Searching For Steelbooks – Knock At The Cabin Edition

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Even though going to Best Buy isn’t quite the same as it was before Covid this is the best that I have seen the store in quite some time. The shelves were stocked (for the most part) and there were some pretty good deals on steels.

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Avatar of @make_it_good
That Knock at the Cabin art is pretty sweet! Glad you managed to snatch it up. All of the Best Buys in my area stopped carrying movies, so they are no longer a resource for me. Hopefully, things change in the future if other stores are doing well with it.
Avatar of casfarl
So sad I pre-ordered the man ehof ell to earth steelbook and my card declined and I forgot to re do it and now I don't have it😢. Even in my local stores I couldn't find it but in any case I do like that steelbook and while I wa sout I did pick up adaptation and that slip cover is so good.

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