Knock At The Cabin EXPLAINED: Was It Real? (Review)

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Knock At The Cabin is M Night Shyamalan’s latest film, that features a group of strangers forcing a family to make a sacrifice to save the world. But is the danger real, or are the strangers crazy?

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Avatar of @ViridisAmbrosia
The happening is underrated imo. It's really a love story between that couple imo. When i watched it again years later not looking for a twist or something and not judging it on the basis of sci-fi i was rather overtaken by the love story.
Avatar of @Sam_T2000
do they talk about how children deserve both a mother and a father, and how it’s selfish and cruel to intentionally bring a child into a fundamentally disadvantaged situation, like a two-father home?
Avatar of @jakobparker225
Very boring video
Avatar of @user-erick007
Really . Targeted for being GAY in 2022. People are targeted for being straight these days 🤔🤔🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Avatar of @tashacooper1753
That is a fair statement I do like that he either makes something good or something bad
Avatar of @dbgreene9020
Unfortunately everyone expected Sixth Sense after that movie. Besides Airbender I find all of his movies great!!!
Avatar of @dbgreene9020
They give away the premise bc its already a famous book so it's assumed most people know the premise.
Avatar of @Gjonesy9
A day, before this video was uploaded. I had Taco Bell. The funny moment was when my Nephew spotted me with the bag in hand. The first words out of his mouth were; yuck, nasty and how could you eat that stuff?
I walked back over to him and then I leaned into him and said; "This is real, Mexican Food." And as I was walking away from him...He said; Yeah, only if you're really, really white! (lol)

And, yes...The roll of the Dice, weren't in my favor that night. (karma).
Avatar of @jacksonjones3152
I loved the movie. Worth watching for sure.
Avatar of @dsp8363
Avatar of @mattrex8599
I really enjoyed this movie. I thought Bautista did a great job.
Avatar of @themanflake
I actually don’t like Taco Bell, but I do eat there occasionally
Avatar of @loki-of-asgard7877
Lol Sacrifice one of the gay dudes of course. Let the little girl live.
Avatar of @jimluebke3869
So neither of the "fathers" volunteer to sacrifice himself for his "family", before watching the world go to h*ll?

Who's surprised? I'm not.
Avatar of @roberto_926
"I went to see this movie with my family and they all liked it too."

That doesn't sound like Liam at all.
Avatar of @c.jonahabbott2831
One question Lauren: why in the hell would you even watch a movie where the main characters are fudgepackers? That’s guaranteed to leave you barfing the whole rest of the day
Avatar of @Ankhtowe
>The Village

