Noroi: The Curse (Dead Meat Podcast Ep. 197)

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Chelsea and James unravel the wild, wacky world of found footage hidden gem Noroi: The Curse.

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Avatar of @taylorrhoades6614
Please, please, please cover The Wailing. It is on Shudder as well and it is horrifying
Avatar of @perlita_
yall HAVE to do a deep dive into Incantation, which is a Taiwanese found footage film on netlfix that's also about a contagious-like curse. I believe it came out last year and it truly TERRIFIED me to the point I had to sleep with ALL the lights in my apartment on. I haven't felt that scared by a horror film since I was like 12 years old (I will add I was high while watching it, which probably added the fear-factor). It's truly well-made, very similar vibes as Noroi but without the multiple video segments. I would love to see yall talk about it
Avatar of @Renozixt
You guys should try Maximum Overdrive for the next kill count!
Avatar of @gamey_badger7906
When r u doing the fnaf movie
Avatar of @pcdevil9492
Eli Roths: Clown, kill count👀
Avatar of @vizzy5764
If I had to hazard a guess about why J-Horror supernatural stuff feels so scary, I think it's because J-Horror ghosts and demons don't pull their punches. Ghosts or demons in things like Sinister or any James Wan flick or Poltergeist just sort of feel like they pop up in your face and then dance away, people rarely even die. J-Horror ghosts and demons feel more.... cruel. It just seems like they have license to cross lines and do incredibly disturbing things that American films don't do. It kinda feels like America has these moral lines it won't cross, even in horror, that other countries don't.
Can you make a kill count for Dead Alive/Briandead 1992?
Avatar of @Kirito444
I don't know if there is a correct way to make a formal suggestion for movies for you guys to watch, but Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum is one of the best horror movies I have ever watched. I would love to see it covered on the channel! Thanks for the hours of entertainment!
Avatar of @ogij1821
Halloween ends ( 2022 ) kill count
Avatar of @chanachris
Love that they mention that they watched the haunting of hill house and I hope in the future they will talk about more mike flannagan series like midnight mass👀👀👀
Avatar of @riowagley2741
James plzzzzz tell me where you got that shirt ❤
Avatar of @023drki
You should do a kill count for FNAF movie
Avatar of @TBWL195
will you be doing Five Nights at Freddy's?
Avatar of @Kernslavedrawer
Is it just me or did the knotted ropes have umbilical cord vibes?
Avatar of @7amart177
Hope you do a kill count on this one and perfect blue
Avatar of @andrewgivelike53
Bro i hope you do kill count on five nights at freddys movie🙏
Avatar of @MattA-nz9ze
19:20 I KNOW SOMETHING OMG It's the final movement of Dvorak symphony 9, it's pretty famous and seems to appear all over pop culture so I wouldn't be surprised if it was in Battle Royale, couldn't say for sure though it's been a good few years since I saw that film.
Avatar of @JaneDoe_123
Oh! I have a personal answer as to why japanese ghosts scare me more than other ghosts! Other than the stylistic choices, which are chef's kiss

Japanese ghosts are always connected to a curse. Sometimes they're previous victims, sometimes they're the origin of a curse, it varies a lot. The thing that's different, is that japanese ghosts take everything and everyone that happens upon them. A japanese curse WILL get you , even if the worst thing you've done is be at the wrong place at the wrong time. In japanese movies you're doomed no matter what. Once a ghost sets its sights on you, you're as good as gone, even if you're innocent. They're bulldozers, they're basically unstoppable forces. And most people are not immovable objects.
Avatar of @wilco0087
They were calling tin hat guy "kichigai" which is in Japanese a derogatory term for "crazy".
Avatar of @toothbrushlord2412
can you guys do a podcast or a kill count on hell house? would love it!!
Avatar of @travisbickle2004
I really hope this movie eventually gets a blu ray release. I first watched it on YouTube because it was so hard to find, before it ended up on Shudder that is. There are some very creepy and unsettling scenes in this movie. It does take its time but I enjoyed it.

