Knock at the Cabin - Movie Review

Knock at the Cabin – Movie Review

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King of “hit or miss” M. Night Shyamalan brings us his next thriller involving 4 people who bring a family a difficult ultimatum, Here’s my review for KNOT AT THE CABIN!


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Avatar of @joevillarreal192
That negative is something I see happening a lot in films and television these days - details and puzzle pieces being explained in no uncertain terms to the audience. I've always felt it's more fun if we have to come to conclusions ourselves about what's happening in a story. And it's cool if the story stops short of simply explaining it, but as long as it's ultimately left for us to come to the conclusion ourselves.

Anyways, if that's the biggest issue with this film going in, I'm already excited!
Avatar of @CynsCorner
I enjoyed this film quite a bit and was especially impressed by Batista's performance. I made the "four horsemen of the apocalypse" connection before it was even mentioned in the movie.
Avatar of @dominicmarino5537
This movie seemed like an extended version of Herbert Mullin’s cabin murders in the 70s
Avatar of @SpectralSound89
Two dads and a daughter.thanks but i'll pass.i just saw "two dads" in the last ep of the last of us.too much two dads lately..
Avatar of @truffled_one
You should not have cut your hair
Avatar of @gsxrfoster89
This was a miss for me.
Avatar of carealoo744
Oh this movie is already out? I saw the trailer when I saw Plane just last Sunday- it's Friday now!
Avatar of Bdac
Boy, did I wish i had alcohol when I watched this movie.... Dave Bautista and Jonathan Groff acted really well, but there's only so much you can do with this trainwreck of a script.
Avatar of 0penthaughtz
This movie is very similar to cabin in the woods.
The only difference is that M.Knight replace the scion doo like cast, with a stunning and brave gay couple.
Avatar of Minimalist SG
Minimalist SG
Fun Fact: Knock on the cabin is in the same cinematic universe as Cabin in the woods.

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