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Gay homosexuals Nick and Joseph spoil Knock at the Cabin – a 2023 American apocalyptic psychological horror film written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan.

Premise: While vacationing at a remote cabin, a family of three is suddenly held hostage by four strangers, who demand they sacrifice one of their own to avert the apocalypse.

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Nick is also the Lead Film Critic at Ioncinema () and a Tomatometer-approved critic on Rotten Tomatoes ().

Dave Bautista as Leonard
Jonathan Groff as Eric
Ben Aldridge as Andrew
Nikki Amuka-Bird as Sabrina
Kristen Cui as Wen
Abby Quinn as Adriane
Rupert Grint as Redmond

Cinematography by Jarin Blaschke

Edited by Noemi Katharina Preiswerk

Music by Herdís Stefánsdóttir

Keywords: ending explained, reaction video, trailer, Universal Pictures, Signs, The Village, The Cabin at the End of the World, Paul G. Tremblay, Steve Desmond, Michael Sherman, Old, The Sixth Sense

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Avatar of @anthonynewsome
I would urge people to skip the film and read the book instead, I had to sit through 3 of this director’s movies and will never get those hours back, but if I did then they would be much better used paying for a 4 hour tour of my own living room,
Avatar of @jimmypad5501
As I was watching, I kept thinking “I wish Ari aster directed this”
Avatar of James Padilioni
James Padilioni
This concept had something but meh this felt like a redo of Signs
Avatar of Mizzourita 389
Mizzourita 389
I hated this movie. It was so boring and I hate the whole idea of aliens/gods using us as just some crazy experiment. I didn't care for it in a Stephen King novel (don't want to spoil the book if you haven't read it yet, if you have you know what I'm talking about) and I didn't care for it in this movie. The book was fantastic in both cases
Avatar of Sher V
Sher V
This movie was horrible…I felt nothing for any of these actors…the ending was just stupid. 0/5 for me
Avatar of Khari Khy-ree
Khari Khy-ree
I watched it today and it was disappointing per usual with M Night. He probably should have just followed the book. Or made it more convincing or thought provoking. Something was just so off. Loved your review.
Avatar of ASunnyNight
I recommend the book! 📖
Avatar of Collin Rath
Collin Rath
Nick’s face at 8:07 is also exactly how I feel about most M. Night movies and yet I also enjoy watching them at the same time
Avatar of elizabeth jackson
elizabeth jackson
I was really impressed with Dave Bautistas performance in this movie compared to the other roles he has played he did great!
Avatar of Dan
This movie confused me. I couldn't tell if it was an allegory for the consequences of ignoring climate change, a statement about the validity of same-sex marriage, a warning that we need to believe religious conspiracy theorists, or some mashup of all that. Very weird. The acting was incredible though. Give that little girl an Oscar stat!
Avatar of J L
So all them ppl died for nothing 😒
Avatar of Merry Maggs
Merry Maggs
I often watch a lot of your videos in its entirety months late due to spoilers. I love hearing your initial thoughts, and if its good, I may check it out myself before I finish your video. But also, if I try to watch a movie and I don't like it, I will just turn the movie off and watch your review instead. That's what I did with this movie. I just couldn't take it seriously and thought it was kind of thin and goofy. But I loved your review of it! 🙂
Avatar of Jordiblu
I watched a trailer and it felt slightly comedic for a serious concept which was odd lol maybe because I’m so used to seeing the lead in comedy roles? I don’t know, Also had a raised eyebrow as to why the sacrifice had to be a gay family to make the world “right” again 🧐 would be good to know if it had a bigger meaning . . . or was it just inclusion characters 😅
Avatar of B B
I loved this movie, Batista is captivating on another level. He had a tough upbringing, and he’s always seemed like a very humble guy.
Avatar of BeefinWith ThatOg
BeefinWith ThatOg
Exactly!! The movie had no subtlety…they had to spell everything out to the point where you already felt like the apocalypse was real and the rest of the movie just was a long boring slow burn. I also felt like the bar fight scene was pointless and out of place because clearly these people aren’t intruders….beautiful concept tho bad bad bad execution
Avatar of Kevin Warrick
Kevin Warrick
I can watch both of you review any movie. You make bad movies good. Does that make sense? Keep up the great work!
Avatar of Harry Angel
Harry Angel
Come on now. You guys were really really trying hard to find something good about this movie when at the end of the day it’s nothing but a big pile of 🗑️ 👈🏻
Avatar of Pandamonium
Cinematography and acting was great. The story was executed in a bland way. And the ending was soo lame.
Avatar of Jesus Garcia
Jesus Garcia
Damn...maybe I'm in the minority in thinking that Bautista's acting was just okay...which hurts to admit because he's hot hahaha.The black actress along with the two gay fathers were great. Props to the girl for acting in such a dark movie at her age. Rupert's accent slipped a bit at times. It kinda took me out of the movie.

