from this film. The film may work better for you if you’re looking for a straightforward crowd-pleasing thriller with a definitive answer, while the book may work better for those who like the more darker, more in-depth moral dilemmas with more ambiguities.
I did notice there was one scene in the 2nd trailer with Eric in church that’s not in the final film, so I think that (and any other deleted scenes) could have developed Eric more.
Avatar of Ryan Meyers
Ryan Meyers
I saw this in the theaters I don’t think it’s worth it to go see personally. It has an interesting plot, and some good acting throughout the cast especially Dave Bautista but overall it just felt underwhelming. I do like that they actually answered if this is real or not but still light didn’t really love the ending
Avatar of Kirklynn Centore
Kirklynn Centore
Dave Bautista character "Leonard" was just perfection in the movie.

M. Night Shyamalan needs to do more movie projects with Dave, loved how he greeted and was very kind towards Wen (Kristen Cui)
Avatar of FlythonAk
I would’ve loved if the carried over the ambiguity from the book to the film. Life is pretty ambiguous same as death. It’s to easy to make a choice when you get instant gratification in knowing what the consequences are. I like ambiguity because nobody really knows anything.
Avatar of Annia Matthews
Annia Matthews
Avatar of basquat76
This is some happening bs.
Avatar of Daniel Henwood
Daniel Henwood
Also if you look at each of the strangers colour of clothing, you will also if you read about the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse also coincided with red/ war ,yellow/ pestilence , green / famine and white /death
Avatar of Retha Blair
Retha Blair
I didn't read the book but love the movie so instantly believed the prophecy🤗
Avatar of Robert Chambers
Robert Chambers
Just saw the movie. And wow. I really liked it more then the actual book.
Avatar of Steve
Bautista finally convinced me that he's a real-deal actor and can be much more than another wrestler-turned-actor who, at best, peaks with action comedy films. This film ruled and I found it very, very moving.
Avatar of Chris Manahan
Chris Manahan
I prefer the ending of this movie. The book's ending seem more uncertain but leaning more on being dark and pessimistic. Also, in the book's ending, the fathers feel like more selfish in the end. In the movie version, it is bittersweet but more optimistic ending, and it shows the fathers being more heroic and self-sacrificing. Also, I think this is the first gay-theme mainstream movie I've seen where the main gay character/characters being heroic and fighting to save their loved ones. So kudos for that.
Avatar of LEDes
I prefer the book ending. Honestly the book overall is way better. It had more mystery to it. The movie was to direct left very little to the imagination. I do appreciate M Night changing the ending based on people hating the ending of the book
Avatar of Έτσι Γουστάρω
Έτσι Γουστάρω
I enjoyed the movie a lot but not the ending. Not that I'd like the book's ending either. I'd like for them to be convinced without seeing all those happenings at the end (airplanes, storms etc) but made the sacrifice and after that, the one standing seeing clues in their car and realizing they were all delusional or that it was indeed a conspiracy or something. It would have been more interesting to me than an actual apocalypse. Personal opinion though, it was still an enjoyable movie as it was
Avatar of srp srp
srp srp
The part to me that needed explaining, was why did the intruders have to be killed when they answered no?
Avatar of hsingho lee
hsingho lee
The twist in the book about sebrina killing Leonard sounds a lot more interesting than the movie. Even though I do like the movie, it's just too straight forward, lacking any suspense.
Avatar of Vernedi
I prefer the book's ending. And fuck Bautista, I can never take that idiot seriously and his acting is absurd.
Avatar of flask
Ending felt empty
Avatar of David Shaw
David Shaw
I see it as A & E being the chosen ones ( higher power) with a decision to make.

1. Fck the world & procreate with the adopted daughter

2. One man kills his love for the world he hates for the sake of humanity

I liked the movie. The grasshoppers in a jar was a nice entry I thought
Avatar of David Leija
David Leija
Haha, I still think it was all just a coincidence.
Avatar of Arosary
I loved this movie. Dave B.needs to be nominated for a best actor oscar. He is a better actor than the Rock.
Avatar of Augusto Raugust
Augusto Raugust
Why so many people are terrified of open ended movies?

Don't you have a brain?
You would've hate to think little bit so you need to be spoonfed as the movie literally tells you those were the Four Horseman cause you couldn't figured it out by yourself just by the trailer, huh?
Ya dumb bitch.
Avatar of Gg.
Fail to protect family with a loaded firearm, that movie should have ended there.🤨
Avatar of Eyesuck Overwatch
Eyesuck Overwatch
I liked the movie and the ending. If they left it ambiguous I would have hated it.
Avatar of Tyden Durler
Tyden Durler
Ohhh, they show them some TV News Clips with bad cgi to totally prove their point that what they say is the truth, because what's on TV is always the undeniable truth as we all know...yeahhhh...😒😒😒
Avatar of Superbaby
I think it sucks that these two actors Jonathan Groff and Ben Aldridge can never play straight characters in a movie because they’re gay and that’s not fair.
Avatar of pinkbeatle2012
what if batista and his little crew like didn't kill themselves it seems like the apocalypse was linked to each of their deaths so if they chose to not execute themselves the apocalypse wouldn't happen.
Avatar of Ken Wells
Ken Wells
I thought the four horsemen came from the sea.
Avatar of Jennifer Davis
Jennifer Davis
I actually really loved the movie. I was ok without a major twist which the director is known for or a cliffhanger ending, honestly if I want to watch any more cliffhanger endings I'll just put on an original Netflix film
Avatar of Moss Man
Moss Man
My whole problem with it is why is this sacrifice needed in the first place? How could God be absent when he obviously knows what's going on and can easily stop the end of the world without the need for innocent people to kill their loved ones. What kind of God would need those sacrifices to be made to prevent him from ending the world. And if it is God setting up the whole "Kill your family or I'll destroy the world" system, why would anyone even want to worship a God that would do something like that?

I don't get it. He looks down from heaven and goes "Ah, I see the man killed his one true love. Beautiful. I will now pull the waves back and clear the skies, my thirst for sacrificial blood has been quenched for the time being. The humans may now continue trying to survive the normal dangers of the world once again while I pace my chambers imagining other horrific tests to give them to prove their worthiness to me. Not all of them at one, though. No, only completely random individuals that will decide the fate of all humanity while everyone else has no idea that the reason everyone is dying is because some guy on the other side of the planet doesn't want to kill the person he loves most and is his only reason for living at all. Yes, yes that'll do nicely."
Avatar of Asamod ka
Asamod ka
Who is the kind of God who wishes for a human sacrifice to stop the apocalypse? I suppose that is not a nice God, maybe it is YHWH, the jewish God of the Bible, who made plagues, floods, wars, etc. That vengeful god is, in truth, Enlil of the Sumerians. The false God of this world (Demiurge, Yaldabaoth).

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