Knock at the Cabin’s M Night Shyamalan explains why he changed the ending and casting Dave Bautista

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M Night Shyamalan breaks down his new (excellent) movie Knock at the Cabin, explaining why he changed the ending from the original book and exactly he cast Dave Bautista.

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Avatar of @madmaxiemartialartsnerd485
Honestly what I respect most about M Night, is how he had a giant screw up in his film carreer, a genuine huge screw up. And while he never fully admitted his faults in that film, he never allowed it to shake his confidence in himself. It took him some time, but eventually, he got his mojo back and just simply made banger after banger. Truly one of the best film makers of our time.
Avatar of Tripp393
There's so much that's unappealing about movies today it's amazing. No matter the director, everything looks kind of ugly.
Avatar of blacktopazjazz9
It's badly acted...Something was off in the frenetic breathing the actors were doing...
Avatar of Fraser's Life
Fraser's Life
So profound!
Avatar of 3brenm
I respect Shyalaman a lot. You can't say the man's boring. Really enjoyed this film.
Avatar of Aimeemisblessed
All his movies are good even if theres no shock surprise there is always a twist of sorts.
Avatar of Justin Simpson
Justin Simpson
I gotta give it to M. Night for always keeping things interesting! Whether we love his films or end up being disappointed, you can’t say he didn’t put in an effort. I think Knock at the Cabin is one of his best films. Can’t wait to see it again this Thursday!
Avatar of anthony
I need to read the book. I saw the movie and it's one of my top 3 films from him. Dave Bautista is incredible!
Avatar of chris A
chris A
Hit or Miss his films are always entertaining and interesting. He's one of the best auteurs working today.
Avatar of Randall Laue
Randall Laue
Never realized there was a book first... guessed was a screenplay first. Now I am wondering if it was that specific place that “controls” the planet.
Avatar of Joey Q
Joey Q
The book is AMAZING. Loved every page.
Avatar of Honest Comments
Honest Comments
Avatar of TOJO J
Is it ok to say that M Night Shyamalan is the most handsome director😊
Avatar of Red Hot Chili Peppers man
Red Hot Chili Peppers man
I'm sorry but I think it was a dumb decision to make this film be for "Everyone" for being Rated R. It should easily been a PG-13 film. I wished it was actually a legit Rated R film.
Avatar of Truth And Reality
Truth And Reality
Another bad British garbage junk propatainment movie impossibly reset into an American setting, like the phony British author of the bad British book, that NO real existing person will ever see or hear of. It doesn't work and it doesn't make sense, especially impossibly set into an American setting of all places, but the movie "industry", propatainment, is famously and notoriously empty and dead so this kind of British transplant fiction doesn't come as a surprise to anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar of Matthew Vivian
Matthew Vivian
The ending of the book is definitely better than the movie, but I suppose if they did it, it would be way too similar to another cabin-related movie.

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