Marella Voyager 1 Week Mediterranean Cruise (Part 1)

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I’m so excited to bring you part 1 of our fly-cruise with Marella onboard the latest ship in the fleet, Voyager! In this epic feature length docu-vlog filmed at the end of October, we start our journey at London Gatwick before flying off to Palma de Mallorca to join Marella Voyager. We’ll show you the fly-cruise process before boarding the ship and then it’s full steam ahead as we explore the ship over the course of the week trying all its facilities whilst also exploring the Mediterranean (on the itinerary we have Palma de Mallorca, Ajaccio, Rome, Pisa, Saint Raphael and Barcelona). So get comfy, grab a drink and some nibbles, and come sail with us on this epic Mediterranean adventure!

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Avatar of Mick Thompson
Mick Thompson
Never seen Gentlemans relish on a cruise ship before but i do know it is great on hot toast for breakfast, a nice anchovy paste with spices, mm.
Avatar of Gruner
Good stuff 👍
Avatar of David Marsden
David Marsden
Your having great weather for this time of year, out of interest which celebrity ship was it originally 👍
Avatar of Darran
La Bombe Surprise😂. Food looked good actually, I chose the vege option a fair amount and more often than not it’s a good flavourful dish. Nice vid boss. Keep em coming.
Avatar of Paul Birtles
Paul Birtles
Great video Jamie
Takes me back when we were on voyager in August
Going back on in march to the Caribbean for round 2 😂
Avatar of Steve Lovegrove
Steve Lovegrove
Hi can't wait for more looks like you both having fun we can't wait for our cruise in October 25😊
Avatar of Here Now
Here Now
Looks awesome! #thankyoujamie!
Avatar of Kate Gibb
Kate Gibb
Gentlemen 'Relish is an anchovy based condiment,and something I've always avoided.
Avatar of Nadia11
I laughed out loud whe you were both in your single beds and you were going uuhh uhh and waving your arms and legs referring to the space you have betwee the beds 😅
Avatar of Sue Eden
Sue Eden
Brilliant as always. Especially interesting for us as we are planning a Caribbean cruise on Voyager next year. Sue and Gren
Avatar of Nadia11
Sweating your big toes off?
Avatar of Christina Smyth
Christina Smyth
Brilliant vlog ! TUI should be paying you 👏 Going to book a cruise now 🤩
Avatar of Ian Healey
Ian Healey
Hi Jamie, is the a dress code in the evening or can you wear dress shorts (Chino style) and a polo 👕?
Avatar of Mark T
Mark T
I have been waiting for this video! I love smaller cruise ships like the Marella Voyager. Great video, I have two questions - does Marella have a solo cruiser program for people sailing solo and are most of the passengers from Britain, any other nationalities on board? Thanks
Avatar of Tony Newman
Tony Newman
Great video looks very relaxed on board and the detox evening went very well 🤣🤣
Avatar of Rhoda Field
Rhoda Field
Fab vid as usual Jamie. Enjoyed looking at your Corsican chestnuts.
Avatar of All Aboard the Cruise Life
All Aboard the Cruise Life
Another great vlog Jamie! We're on Marella Explorer 2 next April 🚢👍😎
Avatar of Matthew Thurlow
Matthew Thurlow
Nothing bothers me more than a dirty bowl or plate of food being served to a table. As a Pastry Chef and Caterer you always wife down any plate or bowl headed to a table. I’ve seen on all cruise MDR videos.
Avatar of Scruff
Brilliant video Jamie and Maffoo such a laugh watching this. We are going on Marella Voyager next year round the Med, and this video has given us a fantastic insight thank you Jamie xx

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