Knock at the Cabin – Movie Review

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From Director and co-writer M. Night Shyamalan comes Knock at the Cabin, based on the book by Paul Tremblay, about a couple who are forced to make a decision which could bring about the apocalypse.

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Avatar of @user-dr2yz8um3d
Low and behold, it’s already 1 year old!
Avatar of @Topdoggie7
The movie is definitely well-acted out but it goes against the book and it just becomes mean-spirited and annoying because the book points out that they don't want to do a certain thing yet the movie does that certain thing and it just deffies the rules set in the book.
Avatar of Martin Major
Martin Major
Oh. I find myself completely agreeing. How bout that :D
Avatar of Titus McCarthy
Titus McCarthy
Grade for me is E. Really bad stupid movie made for the Stupids who find this kind of rehashed crap interesting.
Avatar of Delta Assault
Delta Assault
Avatar of Justin Simpson
Justin Simpson
I’m glad you liked it too! It’s so nice to see a win from M. Night.
Avatar of Wes Papes
Wes Papes
These thumbnails
Avatar of Willson Tavarez
Willson Tavarez
But he made THE LAST AIRBENDER 😭😭😭😭😭 expect to see a lot of those type of comments. FUCK BABIES
Avatar of Andrew Hicks
Andrew Hicks
It's cool and surprising to hear that the acting is great. Shyamalan seems to often pull bad performances out of great actors imo.
Avatar of Duke
I love how Brad gets right to the review, as opposed to having too much build up in the intro like other youtubers with the typical “don’t forget to like and subscribe” that goes on for way too long before the actual review
Avatar of ECKohns
Spoilers: There’s a Knock at the Cabin.

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