Knock at the Cabin Is Awkward

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This movie is what happens when M. Night Shyamalan hears that a novel is unfilmable and takes that as not just a challenge, but an invitation. What we got is move where Dave Bautista cries through some of the most awkward and cringe moments ever put to film.

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Avatar of @amazingedits6912
I’m gonna say this as a pansexual Christian who has seen the movie… I feel like people thinking the movie has a homophobic message, isn’t really a nuanced take. Idk.
Avatar of @fishlordusername891
I will say I thought the awkwardness of the characters was fun, didnt know it was a horror movie. That being said it was definitely average and the fact that they collapsed the question of whether it was real or not, the straight wiggling about of "no of course in totally cool wirh you being gay! We're not homophobic!" And what felt like kind of needless violence for rhe story made it hard for me to enjoy it beyond passive entertainment.
Avatar of PoshDemon
Wow ok I finally watched this movie and this was garbage. I hate this so much. People like to throw around the term “kill you gays” a lot when discussing any fictional conflict involving gay people, but this is a real a true example of the trope. The only way for the conflict to be fixed is for a gay man to make a biblical sacrifice and kill his own husband. There’s no good way of slicing that resolution. And the fact that the movie tries so hard to be like “Nono this isn’t because of homophobia at all!” Just makes it so goddamn pretentious.
Avatar of Mika Beck
Mika Beck
In the source material from the book “Cabin at the End of the World” while the entire thing is left ambiguous and up to the reader to decide if these were actually the 4 horsemen or some crazy people with a shared dillusion, it is described as them having an uncontrollable compulsion to carry out each sacrifice to release the various plagues on humanity regardless of their own will against it. Almost as if the 4 intruders are being held hostage as well but in a more presumably supernatural manner and while I won’t spoil the main twist and ending, I will say they do cover one of the intruders who is at the end pretty fucking done with everything and does their best fight off the voices and compulsion (almost possession..?) for as long as possible before ultimately succumbing. If they had more of a way to express that in the movie and kept it pretty faithful to the book’s twist and ending it could’ve been a box office banger
Avatar of Cupidshome
This is just the fifth wave
Avatar of King Bubbles
King Bubbles
Damn I’d love for someone to knock at my cabin
Avatar of Lazy Hammer Wielding Penguin
Lazy Hammer Wielding Penguin
Meg made the exact same "Old" reference I was going to within the first minute and now I don't know what to do with myself.
Avatar of Man
M. Night really is a pure shit or pretty alright artist with no in between
Avatar of Clementine She They Fae
Clementine She They Fae
I desperately need to watch funny games (2007) Patricia Taxxon made a very convincing video essay and I’m so excited
Avatar of packman2321
It's weird that pestilence is the most accurate one given that Pestilence is like the least canonical of the four horsemen (the originals just use the word 'death' for them and 'Conquest' is an earlier interpretation for the rider of the white horse).
Also there's a rather interesting tension between Shyamalan's argument for faith and the fact the God he's advocating for (especially here) is so consistently cruel and arbitrary. Like this makes more sense in Signs bur at a certain point an all-powerful tyrant isn't worth having (not to extend this to a critique of religion itself. It's kind of essential to the binding of Isaac that God doesn't make Abraham go through with it). I suppose we could also read this more widely to critique Shyamalan's position as the director of this stuff and thus the 'god' who is making everything in universe happen.
Avatar of Adam Goetz
Adam Goetz
Saucy bubos....
Avatar of Glacidon
20 minutes into the video and I'm making the hard read that the twist is that the four people somehow hacked into their TV and made their fake new articles
Avatar of Mj Stew
Mj Stew
As soon as it stop being ambiguous as to whether on not it was the apocalypse or a delusion death cult I lost all interest. That speech from Eric just took me out too.
Avatar of please kill yoursef
please kill yoursef
This is better than Cabin in the Woods
Avatar of Iam Words2D
Iam Words2D
So if I remember correctly, this was adapted from a book called “Cabin at the End of the World” and it ended very differently.

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