Knock At The Cabin Trailer Reaction | M. Night Shyamalan vs Batista!

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Gotta admit, this one got my attention!
John X Lulu Wicked Fun:
Lulu’s Fantasy Show:

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Avatar of @ReactToTheWorld
Which is ur fave M Night Shyamalan movie?Lulu's Fantasy Show: JML Show:
Avatar of @preminsta8630
M.Night Shyamalan has a unique way of directing his films..with a message in it...I think these 4 people could be the version of the 4 horsemen of apocalypse..or some kind of cult members worshipping them
Avatar of @Mangolite
Dave Bautista chose his movies carefully, even the duds. He is the standout in them. In Blade 2049, that caught the attention of M. Night Shyamalan to cast him in Knock at the Cabin.

Rupert Grint is in Servant on Apple TV Plus, produced by M. Night. Highly recommended for viewing.
Avatar of @derekcharles5750
Check out Malevolence with song “On Broken Glass” such a good and underrated band from UK………
Avatar of @bluemoonkraken8410
This movie is apparently based on a book....The Cabin at the end of the world.I think its called
Avatar of @ff_horror1175
Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) has been in the AppleTV+ series, Servant which is also a M. Night Shymylan project.
Avatar of @swarlesbarkley5917
Peak bautista. Love it

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