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Chris Gore and Alan Ng review “Knock at the Cabin,” now playing in theaters.

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Produced by Chris Gore, Alan Ng, Glenn Brown and Ryan O’Donnell
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Avatar of @blazingmonolith4323
Interesting film, i enjoyed the watch. It kept me guessing what happens next. 7/10
Avatar of @7grims
SPOILER ! i spend the entire movie trying to guess or predict the twist end, which is usually what Shamalayan does, only for no twist end to exist, which is good that he is stepping away from that.But also everyone is expecting such a thing from him, since he did a career out of it. So its strange to see this movie.
Avatar of Angelique Michael
Angelique Michael
As soon as the movie opened and the 4 were introduced my first thought was the 4 horsemen. I had heard NOTHING about this movie before. It was absolutely predictable, but themes that drive human interest and attention often are. It’s a movie. I wasn’t moved by it bc the end is real and a man HAS laid down his life to save the world. 🤟🏾
Avatar of Bradley Bailey
Bradley Bailey
They weren’t angry. Seems like Disney/Hollywood wants to make everyone angry. I enjoyed the movie D.B. Was great. I’ll watch it again to see if it holds up a second time.
Avatar of Madam Isabel Melvin Wangaratta IV
Madam Isabel Melvin Wangaratta IV
I think people who disliked Old will probably like this one much better.
Avatar of Rick Allen
Rick Allen
This looks ridiculous.
Avatar of Marco
I was surprised how much i liked this film............interested to investigate the back story/meaning
Avatar of Fore Shame
Fore Shame
Avatar of baghead777
The novel is called The Cabin at the End of the World
Avatar of Mark Mackenzie
Mark Mackenzie
Thanks for taking one from the bros Chris.
Avatar of Adrianne Curry
Adrianne Curry
SiGNS is one of our favorite movies in our home!!!
Avatar of Jonathan Soko
Jonathan Soko
I enjoyed it. It was still predictable, if it had ended and it was all bs everyone would have just hated the movie so it was clear where it was going. But i liked it.
Avatar of Ted M
Ted M
It was good for a shamalamalala film
Avatar of The Swirl
The Swirl
Signs is one my favorite alien invasion movies 👌
Avatar of Bad Andy
Bad Andy
This movie was painfully predictable however it was very well executed as a film.
7/10 for me.
Avatar of westfield90
I’m the only human who hasn’t seen the Sixth Sense. But I saw signs, unbreakable and didn’t think much of them. I actually did like the aging movie last year but this one has nothing in the trailer that makes me want to watch it.
Avatar of Bad Andy
Bad Andy
Dave Bautista's comedic timing is on point. I prefer his acting over the Dwayne Johnson, but the Rock is the Great One!
Avatar of GetBenched
Another woke shitfest.
Avatar of Eivind Flores
Eivind Flores
Shamalamadingdong's last good movie was more than 20 years ago.
Avatar of Joshua Bekel
Joshua Bekel
Soooo, a film with actual characters and not a stereotype or trope??? Dang! I didn't think it was possible anymore!
Avatar of vpuik
I guess it depends on what you were expecting
Avatar of Jeff N
Jeff N
The book is not called Knock at the Cabin. It’s called Knock at the End of the World.

Come on, Gore. Basic research isn’t that hard.
Avatar of Keith Walski
Keith Walski
avatar was mixed? I thought it was his worst movie
Avatar of Nick Lang
Nick Lang
Just saw this. Very surprised about the end.
Avatar of Nick Lang
Nick Lang
Chris, love your Batman Mug. Alan, what's under the blanket man, scary. Just watched The Flash trailer...I'm GEEKING out...Anyone else. When you going to talk about that! Holy &#@
Avatar of Brian Mardiney
Brian Mardiney
You forgot The Happening, one of the worst movies I've ever seen. SCARY TREES!
Avatar of Brian Mardiney
Brian Mardiney
The movie doesn't feel claustrophobic? 30% of the movie was shot in extreme close-up on faces.
Avatar of Sokotto Doesn't Know
Sokotto Doesn't Know
There was not one. Not a single fucking mixed review of "The Last Airbender". It was shit, and no apologies. Fuck that movie and anyone who enjoyed it.
Avatar of SBlaze420
When I think M. Night I always envision that scene from South Park the imagination land episodes
Avatar of Biggiiful
Love Signs. It's the only M. Night movie I really love. He's made a few good ones, and some absolute stinkers too.
Avatar of Biggiiful
Batista's acting in 2049 was great. Just a very small role. Hope he gets little more time in Dune Part 2 than he had in the first.
Avatar of Paul Colton
Paul Colton
What would've happened if Andrew had his gun with him in the cabin, and blasted the intruders as they forced entry before they had a chance to perform their little judgement rituals? I guess the movie wouldn't've happened, lol

I think Dave Bautista's hurdle as an actor is his physique...I mean unless his character is someone like Drax, he script will need to find a way to justify why he looks like a tattooed bodybuilder
Avatar of James Taylor
James Taylor
Shamalama dingdon
Avatar of ed c
ed c
Loved Signs and Sixth Sense. Old was possibly my worst movie of all time to the point of anger! Fantastic and entertaining insight as always guys!
Avatar of Will DePaula
Will DePaula
His movies are superbly shot but M Night's done 3 good ones and that's it. His movies a more often than not plagued by logic fallacies, plot holes and just plain bad writing. A giant of a man comes out of the woods but it never occurs to Wen to go get her fathers? Who raised this dumb kid? Oh , yes, the two dumbasses sitting in the backyard instead of the front porch where they could keep an eye on their little daughter. Who wrote this, a five year old? And what are their choices here? Sacrifice the very people who bring meaning to my life and give me a reason to keep on living or sacrifice 7+ billion of the most selfish, vicious, destructive beings to ever exist. Those are my choices? Someone got paid to write this?
Avatar of RazielBorn

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