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Knock knock. Who’s there? It’s just us, Christy and Alonso, with a review of M. Night Shyamalan’s latest thriller, “Knock at the Cabin.” Shyamalan directed and co-wrote the script with Steve Desmond and Michael Sherman, based on the novel “The Cabin at the End of the World” by Paul Tremblay. Starring Dave Bautista, Jonathan Groff, Ben Aldridge, Kristen Cui, Nikki Amuka-Bird, Rupert Grint and Abby Quinn.
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Avatar of @Janootz
How is it that Dave Bautista is one of the most interesting actors of the past decade?
Avatar of SydneyTravellerGuide
I didn’t like it one bit. Boring boring boring. Zero tension. Sorta pointless. This is not even remotely rewatchable either as it’s got zero depth
Avatar of Mike B.
Mike B.
I was so angry by the time this movie was over. Well made and well acted, but the choices that are made and the "point" enraged me. Not a fan!
Avatar of SydneyTravellerGuide
There's also something innately boring about having 2 of the cast seated in chairs (see also the MENU and the cast sitting in chairs) for ages so nothing overtly interesting happens. And then also, the fact that they want these people to believe them... and they show some misc tv clip for a minute? Oh lets watch 30 seconds of soundbites - why not leave the tv on?
Avatar of CJ Laity
CJ Laity
Batista was good in My Spy.
Avatar of Jacob Ryder
Jacob Ryder
I enjoyed it, but I do wish they didn’t show anything happening outside. The mystery was more intriguing without it and Bautista is excellent I thought
Avatar of This Guy Likes Movies
This Guy Likes Movies
I'm happy that Shyamalan is funding his own project and making movies on his own terms but I just wish I liked them more.
Avatar of keefriff99
The look on Alonso’s face at the beginning says it all 😂
Avatar of Canada Rocks
Canada Rocks
It's hard not to come away thinking that this has an anti LGBT family message. Basically the LGBT family has to be broken up in order save society. I'm not sure if Shyamalan intended this or not but I'm having a hard time justifying a more generous reading of the film.
If you don't turn on the tv and see proof of disasters, there is no way the family would believe what these wackos are saying.
Avatar of Kyle Roberts
Kyle Roberts
I gotta say, I liked it. A lot. It's in my top 3 films for Shyamalan. Is it perfect? No. Sixth Sense is his only perfect creation.

