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Knock at the Cabin is the latest apocalyptic horror series with a twist, it is a queer apocalyptic horror series based on the best selling novel The Cabin at the End of the World. Come step into my Safe Gayven as I give my non spoiler review for the movie Knock at the Cabin.

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Avatar of @puuurrrrrfect2831
Or am I? 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Avatar of DeltaPrime350
I got question are there any books that have a black Sherlock Holmes I tried looking but I keep getting a comedy short of the 1930’s which I am afraid to click on it.
Avatar of allcre8ions
I love that hoodie tho!!! 🔥🔥🔥
Avatar of Yutaka Tamanaha
Yutaka Tamanaha
lol...the F bomb was dropped a lot. it was mid for sure.
Avatar of AJ Walker
AJ Walker
Thanks for the review. I'm an M. Night fan, even though I haven't seen all of his latest films because, as you said, he's a hit or miss creator. None of his latest films had subject matter that I wanted to see him explore. The same with this film. I may see it in theaters because I wouldn't mind seeing it, but definitely during a matinee, not at full price.
Avatar of Chaz Harris
Chaz Harris
Ben did whip his shirt off when they jumped in the lake in one of the flashbacks! Teehee ;)

SPOILER WARNING (just in case). I felt like what M Night was trying to explore was the sacrifices that ALL parents make for their kids, and that's something not even queer parents can escape, so I guess maybe that's a commentary on assimilation? Also, the wrestling with belief or faith. The swinging between whether Andrew's perspective of them being a cult targeting this queer family versus Eric's own past hinted at being religious possibly causing him to be more open to what the invaders are telling him. And the 'what if' of if they are not crazy and all of this is true. I thought there was a lot of tension in the dilemma of Andrew fearing he was losing Eric to the ideology and mad theories these people were saying and their diverging beliefs about what was happening.

I thought Ben Aldridge was fantastic in it especially, but all the cast was great. I appreciated the authentic casting, and also that this is a major studio genre pic with queer central characters going into wide release. I've been developing a project along those lines and if this does well at the box office, this and The Last Of Us is going to help a LOT of us filmmakers disprove Hollywood execs in their view at the moment that queer-centred genre movies/content can't attract mainstream audiences after the collateral damage sadly done by BROS - which was enjoyable enough, but it's clear why it didn't work theatrically.

I saw the film three days ago and really wasn't sure how I felt about it after, but the more I've ruminated the more I think I like it. The film has really stayed with me given how it ended, and I thought the cinematography was fascinating and I kind of want to study the shot composition and lighting choices in more detail too.

Love your reviews and thoughts on all things queer and Black rep Michael, thanks! :)
Avatar of Landa Thompson
Landa Thompson
Saw your review and I've read the book. You ask, what was the point? It's open to interpretation. We have become so used to something being explained when we get something with no explanation, we don't like it. Don't get me wrong, I get your point. As to the book, if you're passionate about this review, wait to u read the book ....
Avatar of Mikey
Dave Bautista in Blade Runner 2049 sold me on his acting chops.

I'm all for everyone having a fair opportunity to make bad or mid films. Knock at the Cabin looks like they were only comfortable with putting The Gays in front of the camera and not behind. That's exploitation not representation. It feels like they didn't really think things through in the rush to mine up more rainbow-bucks. I can't stop thinking that they unintentionally made a movie that says "Queers, volunteer to sacrifice your family to preserve the status quo."
Avatar of Hexx Aurum
Hexx Aurum
well, thank goodness you didn’t say you hate “the Village!”
Avatar of Dean Hawkins
Dean Hawkins
I watched the movie and enjoyed it. Is it a Hollywood blockbuster, no, but that doesn't make it a Last Airbender (lol). I think this movie was M. Knight's interpretation of the book and I think the real message was would anyone be willing to make the sacrifices necessary to avoid the end. I wish that we had gotten more about the back stories of the four people but honestly, it wasn't necessary. I feel Rupert was used to bring in a segment of the audience wanting to see him (I liked watching him in Apple TV's the Servant). There are some strong acting moments in the film and we are constantly wrestling with what will happen and is it the right move/decision. I feel like the couple could have been anything outside of the conceived norms (Interracial, Mixed Religion, Same Sex, etc) but the point is aside from all they had to overcome in their love/relationship, this decision they are asked to make is bigger than anything they have ever encountered and if their love for each other allowed them to get through all the other stuff, would it allow them to make this choice. I do feel, in the end, it had to be the way it turned out because one of them was clearly a very good person, from the core and one of them definitely had some internal demons they needed to work out. I feel the daughter represented "Humanity" and I could go on and on but I thought it was a thoughtful and enjoyable film. Sorry so long...
Avatar of Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones
Dave Bautista is definitely a good actor.

And considering how difficult it is for a gay couple to adopt being forced to make a choice of how to kill is truly terrifying.
Avatar of Jessica D
Jessica D
I just wanna say...I wanted this Marvel Black History Jogger set!!!💜💜💜
Avatar of Jessica D
Jessica D
OLD was different, SPLIT was great! Hmm Shyamalan...VERY HIT or MISS!
Avatar of Rey Tunner
Rey Tunner
Just saw this and I did not care for it. In general I’m not a fan of M Night Shyalaman movies except The Sixth Sense. There were interesting ideas but like many of Shyalaman’s movies, he does nothing with it. And the dialogue 😒 I can’t stand it. Dave Bautista and Ben Aldridge were good tho.

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