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#knockatthecabin KNOCK AT THE CABIN Review! Spoiler Free! Knock At The Cabin is M Night Shyamalan’s newest thriller starring David Bautista Jonathan Groff Ben Aldridge and Kristen Cui. Knock at the Cabin is about a small family having to make a tough choice when Dave Bautista shows up at their cabin in the woods telling them they have to do something terrible or the world will end. It’s definitely not the most surprising M Night Shyamalan film but it asks some gnarly questions and A Knock at the Cabin is one I totally recommend as a professed M Nighty Shyamalan fan. 🎃 Join us on Patreon so we can make more content and get the WWAM up in everybody MICHAEL!!!!

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Avatar of @swavezmartin
This is definitely his best movie 😊
Avatar of Sierra Ashley
Sierra Ashley
Cant wait to watch this. Love M. Night
...except the village 👀
Avatar of Nathaniel Bacon
Nathaniel Bacon
I thought this movie was very disappointing. There was basically no plot. Just 2 hours of 2 guys tied up watching people preach to them and then kill themselves one by one until the "twist"...which isn't even a twist.
Avatar of StoneCold316
M. Night Shyamalan is one of the best working directors
Avatar of Wyatt Atlee
Wyatt Atlee
Mike!! I CANNOT wait for this movie! Love ya brother 🙏! Have a great day, everyone!
Avatar of Marlen Angulo
Marlen Angulo
hello we watched movie awesome video greetings friend with your friend and your channel
Avatar of WeWatchedAMovie
Thanks for watching! See you Monday night at 8PM EST for a live spoiler party and M Night ranking!

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