Knock At The Cabin Official Trailer // Reaction & Review

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Our thoughts on the official trailer for “Knock At The Cabin”, directed by M. Night Shamalan.
Watch the official trailer here:

#Reaction #KnockAtTheCabin
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Avatar of @noreply42069
That little girl has 2 dads
Avatar of Prkwon
Horror version of modern family...
Avatar of Juan Barrera
Juan Barrera
I think it makes it interesting that the trailer didn’t show much.
Avatar of The Nerd Upstairs
The Nerd Upstairs
It's based on the book The Cabin at the End of the World.
Great horror novel.
Go in cold to the film if you arent going to read the book.
Avatar of MindOfMike
First trailer in a long time to give me legit chills, I need to see this movie now!!!!
Avatar of David Reign
David Reign
I think he’s going to ask one of the Dad’s to Murder their Daughter, I’m totally getting that sense. The Trailer is Very Creepy & Very Good! And, I love your Reactions!!!
Avatar of Colten Kueber
Colten Kueber
i know this doesn’t relate to this youtube video at all but are you guys gonna continue your watch through of stranger things season 4?
Avatar of Han Ziggy
Han Ziggy
I think Dustin is right in that this movie may be a Sophie's Choice kind of thing to choose between who gets to live and who dies in your family. I feel the next trailer will probably give some backstory to Dave Bautista's character who was a family man himself and he had to choose who got to live and who had to die in his family and now he's "forced" to force this other family to now choose. The mystery will probably be why do they have to choose and who started this whole thing in the first place. Just pure speculation, of course. This trailer at least got me curious now to want to know more and see the next trailer.
Avatar of MrDuckSauce
M. Night Hackshamalan
Avatar of JPdewer
It looks like a streamer to me but I'm interested. Thanks for your insight. Warmest Regards.
Avatar of Mike Rotonda
Mike Rotonda
......I don't get it?
Avatar of Shaine White
Shaine White
It's based on a book called "The Cabin At The End Of The World."
Avatar of Dark Jedi Knight
Dark Jedi Knight
Oddly this trailer convinced me that Dave Bautista should seriously consider a career in voice acting. He’s said that he is movie away from action movies because age is catching up with his body, and his voice has SUCH range. He can be bombastic and powerful like with Drax, or like in this trailer quiet, intelligent and calming.
Avatar of rurutu M
rurutu M
This is gonna be the new Deliverance
Avatar of Rohan Sharma
Rohan Sharma
Seems very intriguing. Maybe it's a misguided cult or maybe it's a killing chain they need to do. It is creepy. Cool reaction.
Avatar of Machelle Butts
Machelle Butts
Based on the book The Cabin at the End of the World
Avatar of Chain Reactions
Chain Reactions
Even though M. Night can be hit or miss with his movies, there's always some aspect that does deliver a decent amount of WTF to make his movies memorable. Also the name of the movie never gives a good hint of what the plot is. Take for instance "The Happening." That was off the rails and gory as hell but it had an underlying message about humanity vs. nature. "The Village" was more about isolationism and how we interpret outside things we don't understand or are afraid of. This may not be a "hit" and might rely on some insane cult beliefs and practices, but I'm sure there will be twist hidden in there somewhere.
Avatar of nico cancilla
nico cancilla
I chuckled a little when I saw his name pop up.
Avatar of Carlos Rocha
Carlos Rocha
the book is almost a parallel to the cabin in the woods. because involves a ritual to prevent the whole world to end. but they use the torture porn angle and not the slasher route
Avatar of Bumpy Baluga
Bumpy Baluga
Well M. Night usually was a writer and director. There are other writers involved, im gonna say its safe to say there are there to kind of keep it somewhat reigned in? Im still gonna go see it, OLD was a great movie by M Night.
Avatar of Mangolite
The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse asking a gay couple to make the ultimate sacrifice or everyone will die instead.
Avatar of Luecis Turner
Luecis Turner
Hear me out........
Shyamalan and Jordan Peele collaboration.
Avatar of Luecis Turner
Luecis Turner
I'm intrigued
Avatar of The Eagle
The Eagle
2:10 "you caught that, eh?? "You DADS too...."
Avatar of Petie52683
Old was good!
Avatar of My Name Is Not Earl
My Name Is Not Earl
Knock at the end of the world
Avatar of 434444334
Universal studios has given mnight a rebirth imo

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