Movie just felt a bit repetitive with the killing-to-global tragedy on the flat screen to killing again etc. Kept waiting for a major twist considering Shamylan but it never came.

Didn't really enjoy this one but I may read the book now. i actually enjoyed Old more despite it having a character named Midsized Sedan or whatever lmao
Avatar of Ryan Fuller
Ryan Fuller
I give it 0 out of 5, the movie was horrible, ridiculous, unbelievable and a waste of time, a better plot would have been it was all a big trick by these 4 people to get 1 of the men to kill the other because someone they both had done wrong was out for revenge and this was payback
Avatar of Ryan Fuller
Ryan Fuller
Also what was the point of the scene where his parents who especially the father had destain for them being a homosexual couple ,driving 7hrs and only staying 45 minutes? Was that him coming out of the closet to his parents? Just don't see the point and how that tied into the storyline.
Avatar of David Reese
David Reese
You guys hardly like anything lol
Avatar of Henry Jones
Henry Jones
Oh okay, thank u
Avatar of abalia goob
abalia goob
if i saw like 200 planes falling from the sky id instantly believe them ya aint need to go awn, like the rest i can see being explained somehow but all the planes?? aint no way, im out byeee🚶‍♀️
Avatar of Keline🖤
Avatar of D Real
D Real
The book sounds so much better. Feels more realistic to the couple. I'm a straight male and I was rooting for the men. I felt like they gave in at the end. I didn't see the intruders as the 4 horsemen, I saw them as invaders. Agents of society trying to impose themselves on a family they had no right imposing themselves on. The book sounds more like how i would have liked the movie to end. love your review guys!
Avatar of Shandice King
Shandice King
I really liked the movie so much for some reason I had a feeling Eric I think it was , was gonna sacrifice himself .. I hope I not wrong , because I just watched it this morning on no 15 hrs of no sleep , so in the beginning they were going to get wen for adoption , he looked at Eric and I believe he said "its okay if you want to pray " , now even though they were a gay couple , I believe Eric knew the word and god heavily , even when the four were standing in the living room area and Eric head was concussed , he said he saw a figure in the mirror through the light , and all I could think of was "Jesus Christ " and didnt pick up on the four horseman until I think they said humanity has been judged and also something about the apocalypse but it still didnt click yet until Eric named the four and I was like OH wow DUH bUT WOW and then I said to myself in my head while watching ik god is coming back and taking his people with him , but I just hope this movie gives people hope to repent and believe in Jesus and to do theyre research to know this is real and it will come to past , all you have to do is believe in Jesus Christ that he is your savior and you put faith in him always Always no matter what , and he forever got you thats all.
Avatar of Shandice King
Shandice King
yeah I think youre right with who should have directed it the ppl youre naming by the movies they made, they probably woulda made it look a little ..bit better like a little more open I dont know how to explain if I am even making any sense but I liked it
Avatar of MatthewAda
guys lol
Avatar of GinaBeena
Thank you! I really didn't want to have to watch this! ❤️
Avatar of Tigerlilly
Are you there God, it's me, Abraham? So there were NO RAMS ANYWHERE that we could haggle a maiming and 4 goats to maybe keep 50% of the population? ( I am sorry Mama for this joke) wine has fully kicked in. I'm going to be silent now.
Avatar of Elizabeth Athineu
Elizabeth Athineu
Goddammit, Shyamalan! The book was brilliant and there were so many things you could've done with it! Why not keep it the same until the last possible moment when the father's decide to sacrifice each other which revives Wen who goes off with the last surviving woman into an uncertain future. This sucks! This was a great video, guys, and I look forward to more!
Avatar of Kesha Nichele
Kesha Nichele
I feel like Shyamalan has great ideas but his execution is hit or miss. Maybe if he stuck more closely to the book, the movie would have been better.
Avatar of Tigerlilly
Is M. Night trying to piss off the Catholics and Southern Baptists or something? Because the Bible Thumpers are a'coming angry, wiping their sweat laden foreheads and jiggly jowls and shouting Fox News outrage on attacks on Christian principles, turning the Bible into a horror comedy!!!🤣
Avatar of growing heart
growing heart
Great video! 🌞
Avatar of Reddit fan Boy
Reddit fan Boy
Great video bro
Avatar of cosmic_🌸goddess_🌈sumoochi
Avatar of Az Voltron
Az Voltron
I dont like nihilism that shamalan seems to be obsessed with
Avatar of Japyjoseph
God everything changed was for the worst, i loved this book. Thanks for this review ❤

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