But its a straightforward film that doesn't rely on a heavy twist. The acting is great. And it does pose some serious questions.
Avatar of christopher felipe
christopher felipe
Darn ….I wanted to see this but it’s a mixed bag …oh well thanks for the review
Avatar of Gage Gossett
Gage Gossett
A Shyamalan movie with an intriguing premise and a promising start, but terribly jumbled overall?? Shocking!! 😆
Avatar of Antonio Ferme
Antonio Ferme
The book isn’t as literal and hinges on the idea of choosing love over fear. If you’re going to change the ending, at least have something to say. M. Night clearly didn’t.
Avatar of Joaq-Man
M Night should just not write any of his movies now. Any rational filmmaker after writing The Village would realize that but no he hasn’t.
Avatar of PB. J.
PB. J.
The story is disappointing by the end but I enjoyed the ride. Great directing, acting and a constant level of suspense.
Avatar of WaitingtoHit
Bautista is a guy who wants to play every type of role even though he makes zero effort to alter his appearance. I'm amazed that he got this one.
Avatar of Skolney the Vikings guy
Skolney the Vikings guy
I actually thought this was pretty good. Too bad the trailer completely gave away the answer to whether or not these disasters are really happening.
Avatar of Buck Nutz
Buck Nutz
Why does every movie have to have a discernible message? Can't movies just be fun anymore?
Avatar of commandZee
3:06 Christy nailed it! I think that's the most frustrating thing with M. Night Shyamalan's films, they appear to be a metaphor for something profound but they're ultimately just extremely literal. The twist is always "Ta–dah! It was just that plain old shit you suspected all along."
Avatar of All In The Game
All In The Game
There comes a point when a writer-director after a number of critical failures should realise that they don't need to literally write all of their movies! It's OK every now & again to simply direct a great script written by someone else! David Fincher has had an amazing career doing just that!
Avatar of Bob Sullivan
Bob Sullivan
I just jumped to the numbers cuz I usually wait until I see something to listen. Bummed at the numbers though.
Was hoping MNS was coming back finally.
Avatar of Indauro Leal
Indauro Leal
You guys are so shallow!
Avatar of Seth Tarboro
Seth Tarboro
Alonso. Your descriptions have been a bit spoilery lately. For this and All Quiet. Please assume people have seen no more than the first trailer.
Avatar of Zachary Doiron
Zachary Doiron
I read Paul Tremblay's book and I much prefer it to this movie. For one, Tremblay's book is more ambiguous and subtle and leaves the reader with more questions than answers which I think is a much better approach when talking about religious ideas like this.
Avatar of K H
The original novel raises so may important questions, like how do fake news and hate crimes affect people and the world? can a gay couple and an adopted child be a real family? how do gay people see the world? do the minority always have to give up their human rights to benefit the majority? Even though the storyline is open-ended, the book provides us solid answers to those questions. In the film with the completely rewritten second half of the story, no question is raised and no answer is provided. It has NO POINT at all. What a waste of talent of these actors...
Avatar of 0214Bub
Christy makes a good point that showing us what’s happening in the world on the TV seems to detract from the suspense of what is happening in the cabin. The concept of this movie sounds more interesting than what we get, but a least M.N.S. keeps it to a fairly short 100 minute runtime. While I like some of Shymalan’s movies I generally feel he tries too hard to manipulate the audience with some dramatic ending that often falls flat.
Will see this right after 80 for Brady. NOT!
Avatar of Locu$to
Bautista has definitely been picking good roles, andi like the comments he's made about those choices. He seems to actually care about acting and isn't just in it for the bag.

I'll wait for streaming to check this out. I haven't seen an M. Night film in theaters since Split, which is his last film I actually liked.
Avatar of Locu$to
I noticed this was rated R, and it's Shyamalan's first R since the Happening in 2008. PG-13 certainly isn't a hindrance to his lack of critical success in the last 15 years.
Avatar of Pranav Upadhye
Pranav Upadhye
I read somewhere that Spielberg refused to include any news reports/reporters in the script for ET. When asked why, his reply was "to keep the events of the story and the characters contained to that one town."
I was so disappointed when Christy mentioned that they show reports of Tsunamis et al. happening on TV. I think it takes away from the contained nature of the film.
I was really looking forward to this one. Can't trust Shyamalan ig. Can't help but feel that this film would've been so much better if someone like Alex Garland wrote it.
Avatar of Josh Knoll
Josh Knoll
Boy, this is the first time I so disagree with you both. I really liked this movie, and I was totally invested in it from the get go. I truly feel you both are wrong this time.
Avatar of user
loved this movie tbh!! worked really well emotionally and i think is much more profound (and scathing) than people realise
Avatar of Joe Smith
Joe Smith
Shyamalan's films have really gone down hill since Signs.
Avatar of C M
Im always rooting for M. Night. I adore The Village and Signs and I genuinely like Old even though its pretty silly... I think I just have a high tolerance for his shortcomings but this one did nothing for me and just bored me to tears... Definitely one of my least favorites from him. Always look forward to the next one though!
Avatar of ChubbyChecker182
If a Korean Guy made this they would probably be saying it deserves an Oscar.
Avatar of Michelle Biland
Michelle Biland
Congrats! You got to 20k plus subscribers. 👍😘
Avatar of Greg
I feel bad for the actors when a movie is floppable such as this.
Avatar of Mariko True
Mariko True
Knock At The Cabin doesn't sound very clever or enticing, not that I would have required a twist ending. I would be satisfied with simply a well-written movie. This movie is one that I would only watch if I was in control of the pause and fast forward functions.
Avatar of Omar Hadji
Omar Hadji

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