The Village is literally the only movie in history that I've ever walked out of.
Avatar of @tetsuolionheart9611
What's really odd and telling is how this film is not being praised for being inclusive and "representation". Perhaps its only stunning and brave when it's making a political point or pushing a leftist agenda. I liked the film, still trying to unpack everything.
Avatar of @PapiBocaChula
How you didn't mention Split?
Avatar of @furioused4391
Good video. Love watching videos talking about movies 🍿
Avatar of @kaosthecosmicreviewer1055
What a Twist!!!
Avatar of @gordontims1999
This movie was good. I wasn’t really looking forward to it as much but I was worried that there maybe a message. M Night Shyamalan has made great films The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, Signs, The Visit, Split and I’m mixed on Glass. I didn’t like The Village, Lady in the Water, After Earth and I never seen The Last Airbender nor will I ever, The Happening was so bad it’s good tho, very entertaining
Avatar of @justinejustice_league1857
What I did like was Leonard and Wens first meeting, it felt like a dream sequence. He brings a calmness, but you can tell he's troubled, it's like death coming to give a child horrible news. Leonard carries the entire film for me, love to see him in other roles like this.
I don't like how this family was immediately portrayed as innocent and pure, why can't they just be chosen. Why not them? Is the question. The book better portrays their imperfections, selfishness, and doubt. Perfection doesn't save humanity, it's always been hope and love.
But no family is perfect. theres trauma, disappointment, fights, arguments, and estrangements. But there is still love there, especially when faced with adversity. Is M Night saying this decision wouldn't be any harder amongst an imperfect family?
Andrew was a hot head who engaged another hothead at a bar. Yes the other guy started it, but Andrew didn't have to engage. You're at a full bar and there's going to be drunk people looking to start something ,simply because they can. Eric looks at Andrew like, "did you really have to say that", he's was use to seeing that side of Andrew.
But it was always in Andrew's nature to be a fighter and maintain control, being a lawyer with a sharp tongue and the alpha in the relationship.
Maybe what happened at the bar was supposed to happen. Andrew's offender never threw out any slurs or innuendos about Andrew or Eric's sexuality. Redman was just a violent drunk because his father beat the snot out of him as a child, he was taught violence.
Why is Andrew's self-doubt and paranoia never a talked about. We never talk about Andrews clear disbelief and cynicism towards God, the comment he makes about not caring if Eric preys. Andrew is clearly the one who is in control of the relationship. I loved the scene when Eric's belief is made clear and he soothes the frightened Andrew, telling him that everything is going to be ok. Trust me for once, stop trying to argue everything and have faith, that scene was beautiful too.
Also, when the group gets to the cabin they confess to not being a hate group. I honestly think Andrew just crossed paths with a drunk hothead that night. The scene with Andrew's parents was equally annoying. Andrew's mother tries to engage in conversation however she is also given the cold shoulder. Andrew and Eric had already made up their minds that the parents weren't going to accept their relationship either. Andrew's Dad is also given the straight uptight wealthy white man troupe but we're never given any dialog at that meeting. Andrew's parents are just upper class, atheists who are unloving and intolerant and maybe that's where Andrew's anger comes from as well, childhood trauma.
This is the whole point of why these sacrifices must be made from time to time because humanity is not pure.
Avatar of @joeschmo6637
So it's woke trash, then? Glad I didn't and NOW I know why its gained so much praise in the legacy media.
Avatar of @thanosnaclor
Mulan has a YouTube channel?!
Avatar of @Robert-ht7om
I feel like the worst part of this movie was the trailer, like so many in these recent times it gave too much away and really left nothing to be surprised about.
Avatar of @newgeot850
Really liked the review saw movie other day to me ahhhh I go with I didn't believe in them plus kinda what gave it away was the news reports idk seemed fake to me like not real hard to explain how are you going to just stand there and have this huge ass wave hit you and they are standing there plus it keeps recording to never cut away lol. Then the whole "oh you can go anywhere in this house and do whatever you want" Nope they never left the family ever alone... But that's just me did enjoy it either way. Oh your beautiful,,
Avatar of @jordankibbe
It's just another woke trash movie tired of wokies/communist lefties aren't real grown ups they don't deserve rights to be around kids and ruin good days for us real Americans
Avatar of @mekagengar2580
My only criticism of the movie is the use of the same-sex couple and their issues as a major plot device. In the times in which we live, frankly, the barriers presented are highly unlikely even given that said issues existed prior to the birth of the child 8 years ago. Did things like that happen 8 years ago? Sure. Were they so common for one of the fathers to justifiably possess such animosity, not really. Had said period of time been in the early 90s or 2000s at the latest, it would have been believable. But being around 2015, it is a stretch, to say the least.

I can only conclude that the book the movie is based on must have been set during a more believable time period than the movie. This is unfortunate, as some of the weight of the story was removed during the transition from page to screen.
Avatar of @kennethv5250
my question is why are eric and andrew so important to the apocalypse? why does killing one of them stop the apocalypse? why not just kill both of them?
Avatar of @qron2382
This was a stupid movie!
Avatar of @offlinegamer6756
so , the fate of the humanity rely on the choices of two sodomites and a kid ! WTF is this shit !
Avatar of @mrbungle3310
Such a crap movie... Devil is still the worst...sixth sense and signs are great...but everything after especially this woke crap is just baaaaad
Avatar of @JohnSmith-bu3fw
So basically it promotes homosexuality and that two dads are normal and acceptable. No thanks I'll pass.
Avatar of @rasalasblack6122
This movie used identity politics right. It was organic within the storyline and was never forced. No one got preachy and touched actual violence against gays with nuance and believability.
Avatar of @KlingonCaptain
I've been eating Taco Bell for 40 years, and it's never given me diarrhea.
Avatar of @thomasvalenta5372
I completely agree with the taco bell comment I used to work for them back in my teens and I can honestly tell you it absolutely is a Roll of the Dice as far as the food is concerned, you never know if you can eat the food or if it actually will make you sick . That's why I stopped eating there . Because that sort of thing used to happen to me All the time when I ate there.
Avatar of @finalfanvii6822
Sorry but you look Latina and so beautiful ❤
Avatar of @brandoncole2639
I friggin LOVED IT... GREAT MOVIE. I'm a fan of more of his smaller NOT Blockbuster wannabe movies though. DEVIL, THE VISIT, and i really liked SIGNS. I gotta disagree with the lady on this one. Surreal ominous tone throughout OBVIOUSLY making viewer wonder "Surely it's NOT exactly true, humanities fate lies on a random couples decisions... Outstanding

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