Knock at the Cabin: M Night’s Most Divisive Film?

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Andrew Hatfield joins host Tyler Nichols to discuss M Night Shamylan’s latest. This adaptation of Paul Tremblay’s Cabin At The End Of the World may just be M Night’s most divisive ever. We get into all the Batista monologues, rough child acting, and Biblical metaphors on today’s episode.

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:01:44 – Drinks
00:03:03 – History with M. Night Shyamalan
00:11:15 – Non-Spoiler Review
00:17:36 – SPOILERS
00:38:50 – Ratings
00:41:33 – Next Week

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Avatar of @FinalFlameProductions
Signs is one of my favourite films.
Avatar of Zach Milne Talks Movies
Zach Milne Talks Movies
I thought all the performances were good, especially Dave Bautista. Unfortunately I just didn’t care very much about the characters or the story overall. It was disappointing for me, unfortunately.
Avatar of John Sabin
John Sabin
You see how M Night checked his social justice boxes right off the couple..check...Asian girl...check...straight white males...cause of the end of the world..check lol
Avatar of The CunninLynguist
The CunninLynguist
I'm surprised it is. Probably his most straightforward film. No real twist. It's concise, compact and tells the story running and doesn't try to add unnecessary filler.
Avatar of my chunky jordi
my chunky jordi
I'm not keen on many of M Nights films. If this is released on dvd in England and I see it for a couple of quid then I might take a look at it. Good review 😊 🐾 💜
Avatar of Andy Martin
Andy Martin
I hated it. SPOILERS AHEAD! 2 mayor problems for me. 1, with M Night you expect a twist, there's no twist, at the end I was like eh? 2, Which was my biggest problem, when they discuss the situation with the dad's they say, 'the family have to choose who dies and you all have to decide if you don't all decide the world will still end, so we get to the end and the dad's decide, guy dies and world saved and I was like what? The whole family didn't decide, the dad's made the choice but the kid didn't, she wasn't even in the room, they said the whole family and that would include the kid so the world should have ended. This angered me a lot! A real waste of my time.
Avatar of Fixxxer07082
Good calls on this one guys!

Shyamalan has always been hit or miss with me. Dude relies too heavily on his twist endings….called The Sixth Sense before seeing it, initially hated and was let down by Unbreakable (but appreciated it a bit more in prep for Glass), loved Signs, had a good time with The Village (while everyone with me HATED it), skipped his entire middle period, but came back for The Visit and Split….loved The Visit, felt Split was a little overrated and was severely underwhelmed by Glass. Liked Old, but it hit me differently because I had just lost my Dad, so yeah…that scene…rough. Definitely not in a hurry to rewatch it.

We actually really liked Knock At The Cabin. Avoided the TV spots, and totally forgot about the planes and tsunami wave. Called The Four Horsemen angle from the trailer, but still had a good time. Bautista was excellent, as was Jonathan Groff. Agree with your takes on some of the acting here. Didnt feel there was so much of a twist here, but it definitely made me ponder all the bad shit that happens in the world at times…
Avatar of Simon Wood
Simon Wood
For me, I find M. Night an interesting filmmaker whether I like or dislike the film. Like you guys, I love the Sixth Sense and Unbreakable is by far his best film. I think The Village is underrated and I even liked Lady in the Water (although I haven't seen it since it came out). I'm not a big fan of Signs though. I do think The Visit is his best film since the Village. I thought Knock at the Cabin was middling. I thought it was well shot and the performances were good but I thought the story let the thing down. There were so many questions these couple should've been asking but they didn't. I felt all the characters were confined acting/reacting to a certain way for plot convenience. It got a little contrived. Like the fight for the gun in the car was weirdly played out. Like when the four horsemen were all looking away when the girl escaped. Also I thought the way the deaths were shot were weird for the most part. There's not showing the violence and there's awkward camera shots. I thought the four horsemen statement sounded like word salad. I know the point they were making but didn't understand a word that was being said. Overall, this film felt underdeveloped and too simplistic. Not as bad as Old which I swear they filmed a first draft of the script. M. Night missed an opportunity to explore faith and superstition but ignoring the element of doubt. The four horsemen should've had some form of doubt when Rupert Grint's identity was revealed and had a crisis of faith. The evidence of what was happening should've been tenuous so that when it was all over, the dad and daughter shouldn't have been sure whether they saved the world or not. Had what they'd done had an effect on the world or had Daddy Andrew just killed his husband and it meant nothing. Sidebar: I think the film got an R rating for the number of F-bombs and Leonard's blood.
Avatar of Jeannine Terese
Jeannine Terese
It was a solid film. Really good. One of my favorites to come out in recent years.
Avatar of Jackson Todd
Jackson Todd
i gave it a 3/5 upon my first viewing, haven’t seen it since but it was eh. Batista was great!
Avatar of Dalton
I loved the Village! Creeped me tf out!
Avatar of Dalton
I loved daddy Andrew! I think his reactions were much more how a person would react in that situation. Daddy Eric was so overly sentimental, which is usually the character that Johnathan Groff always plays. And I loved the kid too. I expect kids to be awkward and cheesy, and she delivered. The movie was worth a watch but I don't know if it's good enough to watch again. The characters did a lot of stupid things, like not immediately attacking the strangers as soon as they tried coming through the windows/doors, and Andrew not shooting Leonard as soon as he got the gun.
Avatar of Your Friendly Beat Maker
Your Friendly Beat Maker
I would give it a 7.5 out of 10... Enjoyed it in the theater probably less of a score I'd it were home viewed 1st... The acting was decent and the vibe was creepy but the ending was kind of disney for me and it didn't answer all the questions I had to make a solid conclusion... still it was enjoyable and Bautista was really solid in this film...
Avatar of Elmostreet
This could've been on his best films but for some reason he changed the ending of the novel
Avatar of Kier Gomes
Kier Gomes
I agree with Tyler the opening credits we’re SICK. The font and pale yellow color were amazing.

6/10 for this movie for me. I liked it but had too many negatives to overlook.

Might never watch it again honestly- but the opening titles could play on loop in my house.
Avatar of Steve Kasan
Steve Kasan
I find this is his most straight forward of Shyamalans films
I'm M.Night and his works because I find that he makes straight up B-Genre films but in this high minimalisr drama
I even dig Lady in the Water, that's his high fantasy film
Glass is his big cbm tentpole
All done in his way

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