Knock At The Cabin Needed A Twist! – Movie Review

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M. Night Shyamalan has another unique flick under his belt. It’s a lot less “Shyamalan” than I’m used to though. A solid cast, interesting premise and great production kept me invested but oddly enough, the ending is the lamest part. I suppose that makes Knock At The Cabin M. Night’s greatest twist film ever…. because there isn’t one!

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Narrated by: Adam Olinger
Edited by: Adam Olinger

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Avatar of @aishaalamoudi599
Why do you mention your wife??? stop shoving your lifestyle down our throats. What if there are kids watching this??? stop sexualizing the kids.
Avatar of Tchappn
Yeah, the "twist" this movie offered was lame and was very predictable, but a solid story overall. I thought it managed to keep things interesting despite the singular location.
Avatar of Mark Zuckergecko
Mark Zuckergecko
I actually liked that it didn't have a big twist, that's why I'm so hesitant to watch films by M. Night, several of his plot twists have been just plain dumb, and made the whole movie make no sense. So I still didn't think it was great, but at least he didn't light a perfectly fine thriller on fire by trying to make it smarter than it is.
Avatar of Charlotte Breton
Charlotte Breton
M. Night Shyamalan is the reason I wanted to work in the film industry, originally as a director, but then I moved over to editorial. I did watch this in theatres and honestly I thought it was decent compared to some of his last work. Is it groundbreaking, no absolutely not, but I'm glad he's putting his ego aside and trying to put out decent films again.
Avatar of bleen62
This movie was a strong “Meh”
The trailer wasn't compelling enough for me to go see this I'm theaters but I was hoping it would be a good film. Thanks for the review!
Avatar of hemiller 65
hemiller 65
Just got the cock last night to watch Megan. And you were right. That movie fell apart and was not that good. Because of your review, I suppose I'll check this one out.
Avatar of MSgt
I thought this movie was interesting. I enjoyed it. Still don't have a favorite movie of the year though.
Avatar of Dr. Cinema
Dr. Cinema
Overall, I thought this was a pretty good movie. Whioe the occasional awkward Shyamalan dialogue slips in here and there, a lot of the acting is solid and Bautista is a standout. There are a few things I would for sure change, maybe play with a couple of changes just to see if it works. I get why people have issues with the ending but I think it works. Plus, there are downsides if you become a director famous for twists and people are always expecting it.

Side note...I really HATE "Signs". I'm sorry
Avatar of Owen Menning
Owen Menning
I watched this film and theatres, and remember being very impressed by the cinematography. There's some great shots in here
Avatar of Stringer
Yea I didn’t hate this movie at all, I think if they would have left if they were “them” or not a mystery like the book, it would have been way better
Avatar of jstreets1983
I hate M. Knight - that is my comment. 😂😂
Avatar of Rob K.
Rob K.
I thought a good twist might be that the two parents and their daughter were evil.
That maybe the 3 of them eventually and unwittingly bring on Armegeddon or End of Days or something.

But only the "Four Horsemen" know it and that's why one of the three have to die.

Oh, well.
Avatar of Larry Chu
Larry Chu
Adam you just don't like the couple in the film lol JK!
Avatar of Larry Chu
Larry Chu
The book its based off of i HEAR ending is different so I'm assuming its opposite of ending we got that would have been insane.
Avatar of Matt Sklarow
Matt Sklarow
The trailer was the movie. Not a fan. Signs is trash
Avatar of Doug Clark
Doug Clark
It's quite enjoyable and well shot considering how daft the plot is
Avatar of james G
james G
M Night is so damn overrated
Avatar of Armaan Sharma
Armaan Sharma
Personally I really liked the movie. I saw it twice in a week and the cinematography, sound design, and performances definitely impressed me. I like that there's no twist, but I do think the ending could've been slightly stronger, but overall, I really enjoyed this one.
Avatar of skiribiri
Avatar of Dominick John Spano
Dominick John Spano
I watched it a few days ago. Did I like it? - Yes and no. There wasn't really a twist and it was more so about what exactly is the truth or what we really believe or sort of how can the media spin things. M. Night's signature odd and rather pretentious directing style was out in full force in this film. Dave was very good in the role, so that was a plus to see. I will likely never watch it again. I nearly forgot the full ending & I saw it a few days ago, so indeed it isn't memorable. There isn't much on streaming so it is worth a bit over 1.5 hours of time.
Avatar of Dominick John Spano
Dominick John Spano
BTW if this helps you via feedback I am subscribed to about 15 to 20 channels. I don't hit the bell for any of them b/c then my phone would be going off all day, but as you can see I watch your videos b/c YouTube and movies are my entertainment when I am not busy at work. Maybe others harbor the same perspective on this and maybe not, but that is one man's insight on bell. BTW please don't see this comment as snarky, I am just saying if only 10% do the bell maybe that is the reason. Maybe not. I am not sure.
Avatar of Tony Paulazzo
Tony Paulazzo
I preferred The Happening ;) Like all the proof was shown via TV - who believes anything they see on TV in the 21st century - so many ways to knock that stuff up on a home computer. Nice cinematography and acting I guess - and I wasn't bored watching it so there's that but never gonna watch it again (vs having seen The Happening about 3 times - Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel's stilted acting were directed so bad it mutated into something... special.
Avatar of Pedant Patrol
Pedant Patrol
This movie sucked.
Avatar of Just a thought
Just a thought
You should review puss and boots last wish if you have peacock. Family friendly and surprisingly good
Avatar of On Air
On Air
Enjoyed the movie
Avatar of James C
James C
Another agenda pushing pile of crap...No I'm not on that train...
Avatar of Papa Woody
Papa Woody
Check your anal ytics now, Adam!!!! +1!!
Avatar of Colby Purcell
Colby Purcell
The plot just wouldn’t work if the two parents weren’t both men, you know? At least the choice would extremely simple to choose, once accepted it had to be done… and that would remove a lot of the drama.

Glad I found you! I think I found your channel while doing a search for reviews of Mando season 3 ep 3. You’re hilarious and I would expect you to be going places if you keep doing and honing what you’re doing.
Avatar of julioalmaraz09
I enjoyed the movie.
Avatar of ReadyOK
I walked away with the same assessment!
Avatar of goodial
I read the synopsis of the book on Wikipedia. And honestly, for a kind of horror story, I guess they should've just stayed closer to the original story :)
Avatar of tjheas
Yeah, not on board with the 2 daddies stuff. I'll pass just because of that.
Avatar of 💰 Earn $635 Daily
💰 Earn $635 Daily
"Nothing in the world is more common than unsuccessful people with talent." _
Avatar of Miguel H
Miguel H
Great spiler free review ! Might check it out after all
Avatar of Clinton McDonald
Clinton McDonald
The Happening was a solid flick
Avatar of Staticseven1
Great channel, Adam!! I just subscribed and clicked the bell. You've been funny and awesome on Hack the movies.
Avatar of Rob Bush
Rob Bush
I think M. Night is VERY consistent with his that they consistently suck. I like THE SIXTH SENSE and...
Avatar of MrJC1
It just needed to NOT suck. Basically.

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