‘Knock At The Cabin’ Star Jonathan Groff On His Favorite Shyamalan Twist & ‘Spring Awakening’

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At the New York premiere, ‘Knock At The Cabin’ star Jonathan Groff dishes on what made him excited to join the cast, the film wrap gift he shared with his co-stars, and which M. Night Shyamalan twist is his all time favorite. The actor also shared his thoughts on a ‘Spring Awakening’ movie and what he’d see himself and Lea Michele doing!

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‘Knock At The Cabin’ Star Jonathan Groff On His Favorite Shyamalan Twist & ‘Spring Awakening’

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Avatar of @madelynstoltzfus
His performance was incredible. impeccable. He better get nominated for some awards, although I have a feeling Dave will because he is more well known (which isn’t a bad thing he was obviously great), but Jonathan is insanely talented. He’d deserves more recognition, Had me in tears. Never fails to leave me speechless.👏🏻👏🏻
Avatar of @DarwinHandy
Avatar of @thesmileyeffect
There's that buttery smooth tone that I love. 🥴🥴🥴
Avatar of @rupman27isback
At the 0:32 mark did she mean to say "raving" instead of what she actually said?? Lol
Avatar of @jacquesmesrine8031
I swear.... man, I swear.. if Fincher brings back Mindhunter I will quit smoking for 6 months. That's the best of me, right there. Let's make it happen
Avatar of @denisefreitas6727
Jonathan is adorable! Love him! 💖
Avatar of @nsn5564
His voice alone is so luxuriously honey sweet, that his adorable factor is off the charts. The nicest, sweetest guy in Hollywood.

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