Knock At The Cabin Final Trailer Explained

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Knock At The Cabin Final Trailer Explained
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Avatar of @pottersdog
I feel as if there's gonna be a clip at the end where it flashes back to the four of the perps in a diner or something discussing how they could convince someone to kill someone else with words rather than doing it themselves. Essentially a meta commentary on how powerful words can be, they can make someone beleive and even make people do certain things especially if they can imagine something enough. They could have even drugged the family to imagine the Tsunami as they describe it or hallucinate the plane from them mentioning something prior. If not then I can imagine it just going right down the line along the plot of the book.
Avatar of Suez Contours
Suez Contours
Rupert Grint isn't on Severance. That's Adam Scott
Avatar of PooreSport
He is crying cause them dudes are gay asf
Avatar of Favelize Adventures
Favelize Adventures
It felt biblical tbh
Avatar of Yvette Vera
Yvette Vera
I’m not sure if there’s gonna be a big twist, Old (movie) didn’t differ too much from Sandcastle at all. I think it’s just gonna have his filming vibe.

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