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On this edition of The Merri Hour, Matt and Perri are doing a Knock at the Cabin spoiler review!

Haven’t seen M. Night Shyamalan’s latest yet? Fear not! Before they dig into those spoilers they’ll discuss the new DC updates, the Shazam! Fury of the Gods trailer, the Boogeyman trailer, 80 for Brady, and more!

#knockatthecabin #dc #movie

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Avatar of @elsergecruz
This movie had me gasping for air from beginning to end!
Avatar of Bobby Bermudez
Bobby Bermudez
It's called a stylus
Avatar of Eric Campbell
Eric Campbell
Bring on the Apocalypse!!!
Avatar of Paige Frabetti
Paige Frabetti
I own a physical copy of the fear street trilogy but shhhh don’t tell anyone
Avatar of Richard Hannay
Richard Hannay
Knock On Th Cabin is so divisive lol... one reviewer would say it’s better not reading the book and now Perri is saying she enjoyed the movie more because she knows the ending of the book. Opinions are all over the place 🙈😆
Avatar of Movie Reedviews
Movie Reedviews
The movie involves a (possible) apocalypse but I wouldn't call it an apocalyptic movie. It's more of a family survival film.
Avatar of Chaz Harris
Chaz Harris
Definitely with Perri on Knock at the Cabin - I was caught up in the dilemma and debate on whether this was all happening for real or if they were in a cult and it was so tense because of that. Incredible performances all round, loved Ben Aldridge in particular and amazing cinematography. I thought this was one of Shyamalan's better movies. MILD SPOILERS Thematically he had a lot to say here, I disagree with Matt there - it felt like it's a film about the sacrifices that ALL parents make for their kids and even queer parents aren't immune to choices and sacrifices for their children.
Listening to perri talk about netflix shows knowing i have utorrent and can download and burn whatever I want to see
Avatar of Mike Joyce
Mike Joyce
I liked Knock at the Cabin, but it felt like a tv movie to me.
Avatar of Indrema
I saw you on the AMC preview before the movie! Congrats.
Avatar of James Watson
James Watson
Great film . People say it feels rush but then complain when a movie is over 2 hours.
Avatar of Chris Carmichael
Chris Carmichael
Pretty interesting film. It kept my attention throughout even though the ending was very disappointing. Afterwards I heard about the ending for the novel and I really wish they would have kept to that ending . Without the ending from the novel the story does not work. The novel is anti-religious. M. Night is a religious filmmaker and changed the story and it just does not work or become fully coherent here. For a much more fulfilling version of a similar story I would recommended the masterful film The Rapture from the early 90's. It actually has the guts to "go there" with the plot and has very affecting performances from Mimi Rogers and David Duchovny
Avatar of Killer Podcasts
Killer Podcasts
I'll be stunned if knock at the cabin isn't in my top 5 at the end of the year.

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