Knock at the Cabin Fast Review (bc Universal sucks)

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Avatar of @Crosby-Critic
This review is a lot different from the others. My universal copyright claims are starting to stack up and that gives me anxiety. This video would’ve been slightly longer but I didn’t want Universal to tear this down or mess things up behind my back like a previous video a while back where they muted half of it and I wasn’t told. Also this is a M Night movie so there’s not much I can say without spoiling his usual twist and turns. I’ll try and figure something out for other movie reviews from this company, but what they did to my previous video was really draining and took a lot out of me that day I edited it, just to have it be shown for a day and then blocked. Thank for understanding!
Avatar of NTD Spades
NTD Spades
Avatar of Anthony A. Perez
Anthony A. Perez
Great review, man!
Avatar of JK_Productions
Nice Video. Also I'm sorry about whats been happening rn. I would've been pissed too
Avatar of MrSpider
This review is faster than a knock at a cabin
Avatar of Brayden Gray
Brayden Gray
just finished watching it like an hour ago, but I enjoyed it. agree with everything you said, and maybe I enjoyed it more because the last movie I watched in the theatre was about 2 months back, but still, mindless fun. my biggest problem with the film is the logic behind why god would even do such a thing 💀 like, why? just another countless unanswered question I guess…
Avatar of Mr. XBukowski
Mr. XBukowski
WHHHAAAT!? An M.Knight Shamalan movie with GOOD acting!? Wow. Also watch the Knives out films David Batista is great in Glass Onion
Avatar of WhatEver Films & Photography
WhatEver Films & Photography
I personally am just tired of all these "happy endings". Why does it always need to be stopped? Why can't humanity just lose for once? In the book apparently it ends with the fathers not killing each other, and the reader left to decide if it was all real or not. That would have been WAY better. This was too predictable and cliche. The acting was great though. I just felt MEH after watching it.

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