I just noticed the cat clock behind James, from the Japanese movie House (Hausu), that is so awesome.
Avatar of @Spookyqxx
do chucky season 2 kill count please.
Avatar of @hunterkat
James the song you don’t know is New World Symphony by Dvorak 19:00
Avatar of @rudebega1494
This has been one of my favorite movies for almost a decade, a fan sub was available on YouTube several years ago and I was telling everyone I knew to watch it ASAP before it got taken down. I’m so glad it’s finally gotten proper distribution and the Western recognition it’s always deserved!
Avatar of @Maxandmike
I just watched this film recently. The ending is always such an abrasive but perfect closer
Avatar of @Merrydi
Pls make an orphan first kill kill count
Avatar of @YodaZilla853
When are you making Halloween Ends kill count?
Avatar of @raccoon.878
Please make sure to do a kill count on the FNAF movie ok
Avatar of @user-ww1qt1li8z
Day 4 of asking for the fnaf movie please
Avatar of @markboulanger1633
Absolutely incredible movie, with an ambition and complexity that set it apart from other found-footage movies (in the way it combines footage from various sources, or how the movie presents itself as a documentary-within-a-film). Plus, it's fucking scary. Probably my favorite J-Horror movie after Cure.
Avatar of @redspy7630
Can’t wait for the fnaf kill count
Avatar of @lucerolorenzohernandez6244
Noroi was an accidental find for me while trying to find something new for Friday horror night and since then it became my NUMBER FAVORITE!!!!
Avatar of @JoBroNumber10
Day 1 of asking for JoJo's Bizarre Adventures kill count
Avatar of @ChronoUchiha
James where did you get that Pokemon shirt??
Avatar of @jorgeamaya6407
I just watched the Creepy kids podcasts! I watched this great movie on october from last year and its definitely top 10 Found Footage
Avatar of @JESUSismysavior22
Do halloween ends kill count
Avatar of @JESUSismysavior22
Halloween ends came out on Blu ray on Dec 27 last year do a kill count please
Avatar of @Tuxedosam-oi4bb
You should tally up the kills in the escape the night series
Avatar of @miguelpacheco201
Avatar of @user-mg1hf1jn2z
Do five nights at Freddy's
Avatar of @kongmengyang8238
Overrated movie
Avatar of @Akidget
The bleeped out text you guys are talking about at 21:00 mark, is most likely kichigai (キチガイ), a Japanese term for a lunatic, but it is censored in Japanese media for being insensitive. It's kind of like using the term "retard" to someone that is mentally disabled in the American media.
Avatar of @rosettastanley1769
Are you do they talk! season 2? you Promise in Meg Kill count they talk! season 2 will Happen. Will Still Happen?
Avatar of @coolnicholasdurbin4271
Can you make a five night at Freedy kill count
Avatar of @BlueScarabGuy
I'm no expert, but I believe the way Marika's name is pronounced is basically halfway between the two you were doing, lol. Your "Anglicized" pronunciation (the Elden Ring one) has the correct vocal stress, but the other one has the correct vowel sounds. So it should be "MAH-ree-kah" not "mah-REE-kah" or "MAY-rih-kah".
Avatar of @ThechillBIRDMAN
I have an idea for a kill count…FNAF MOVIE!
Avatar of @Megan-ye6lb
You should watch Cult and Occult by this same director. They’re also found footage. Noroi is the most put-together (and least bizarre) of these movies, but they’re actually all part of the same cinematic universe. And Tinfoil Hat definitely feels more at home in the wider story
Avatar of @finlaymcneil4560
This movie is very similar to "Occult". if you like this Japanese, found footage horror, mockumentary; occult is worth a watch
Avatar of @Robotimistic
Wondering when there going to make a fnaf movie kill count?

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