Knock at the Cabin SPOILER PARTY + Top 10 M Night Shyamalan Movies

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#MNightShyamalan Knock at the Cabin SPOILER PARTY + Top 10 M Night Shyamalan Movies! All the Knock at the Cabin Movies plus our top 10 M Night Shyamalan movies! Live! 🎃 Join us on Patreon so we can make more content and get the WWAM up in everybody MICHAEL!!!!

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Avatar of @devilmonkey5141
Hey Mike and Jay when are you guys coming to San Antonio tx
Avatar of °michaele miyeres •🔪
°michaele miyeres •🔪
Love your videos
Avatar of missourigreen051
You 2 are really funny.
Avatar of m p
m p
Enjoyed it... 👍
Avatar of crystal robertson
crystal robertson
Mike I adore "devil"! I'm so glad you gave it some love.
Avatar of Ricki Daykin
Ricki Daykin
GET SOME GOD DAME WWAM INTO ME WEEEEY.Really glad to seeing you tow back to gever love you Mik love you J . U to make my cold UK morning 's better. Really enjoyed this move 7.05 for me. Keep all ur amazing work up hope all is good in ur lives. Have you seen the horror movie 🎥 The Entity?? The the most fucked up ghost 👻film iv ever seen. Fiat film that freked me out still dus. Would love to know what you think of it. Love ur fucking face 's Ricky Daykin from the UK.
Avatar of Ricki Daykin
Ricki Daykin
Hope you're been ok J so god dame good to see you back hope you're ok.
Avatar of Ricki Daykin
Ricki Daykin
Mik are you going to go and see SCREAM in 3D?
Avatar of Ricki Daykin
Ricki Daykin
Iv been wishing u to since 2020 when I first ever got in to the intent and you tow make my morning 's going whif a big fat smile 😃on my face. Ur do I mene my face!!!😸👻.LOL
Avatar of Ricki Daykin
Ricki Daykin
The ending of the Mist is the most fucked up endings ever.Love the book and film.think they did it for Netflix not sure on that thow.
Avatar of Morne Cloete
Morne Cloete
Avatar of Bslayer
Somehow this has become my new favorite YouTube channel. You guys literally make me laugh out loud all the time. Thank you.🙌🏼🙌🏼
Avatar of Tyler Werner
Tyler Werner
You guys should make your lists on Letterboxd, so we can always see the lists and compare,
Avatar of Christopher Gregson
Christopher Gregson
so nice to be able to catch up on these streams , much love from the uk boys ......
Avatar of xDANGRZONEx
PJ Harvey is amazing.
Avatar of Myersmad316
Another great vid guys, i am not a fan of M night Shyamalan movies at all but still watch all your vids as they are so damn entertaining. Cant believe you never picked STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN Mike! drinking beers, kicking ass handing out stunners all round and brawling? lol Id pick Stone cold, Brett Hart and Brock Lesner, the technical one, the brawn one and the drinking one. All you need to survive the apocalypse.

For me there is no fight over PJ and Nirvana, Nirvana where better and will always be the best of the "top 4" Nirvana lead the charge, they broke the mainstream and without them none of the rest would have come through like they did. Nirvana evolved over 4 albums (3 studio and 1 live) PJ have only got more commercial and never evolved, then they took Ticketmaster on and now sell their tickets for $300 a piece through them if not more.
Ten is a great album but its not a nevermind nor in utero, and before anyone says YES BUT PJ ten sold more - worldwide it didnt its waaaaay behind nevermind in world wide sales.

And VS sold 800 thousand plus one week but overall its sold around the same as in utero in total. But PJ fans love to get hung up on these facts, without actually looking at the overall sales. Its not a race guys its how you finish not how you start.
Avatar of EvilHellMusic
Yah, after years and years of being a huge fan, i finally got my shout out lol

It was epic, thus is now my fav stream you've guys done.

Also my top 3 is....

3.) Split
2.) Unbreakable
1.) Signs
Avatar of James Corbett
James Corbett
Jay read my mind with the DeLorean!
Avatar of Heshewebigboobs
Yeah I believe the 90% would be fathers bc he dont wanna be stuck wit no kids…and women have mostly better chances at finding another person to help with the children
Avatar of Heshewebigboobs
The main character seeing a person in the light was foreshadowing his future which was the flash of the muzzle going off when he is sacrificed.
Avatar of James Corbett
James Corbett
Paul Giamatti is also a lead in a HBO show called Billions. It’s he’s been carrying that show for 7 seasons now. It’s 91% on Rotten 🍅 I definitely suggest if your a fan of Paul.
Avatar of Slasher In Suits
Slasher In Suits
I agree with Jay, Split should have nominated James Macvoy for actor but that’s the year Rami Malik did the Queen movie.
Avatar of Drew Gold
Drew Gold
I have never been dumbfounded by a list before now… lol. Nah, it’s all in good fun. I love your guys’ Love for M. Night.
Avatar of Kevin Griffin
Kevin Griffin
Omg I was watching something else and this automatically played after and I was not by my phone, and I heard "I'm gay" and "old books make me poop," and I recognized the voices. Funny stuff.
Avatar of Rocky Sharp
Rocky Sharp
Review. Fear
Avatar of Aleksander Eide
Aleksander Eide
watched it last nigh, and i have to say i looved the book this is based on much better :D
Avatar of Gnasty88
Already rewatching this! Let's go wwam fam
Avatar of Orlando Gomez
Orlando Gomez
Top 5
Sixth sense
Avatar of todd fayer
todd fayer
why did dgg destroy the Halloween franchise?
Avatar of Debo’s World
Debo’s World
He heard me talking bout his hair out on a hat 😂😂😂😂
Avatar of Bloodshot
What is that on Jay's upper lip? It looks like he has fangs
Avatar of Vinny Elliott
Vinny Elliott
I’ll see you guys in Knoxville. Just got my tickets. I know a great brewery you all have to check out. About 10 minutes from the event.
Avatar of Edboy Movies
Edboy Movies
Checking out the stream now finally. Idk how many of these you guys have watched but I would be pretty interested seeing a list of thrillers set in one location, so like Devil, Phone Booth with Collin Farrel, and Room I think with Jodie Foster, and etc
Avatar of Shay Flynn
Shay Flynn
I said I would take the DeLorean right after the question was asked! It's been a dream of mine to have it and actually be able to drive it around.
Avatar of Inferno Satx
Inferno Satx
The rapping scene was absolutely cringe on The Visit
Those moments almost killed the whole movie for me
Couldn't agree more with ya!
Avatar of Jason Morgan
Jason Morgan
Funny you mentioned the vendor mall in Lexington I’ve been there several times and the upstairs for sure has a creepy collapse feeling lol. I like the vendors mall in Richmond it’s pretty nice and can find some decent deals sometimes.

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