Shyamalan's KNOCK AT THE CABIN Feels Kinda Gross | MOVIE AND BOOK Ending Explained

Shyamalan’s KNOCK AT THE CABIN Feels Kinda Gross | MOVIE AND BOOK Ending Explained

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THE CABIN AT THE END OF THE WORLD by Paul Tremblay is Shyamalan’s latest template for a movie.. and I have a lot of mixed feelings about it

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Knock at the Cabin feels gross

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Avatar of @Kameab1213
I do like the idea of exploring biblical story line through a mundane human aspect of life. It's very interesting to me to see how artists will take a story from Revelations of the Bible and kind of like tell it through basic human experience. This movie was not that great but the concept of that idea is there and I do like that idea.
Avatar of @taylorgayhart9497
I haven’t read the book but now I’m intrigued. It reminds me a lot of my own questioning of God and my religion. I honestly think it’s one of the major flaws in Christianity, that we are told everything happens for a reason, and that if we are good, Christians will be rewarded, because at some point something bad will happen to you, and quite often you’ll also feel betrayed by God for allowing it to happen.

The ending of the book really plays into that, so many parents have had to bury their child and then ask God “why?” I remember when my stepbrother died my stepdad saying to me, “there is no God that would ask a man to bury his only son, and if there is, he is an asshole.” He has never stepped foot in a church since.
Avatar of @anastasiabrennan4799
Ah, yes, bury your gays.... fun trope to run along the side of.
Avatar of Lady stein
Lady stein
Sorry, but the tittle is bugging me. The name feels unfinished. It should be "knock at the cabin door"
Avatar of Jaimee Rindy
Jaimee Rindy
Thanks for making this vid because I did not enjoy the book so there was no way I was gonna see the movie, but I was curious. What doesn't make any sense is that the book does NOT have a strong story, but it has a great premise. You would think they would have took that premise and do a better job with it, but apparently not. They changed things, but not the things that needed to be changed.
Avatar of Crystal Pistey-Lyhne
Crystal Pistey-Lyhne
Avatar of Boarded Up
Boarded Up
It’s a failed premise once we know anything about the outside world. Argue for or against God’s will, discuss cults and Christians, make all the open ended entry points to possible discussions. But don’t show us that it’s real or fake.

Have it be a campground with cabins, have them run for help but we only see horror on their faces when they open the doors but not what is inside. Have it be a cult, have one dad be a member and believer or a nonbeliever they tracked down.

Do anything except “the binding of Isaac but with gay dads” if that’s all it will be, they deserved a better story.
Avatar of Corina Sugarman
Corina Sugarman
The book sounds much more interesting, thank you for this review!
Avatar of Cat Lawyer Will defend for treats
Cat Lawyer Will defend for treats
This felt like Old testament propaganda to justify a vengeful god.
Avatar of Alter Luin
Alter Luin
Hearing those two endings back to back, I 100% prefer the book's one, but part of that is definitely the fact that I have religious trauma, so the "All-loving God" that routinely does horrible things and hates people he made a certain way for BEING that certain way was always deserving of a big "Fuck you" from me, so seeing a book look at a higher power and go "No, that shit sucks" is way more satisfying.
Avatar of Eric Wolf
Eric Wolf

Man, I hate it here. I love seeing representation for gay characters in media but I wish people would stop using homophobia/hate crimes as a crutch in them. Like bro we face that shit regularly irl lol why would i want that in my entertainment. There's SO many better options for character/world building that haven't been worn out, especially in a book/movie as cosmic as this.
Avatar of Molly-Kate Britton
Molly-Kate Britton
DIVERSITY WIN! The family being sacrificed for ambiguous reasons is gay!
Avatar of KpopBishForever
His worst movie is avatar. Hands down. He should be in jail for butchering that movie.
Avatar of Craig H
Craig H
I refuse to watch any Shyamalan movie after he butchered Last Airbender.
Avatar of Kate Archer
Kate Archer
Who would've thought that Bautista would be one of the best..

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