Knock at the Cabin – Official Trailer REACTION

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Thanks for watching! Love you all!


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Avatar of @777DVB
Make a reaction to the second trailer please!
Avatar of Wallace Thompson
Wallace Thompson
I feel like we're witnessing history.Like, we're watching Bautista become John Goodman.What I mean by that, is these two, big, physically imposing dude's, whom started out in relatively comedic but heartfelt roles.But whom are legitimately A class actor's.Few years, Dave is definitely going to be a force in Hollywood.
Avatar of MrRorosuri
Avatar of Manoj d
Manoj d
when are you guys doing kgf movie reaction?
Avatar of Craig Vancil
Craig Vancil
This is from the book "Cabin at the end of the world" by Paul Tremblay. Most of M. Night's projects are things he has created himself so it's kind of a downer that there is no mention of the novel or author of the book in the trailer. I guess the twist to look for is whether he will change the story from the book.
Avatar of raghu Kumar
raghu Kumar
Sir/mam, react to as much as Indian trailers, there are plenty out in you tube. So you can get likes and we will enjoy your reaction 😊
Avatar of Cyber Blaster
Cyber Blaster
I am a big fan of SRK and i liked your reactions you guys have the potential to become big reactors on Indian content and It's gonna be a very difficult for you guys to keep up with the request now and in near future as you guys are lovely reactors and lot of requests are gonna be in your comments section so i suggest you to have one person who knows about all this with you and also keeps you updated with the current trend so that you can gain new audience and able to get some profit while enjoying it thoroughly without any mistakes.

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