So You Want A Maine Cabin? @ The Rustic Log Cabin Deer Hunting Camp

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Welcome to The Rustic Log Cabin Deer Hunting Camp. This channel is all about the GREAT OUTDOORS off grid lifestyle of a woodsman in Northern Maine located in the United States:

Be a part of skills and long forgotten tricks and tips of the old OFF GRID Woodsman; Many things that will help you to survive in the great outdoors; Old school skills for beginners and seasoned sportsmen; Deer hunting tips, fishing, scouting, hiking tips of the trade; real prepping skills; Off the grid common sense living skills; and Easy old school woodsmen tricks and tips for winter survival situations.

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Avatar of @kevinray2219
Avatar of Kevin Ray
Kevin Ray
great advice,thanks tom
Avatar of Mark Guiou
Mark Guiou
Enjoyed camp life for over 60 years, wife and I have owned it for 20. They are a lot of work but we love it.
Avatar of Ian McCutcheon
Ian McCutcheon
Some very good information for those contemplating a cabin in the woods. There is certainly some upkeep to it among other things.
Avatar of enos webster
enos webster
Hi Tom i think that your name lol your spot on about camp maintenance is on going i never owned one to much work i use a camper year round for hunting trapping icefishing snowmobiling you name it i just maybe doing it no cost for repairs no taxes no worries found it worked for me . but some times i think i would like one but i come too no way. tom looking for your deer hunting shows as i can't go this fall how it your grand son make out this year?? see you soon good luck
Avatar of David L
David L
Good Day Tom. Yes it would be so nice to go to your cabin without worrying if the door has been kicked in or like you said, the stove is gone. I like your idea for the sign you put up. It will make the thief think twice. 😊
Avatar of Keith B
Keith B
Spot on.... Camps are a lot of work but wouldn't trade my time at camp for anything
Avatar of TitanTrails
Great video Tom. One of the biggest obstacles to getting a cabin can be pulling the trigger on something. Sometimes it's hard to do when you don't have a lot of $$! Sometimes you don't want to miss an opportunity if you can afford it as well.

Very similar here in NS. You can find camps everywhere, some are locked and some are not. The general rule of thumb here is to be respectful when exploring the woods.

And yes, cabins are a lot of work! But they are a labour of love. Like you, my favorite cabin season is the fall! Enjoy yours this season!
Avatar of my2cents
Yep, I expect that every inch of ground on this planet is owned by somebody. Neglected doesn't mean abandoned.
Avatar of vorrias65
Good morning Tom I saw your video yesterday morning great video your right about camps there are wanderers around all the time that go to remote areas to steal and trespass there’s no question you have to maintain a property and your right the forest will close in quickly I’ve seen it on the property next to me I also have cell cams on my own property take care Tom
Avatar of Teresa Doyle
Teresa Doyle
Good morning Tom! (Sorry I am a day late on this one 🥴 but one more sleep for us and we’ll be deer hunting!😊)
Your spot on, as usual, about camps/cabins! They are deep into the woods for a reason and have a purpose for the owners. They aren’t put there for felons!
Last week, Terry, our son and I went in to our camp to prepare everything for hunting season. They worked on the tree stand and outside of the camp while I cleaned the inside. We had a beautiful day for it and when we were done we had a rousing game of darts before heading home! 🤣
Although we don’t go to the camp as often as one might go to their cottage, we STILL use it when we want to go and expect it to be as we left it when we get there!
Have a great week and I hope you get your 🦌
Avatar of Andrew Czuba
Andrew Czuba
That's an old communist song; "This camp is your camp, This camp is my camp!" hahaha Thx Tom, I'll check out your construction videos!
Avatar of donut dan
donut dan
We moved to camp, 15 years ago during the Obama recession. Its times like these we are glad to be here. The worlds gone crazy, but out here its same as it was 30 years ago. The gate keeps it that way.
Be safe out there everyone.

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