Knock at the Cabin Is Awkward

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This movie is what happens when M. Night Shyamalan hears that a novel is unfilmable and takes that as not just a challenge, but an invitation. What we got is move where Dave Bautista cries through some of the most awkward and cringe moments ever put to film.

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Avatar of Kai
oh no i read the book version of this, it has a much different title and hearing the description of the movie was like a jumpscare. why did they give the movie rights to these fuckers???
Avatar of stellarretribution
The Cabin That Makes You Die
Avatar of Bold And Brash
Bold And Brash
The Cabin That Makes No Apparent Difference to Your Age
Avatar of Not An Alien
Not An Alien
I actually kind of liked the premise of the movie as well as the execution of it. Things could've been handled better, sure, but I think M. Night did a pretty good job with this in comparison to the ol' reliable Old.

That being said, a lot of things are done a lot better than Old, so I guess that isn't saying much-
Avatar of WhaleManMan
Dave Bautista playing someone who wears a shirt is the real unnatural horror here
Avatar of Lilith The Solar Exalted
Lilith The Solar Exalted
Honestly, I think the initial concept of a gay couple fighting off home invaders would have been much more interesting, and even empowering if done right. That was the only thing which really hooked my interest from the story and everything else just felt too...i don't know. Over the top?
Avatar of OptimisticAudience
So I know the book is a very dour and depressing book, but I respect its themes and style.


The book fundamentally doesn't want to show you plagues happening.

By the end one of the horsemen agrees with them disobeying sacrifice orders and helps them, and then starts talking about how they need to sacrifice someone while she's helping them leave. She's being compelled by something to try to convince them to die while she's crying and shaking her head. That's the supernatural hint and it's way more effective to me.

And then of course there's the books ending, which the rest of the story was setting up. He changed the ending and that's why there's that disconnect with the third act.
Avatar of Vokonirui
So basically The Trolley Problem: The Movie?
Avatar of brosa
did you guys watch that one ai generated video of Joe rogan and Ben shapiro talking about the Beach that makes you old?
Avatar of RINGER 13
Is there a beach that makes you old in this one? If not I’m not watching it.
Avatar of Enigma J
Enigma J
Guys, you need to read the original book to know how terrible this is as an adaptation. I’ve only ever watched three M. Night movies, The Last Airbender, Old, and parts of 2012. I only know the full plot of this and the book because I watched Amanda the Jedi’s video on it (because I knew that one of the dads had to die, and I wasn’t going to even entertain the idea of watching a movie with that premise), so unless he has any more movies with source material, this puts Shamalyan 0-3 in the sport of adaptation!!! Old was barely passable until the end in that regard. He also has a really bad time with adapting ambiguous endings, but since I haven’t seen anything else, I can’t just conclude he lacks the ability to be subtle (even though I get that feeling from him.) It sucks because he literally took the most atheist-affirming story starring gay men I’ve ever heard about (I still don’t have the widest knowledge of narrative art, so give me recommendations if you know any) and turned it into “Well you’re irrational for trying to say people with next-to-no legitimate evidence aren’t likely to be correct; just believe lol!” I now know I don’t like this man as a creative and frankly a person, and I don’t feel bad because he still has the power to make these shit movies.
Avatar of Old Horsemen
Old Horsemen
I am glad that the Beach that Makes You Old and the Bubo Pit made their grand return. It is terrific that Dave Bautista is in movies outside Marvel, such as Knock at the Cabin and Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery. Also, another content creator I watch, Brandon Likes Movies, did a review comparing Knock at the Cabin to 10 Cloverfield Lane.
Avatar of GreenMach1ne
Dave Bautista seems like the best part of this movie, ngl.
Avatar of Ethar Childres
Ethar Childres
I don't know what these guys are on about this sounds like a masterpiece. This is hilarious.
Avatar of Get Schwifty
Get Schwifty
The book has a better ending.
Avatar of Dr. Cham's Burner Phone
Dr. Cham's Burner Phone
Damn. YouTube didn't notify me again!
Avatar of hiurro
Just based on the description of the plot it seems like the moral of the movie is believe in God kill gay man and that makes me really uncomfortable. Especially when based on the comments it seems that part is Shyamalan's addition not part of the original.
Avatar of Joey245
"The ocean is just punching stuff now..."

