Surviving A Week at The Conjuring House PT 2: The Woods

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PART 2 (Day 2 & 3) of Sam and Colby’s week long stay at The Real Conjuring House. The ghost hunters investigate the woods behind the most haunted house in America and get direct communication with the afterlife through Cody and Satori’s Knocking Method.

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About: Sam and Colby create haunted, exploration videos on this channel. Some series include Stanley Hotel, Hell Week, The Queen Mary, and most recently, The Conjuring Series. Subscribe to explore, travel, go ghost hunting, and watch some scary content!

Surviving A Week at The Conjuring House PT 2: The Woods | Sam and Colby

Sam and Colby

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Avatar of @ronyoseid5517
I saw a ghost orb 26:25 look closely in the middle
Avatar of @user-gf7pd3ht9u
I'm finding this series a little hard to watch. Not too sure how much I believe all this Satori and Cody business. . I find it is making the entire series hokey.
Avatar of @user-gm2ug3wz7r
i do not allow any negative energy or spirits or anything else to come around me or anyone i love or any of my family while watching these videos. thank you for letting us hear your story. thank you guys for everything you all do and i'm sorry for any glances i made at anything i shouldnt have
Avatar of @danielong2010
I do not allow any negative energy or spirits or anything else to come around me or the ones i love while watching this series. Thank you for letting us hear your story. Thank you guys for everything you guys do. I'm sorry if i made any glances at anything i shouldn't have
Avatar of @tiffanyknoell1756
a little info about me i live i think 10 or 5 miles away from goat mans bridge and my house SHOULD have good spirits 1 bad one is a friend of one to make me strong if i kick it out i would also kick a spirit out that tell me whats going on with my past life friends for sthm and btw it beezlubug i will not name them its my secret
Avatar of @tiffanyknoell1756
Avatar of @somasaha8489
I truly wish you guys will reply me or like

Hi Sam and Colby I would love to thank-you guys as you guys have not only changed my perspective about the paranormal but also changed my life in many ways.
Thankyou for entertaining us all this year and we will always support and love you guys to go further and XPLR new things.
You guys inspired me to express my feelings to the world through writing and yes I wrote a book which I will be publishing by Nov 10 ( Kingdoms of secrets by Shreyashree Saha)

Well thank you Soo soo much Sam and Colby . Love you guys
I truly wish you guys will reply me.
Onwards and upwards !!
Avatar of @mogambojr9358
Umm.. Idk if I'm hearing stuff but 55:20 i think i heard a whisper like a yess and yaaaa neither Colby or Amanda is talking💀
Avatar of @adyaselvalaxmiravindran4565
i do not allow any negative energy or spirits or anything else to come around me or my family or anybody i know and love while watching these videos
Avatar of @user-rj6yd1jb7l
I've seen too many videos online debunking the knocking method by people clicking their bones together. I'd like to see them do this without shoes on, otherwise it's hard to believe.

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