Knock At The Cabin MOVIE REVIEW

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Knock At The Cabin MOVIE REVIEW

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Avatar of @ViridisAmbrosia
Lol. One of the dads projected homophobia onto the world and the other didn't. It feels like it was important for um "God" to arrange a debate between a couple over if humanity is worth saving in which one of them argues that they are scared and the other that the are evil. Together they have to decide, is humanity worth saving. It didn't matter what the issue was, what matters was one of them was cynical and open to extreme takes on the ills of humanity and the other was compassionate and forgiving of humanity's faults. In my own mind, both of these "voices" exist. Ultimately they forgive humanity which I would hope most of us would in our heads. They choose love over hate.I also thought Wen talking about teacher(s) exclaiming it's great she has two dads reflected liberal teachers more because they are trying to be inclusive, and um sometimes unintentionally trying too hard to the point of othering. It's also true it's rare in tv/movies that same sex parents are portrayed. So i didn't really see these things as heavy handed.Anyway i liked your video.
Avatar of @MrD-on6dp
This was....the most movie ever. That's how I can beat describe it. A very movie. It was better than Old, but still not really amazing or thought-provoking. I will say it was nowhere near as preachy as some people made it out to be. It was tastefully done and felt like a natural couple and family. But the film wasn't really fleshed out. And it had no real twist.
Avatar of bambino100011
I really like what Dave Bautista brought to the screen. I enjoyed the film. Wasn’t the most mind blowing film, but it was good and I can see the themes.
Avatar of Deadfool
Literally just back in from it, what a pile of steaming shite 3/10 and the only reason it's getting that is for Dave Bautistia
Avatar of Muhammad Ali Khan
Muhammad Ali Khan
Dave Bautista is a good actor.
Avatar of Dale Andrade
Dale Andrade
Algorithm support.
Avatar of Swagger FM
Swagger FM
Bautista was great in Bushwick and bladerunner2049
Avatar of PB Talks Movies
PB Talks Movies
This was seriously great to see, made my evening. Happy to see M. Night finally taking notes on his films and making something tight and simple; the themes were also well thought out and there was a great emotional core to the film.
Avatar of ENT J
It's a great film!
Rupert Grint has been one of the main cast in M Night Shamalan’s show on Apple TV - SERVANT. Very good actor. Glad to know Shamalan brought him into this film as well after the show’s relative success on Apple. Final season airing now
Avatar of Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth
Love your reviews
Avatar of MsAnjelica
Dave was a surprise, but I liked the book far better. Funnily enough, there were more "twists" in the book, which he took out.
Avatar of matthew utley
matthew utley
What's more interesting to me about this movie and in this movie is why does Dave Batista's fucking head look like my nutsack? I would much rather be informed about that than the movie? I don't know about you but most people like Dwayne The Rock Johnson aka the hierarchy of power in the dceu is about to change and franchise Viagra LOL egotistical narcissistic assholes that he is has a perfectly round shaved bald head but Dave Batista's bald head looks like a ballsack
Avatar of matthew utley
matthew utley
They should have went with a mixed-race like white and black guy and then with the Asian girl who comes out as transgender to really show representation diversity inclusion Equity LOL Jesus Christ this shit is getting so fucking stereotypical gimmicky as fuck and old as hell already
Avatar of Dwhite-Mann
Normally i would say a book to a mystery or thriller is always better than the movie but tbh the book is not that good it makes a tense scene then it keeps cutting to a memory that has nothing to do with the story and doest pay off later so kills the tension for nothing and the ending was meh.
It's a little like US in the way yeah all this crazy shit can happen but if u think about it we get no real answers 😑 cheap writing
Avatar of matthew utley
matthew utley
I absolutely refuse to give my hard-earned money to any movie that's going to keep pushing the alphabet Mafia agenda. Don't give a fuk don't care will not give them one penny
Avatar of B A
Who’s review are you reading Mr H? Lol. Obviously you scripted the review but I prefer your genuine, spontaneous thoughts.

It’s a whole different thing
Avatar of andrias johannesen
andrias johannesen
I was really excited for this film, now I am even more excited to see it :)
Avatar of Behold The Truth
Behold The Truth
It sounds a bit like a blasphemous mockery of the bible stories Jesus sacrifice and the book Revelation, but to be fair I'll reserve judgement until I eventually get round to seeing it as I may be wide of the mark.
Avatar of FFMM
Good premise, too bad they didn’t use a traditional family, probably the only reason it got green-lit was because it’s all about advancing THE MESSAGE.
They’ll lose the majority of the would be audience because of this.
Avatar of Blast Radius
Blast Radius
Not a good movie and M. Night needs to go away. Also Batista cannot act at all. Sick of former wrestlers trying to cut their teeth in Hollywood. Rock did it successfully but he's a unicorn in this case.
Avatar of Katar Hall
Katar Hall
I mean, this didn't shock me in completely being average and meh.
Avatar of mrnicktoyou
Man love... again. I'm not interested.
Avatar of Tommy C
Tommy C
Good fair review...but I will pass on this more guy on guy action I'm not interested in personally.
Avatar of Nighthawk
Saw the film last night, Agree that the first scenes are poorly shoot but the film does pick up greatly. Not a big fan of the Heavy handed Same sex phobia.
Avatar of Redman 790
Redman 790
I don't think Batista will have a long career, honestly. After professional wrestling, mma and probable steroid abuse and vaccinations, I see a fatal heart attack within 10 years. I know that is horrible thing to say but I just have this feeling when I see him.
Avatar of KingSlayer
Woke Trash and another M Night Shitfest
Avatar of Fionnait Sradag
Fionnait Sradag
I thought China didn't adopt kids out to same sex couples.
Avatar of donovan bradford
donovan bradford
It's interesting that this film is based off of a book and not an original idea of M. Knight because you csn see the ends coming at tines or at tge very least your expectations will be turned upside down. Now subverting expectations can be a good with when down once in awhile but when you that becomes your people like myself stopped caring about these films of his long ago. Given it's based off of something not M. Knight, and it has Dave Batista who I am a fan of, and it had some nice touchs you say four horsemen I go ok yes the coloring of the shirts very nice touch. So I may or may not give this a shot because even with a non spoiler review the opening falling apart does make pause still.
Avatar of Blank Space
Blank Space
This is a straight ripoff of "The Devils Ultimatum"
Avatar of Indauro Leal
Indauro Leal
I was not going to watch it, critics are implying this was a mediocre movie. But you make it sound groundbreaking. I had the hunch it might be, and you confirmed it Thank you for the empathetic review About those people claiming it is not about a family, they probably say that because they think that being raised by a same sex couple would shape the sexuality of a child, and that gayness would spread like a disease. Nothing more further from the truth. It is more likely that a perfectly heterosexual family will make you gay through trauma.
Avatar of Svetoslav Popov
Svetoslav Popov
Dave Bautista is such a great actor, I am surprised and really really impressed
Avatar of chitty mcpoopypants
chitty mcpoopypants
Sounds like the couple were "victims' before the four strangers made them victims. Naaaaaa I'll pass.
Avatar of Lucki Monster
Lucki Monster
Mister H I heard there was no twist in this one 😳 😒... M Night is getting sloppy 😒. I will wait till it stream. I actually went to the theater for M3gan since Covid 😃.
Avatar of itchy fannyflap
itchy fannyflap
Looks fruity AF

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