Avatar of Frak Spikes
Frak Spikes
here is my own best attemp at playing Shamalan's attornei

Giat Water Fist = War. Maybe as a refrence to water and earth as powerful elements both linked to life, but who are otherwise being compleatly diffrent, and the giant water fists are something better akin to Kiogre vs Groudon, but only having it reffrence 1 of the 4 mystical elements

Super Flue = Pestilance for sure, but element wise, unless you cout virus as "Nature" and therefore, in a roundabout way making it earth rather thain air i don't know how to properly add this piece to the puzzle i'm currentlt trying to help you all solve

Falling Planes = Famine, kind of. If you know how supply chain work world wide, and how they are single handdedly responsible for keeping "Western" civilisation from collapsing under the weight of its demand for food and other products, then planes falling from the sky makes sence, especially if they just so happen to land on roads and traintracks (but that wasn't added in the reports on the movie, so i'll keep it as amuted point). Also, falling planes Air duh.

Neverending Lightning = Lightning strikes you, very unlikely that you'll come out alive, so yeah Death. Also to those who haven't watched avatar the last airbender the animated series
and then you'll get why lightning = fire

and that's my best defence for M "Never do a movie again please, for all our sanities" Shaymalan choice on enterpreting the 4 major plagues in this movie
sure it isn't perfect
but then again
neither is the movie
Avatar of halfmettle alchemist
halfmettle alchemist
Need someone to make one of those AI voice memes where Biden talks about how he went to the Cabin from Knock at the Cabin
Avatar of Michał Tarka
Michał Tarka
Holy fuck the kids I coach line is brutal. So stupidly powerful
Avatar of Troy Jardine
Troy Jardine
Reasons why Shyamalan should have been blacklisted from filmmaking after The Last Airbender; number 7.
Congrats M! In addition to continuing to vilify the mentally disabled, you created a movie in which a gay family needs to be destroyed in order to save the world.
Avatar of Robert Allan
Robert Allan
Hey, I have a recommendation that I think might be up your alley. It's a horror film on YouTube called Emesis blue, full length and animated in SFM. There's a bit of jank to the animation and Voice acting, and the premise is based on the game TF2 and might be a bit confusing, but I walked away considering it one of my favorite psychological thrillers, and it came out only a few days ago.
Avatar of Silver Wing Warlock
Silver Wing Warlock
We don't want to end the world, but we will end the world, to save the world
Avatar of BouncySeal
Knock at the Cabin is a movie which asks the question "wouldn't it be messed up if this happened?" and then the answer is yes and the movie ends
Avatar of familyguyfeline
This is my least favorite episode of Shyamalan Boyz
Avatar of KidKangaroo
The more I think about it, the more this movie seems to be just kind of a bargain bin version of Everything Everywhere
Avatar of Surgery Head
Surgery Head
weird that you guys didn't acknowledge that it was an adaptation of a book. They really shouldn't have changed the ending.
Avatar of Lady J.
Lady J.
At least Dave gets to wear a pair of delicate little glasses again
Avatar of Lamppost 🦕
Lamppost 🦕
Signs x The Happening? The Sign Spinning?
Avatar of BallisticCryptid
So I have some input about this movie.

This movie was originally based on a book called The Cabin at The End of the World and in the book the four people who show up at the cabin are actually there against their will. Like, there are numerous points throughout the story where they're trying to actively combat their own urges to follow through with this plan of sorts and because the book is in part shown from their points of view, you actually know that its an otherworldly force taking hold of them in order to make them carry out the apocalypse. What also makes this so interesting in the book is that the disasters within the book are much more coincidental, such as reports of several tsunamis and plane crashes appearing on the News, but not being overt if that's actually caused by the deaths of the visitors. So because of this, it's ambiguous if this is actually part of the apocalypse, or if it's more so a bunch of coincidences that happen to make it seem like the apocalypse is occurring. The biggest difference between the book and the movie is that Wen actually dies by an accident in the book which drastically alters the ending of the movie where instead of one of the fathers taking their life to stop the apocalypse, they determine that even if an apocalypse is actually occurring that it would be pointless to stop it because whatever god is causing this did this to their daughter and therefore, they don't want to make a higher power succeed. It's a very bleak and nuanced story which I feel isn't given proper justice in the movie.

