Knocking Noise Under Your Car or Truck? Simple Suspension Solutions!

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Is there a knocking noise happening under your car or truck more than just when you hit bumps? Usually the fist thought is a strut or spring, but sometimes it’s the sway bar link! In this video, Sue points out how and why a sway bar link might break and what kind of problems it can cause! Sway bar links connect the sway bar, or anti-roll bar, to some other suspension component, like a strut or control arm. These links usually have a swivel joint so that they can move with the articulation of your vehicle’s suspension. Over time the joint can wear down and break, leaving the bar of the link swinging free to clunk and bang on all sorts of things! While it may seem like a simple problem that you can put off, there is real potential for damage, so make sure to give this one your attention as soon as you can!

🔧 List of tools used:
• Flat Blade Screwdriver
• Pry Bar
• Complete Metric Wrench Set
• Complete Metric Socket Set
• Floor Jack
• Jack Stands


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Avatar of @robertyen1033
From Uruguay, thank you
Avatar of @NeutronX101
Isn't removing the lower bolt easier than cutting they thick rod?
Avatar of @osvaldofernandez4712
Semi ege fino es de milimetros sentimetras mayos pulgada tonticas
Avatar of @osvaldofernandez4712
10 pulgadas semi eges
Avatar of @jakelong2803
I enjoyed the info 😊
Avatar of @user-id3qi9pt2u
Непонятно, но крайне занимательно.
Avatar of @ryans413
Let’s hope your not trying to steer into a corner sharply you’ll loose control the sway bar dose exactly what’s its name keeps the car from swaying to far to one side. Every time you turn sharply at speed the bar will twist and pull the other tire in the opposite direction keeping the car firmly planted on the road so you don’t loose traction
Avatar of @rashidnaga
link broken can't snap.bud its loosen.not snap off like you cut this.
Avatar of @gurunaths7969
Very nicely explained , very detailed one, thank you
Avatar of @Schnippen_Schnappen1
Looks like ford/mazda crap. I replace these all the time very common failure along with everything else ford/mazda
Avatar of @kensendlosky7438
Great Channel. Very helpful
Avatar of @nikhil8108
those are the reason's the tyre is getting eaten by roads 😂😂😂
Avatar of Tom Mitchell
Tom Mitchell
How can these individuals own a motor vehicle and be so CLUELESS
Avatar of Randy's Crafts
Randy's Crafts
That knocking noise under my car was a dude trying to cut off my catalytic converter while I'm on the freeway.
Avatar of Angelo Baldi
Angelo Baldi
Ora abbiamo anche la meccanica
Adore le donne
Ma stai hai fornelli oppure cambia lavoro...
Avatar of Paulo da silva Andre
Paulo da silva Andre
I have the Fiat Siena I had to replace the shock absorbers because of a broken fitting in the Bieleta shock absorber, very good video..
Avatar of 968porsche
ANTI sway bar!
Avatar of Omri Gass
Omri Gass
thank you very useful
Avatar of FourReal
That is dumbest engineer part is ever see on today car
Avatar of Ben Vance
Ben Vance
I have just recently begun to watch some of your videos. You are incredible. Amazing teacher. You've empowered me to try many repairs, with success. Thank you, and please, keep recording more! Regards.
Avatar of GratefulDale
Not a bad idea while replacing one to do both, as they're the same age, so why not double down?
Not saying this theory applies to all suspension parts, but most except for CV Axles unless you really have money to burn!
Love your Instructionals!
Avatar of L J
This vehicle definitely belongs to somebody that live up North... Every single thing under there is rusted 🤣
Avatar of Nate
Is having this minor skill worth being so unattractive?
Avatar of Former Lee Warmer
Former Lee Warmer
It’s name is Anti sway bar.
Avatar of YaBoiFrostyGaming
So random question since I'm here does anyone at all trust plastic sway bar end links or should I invest in some aftermarket metal ones. It's on a jeep renegade
Avatar of V1-Vr-Rotate V2-VY_VX
V1-Vr-Rotate V2-VY_VX
Been ordering parts from Detroit Axle, All with a Lifetime Warranty.
Avatar of RushDark
She look like those 1950 tough women in the poster very rare to find a women like this.
Avatar of 8 Minutes of Internet
8 Minutes of Internet
I just got this replaced 2nd time on a 10 year ford fiesta because of knocking noise
Avatar of Семен Семеныч....
Семен Семеныч....
Если у тебя с авто произошла такая поломка, значит ты совсем не чувствуешь своё авто.... продай машину, так как не твоё это.... Ты и авто опасны для других участников движения!!!!
Avatar of anthony fretwell
anthony fretwell
Wouldn't it have been easier to just unbolt the broken link instead of cutting it ??
Avatar of Aj2MONEYGANG
? what's the part right now to it black rubber
Avatar of dontworryaboutit.
Does or will the engine light come on with a issue like this one ?
Avatar of TheDrakeBrazzers
My car is making like a clucking noise when stopping slowly any help? My links are good also My control arms
Avatar of Sandra
Valuable information!! Thank you!!
Avatar of Rockinbr
Thanks for this sway bar vid'

But at this time, can't visualize "installation is easy", unless ya have a vehicle lift like you have !! 🙂
Avatar of Brandon Stallings
Brandon Stallings
What kinda car is that ?
Avatar of Joman Allen
Joman Allen
Great production skills! You all get better with every video @1:28 !!!!
Avatar of Pedro Saenz
Pedro Saenz
Buenas tardes Mi pregunta es la siguiente tengo una Equinox 2013 awd el problema es lo siguiente que andar vuelta suena como si fuera el diferencial se escucha como matraca
Avatar of Francisco Martínez
Francisco Martínez
Avatar of O V
Avatar of Ghkkd
Oh my. This is the exact sound my truck makes on deceleration and I’ve been trying to figure out what the knocking is. I’m gonna check this out
Avatar of GrassJ S
GrassJ S
This was incredible to watch, I’m beyond impressed. I’m hoping the author or someone else can respond…I’ve got a 10 year old Acura that has begun knocking crazy bad over the last 2 weeks. Took to my mechanic n mentioned sway bar link (same clunking noise as once before when he replaced on R front several years ago). He took a brief look w wheels turned and said they seemed ok but I can order along w strut mounts. I’m waiting for the parts and driving lightly around town today, my brake sensor went off. My mechanic originally said oh it’s ok to keep driving, but w this brake thing now I’m concerned since the video mentions the link can hit and damage the brake or ABS line.
Should I cease driving completely till I get the parts or am I ok ti drive a bit here n there in the meantime??
Many thanks in advance!
Avatar of Raffaello relaxing video
Raffaello relaxing video
That knocking under my Prius gen 2 should be the steering system with issue. Anyone had the same issue?
Avatar of Rudolph Price
Rudolph Price
My car is a Mercedes 2015 suv
Avatar of danny r
danny r
Shes cool

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