If any of you are interested in hearing more about the book, Amanda the Jedi did a fantastic comparison between the two.
Avatar of NullVoidNaraka
4:13 That sounds like the first Purge movie
Avatar of Sugoi Use Is Moe Abuse
Sugoi Use Is Moe Abuse
Why is M Night Shamalayan Homophobic? This movie really seems like it. Before I could meme about old because it's such a ridiculous premise but the fact this film ends with "yes god is real he hates gays and you the gays are bad and let other people die the gays will let everyone die if it benefits them" is a bit fucked.
Avatar of John the Shapeshifter
John the Shapeshifter
In this, the cabin that makes you old.
Avatar of kaemon bonet
kaemon bonet
Imagine if instead of the plagues given it actually was war famine plague and death and the last bit of the movie with Dave Bautista was like, "nukes have been launched, you have 30 minutes to make your decision. " And in miraculous fashion all the nukes fail to detonate after the sacrifice has been made.
Avatar of RiaxaraCo
So apparently I’m the book this is based on they’re actually compelled by some being or whatever to do all this, so it makes more sense than the movie.
Avatar of DelBunny19
So, judging from Old and Knock At The Cabin. The message I'm receiving is that M. Night should stop being allowed to make adaptations of better material. Like SERIOUSLY
Avatar of MadameTamma
Here's an idea. What if instead of each zealot sacrificing themselves triggers another plague, it was changed to 'All of the plagues were about to be set off all at once, but through a sacrifice, they were able to make it so only one plagued happened for the time being.' That way instead of slowing CAUSING the apocalypse to happen, their sacrifices were mitigating damage and buying them a little more time. It seems like a small change like that would have made a lot more sense.
Avatar of Zenith Wills
Zenith Wills
Kinda funny how both this movie & Old have strong beginnings as they largely follow the plot of the book/comic they're based on, then fall flat when M. Night changes something.
Avatar of VFXNinja
I like how Shyamalan's ending just completely spits in the face of the book he stole the plot from.
Avatar of Leo The Lion
Leo The Lion
U realize halfway thru this movie that the only reason why this gay family goes through a magical hate crime is because shyamalan felt like it lol
Avatar of CSolarstorm
That kind of violence veiled in flattery and denial is exactly what modern homophobia looks like. "We have nothing against you being gay. In fact, we picked you because your love is soo deep! Nah, this religious-coded violence that makes you choose between a gay family and everyone dying is completely unrelated to the fact you're gay."
Avatar of Bob Burger
Bob Burger
Didn't watch due to the 2 big pics on the screen that block all the scenes. I'd say loose the cartoon picks.
Avatar of NOZON
35:22 This is probably grasping at straws but maybe the water flood/fist is war because of "war on nature" and the fist was nature striking back. The planes famine because airplane food which is bad because you lose your sense of taste at high altitude. disease is obvious. The lightning is the hardest but the only things I can think of are either people being smited as an act of God or some other entity being a significant death or because lightning was thought as something from heaven and essentially becomes a bridge.
Avatar of Mathieu Leader
Mathieu Leader
Dave Bautista character here could double up as a great Dr. Hugo Strange in the Matt Reeves Batman films
Avatar of wolfclaw719
so the plot of this whole movie is god wants a gay couple to die?
I'm amazed I haven't heard people trying to cancel it
Avatar of Toyota Tacoma
Toyota Tacoma
Truly one of the worst adaptations in recent memory. It’s actually impressive how much it mangles the themes of the original book.
Avatar of WhenYoBrainGoesNumb
I was watching a video (I think by James Somerton) about this movie before it came out and he said that in the book, they do kill the daughter
Avatar of Corto Maltese
Corto Maltese
This premise feels like something written by a person with too much free time on their hands.
Avatar of AndaraBledin
"This is peak Shyamalan."

Only, this is only barely Shyamalan at all because it's based on a book, and only the changed ending really belongs to him.

Honestly, Gus, you should have done at least enough research to know about the source.

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