Thanksgiving Day in the Life with Todd and Rob

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Thanksgiving Day in the life with Todd and Rob

In this video, we’ll unwind from Halloween and prepare for Thanksgiving at the mountain house. Join us as we cook up a delicious fall dinner, decorate the table, and set the mood for a cozy and festive holiday meal.

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Come along as we share tips for living a simple and sustainable lifestyle in the North Georgia mountains. 🏔️And always know, there’s more to come! 😁

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We’re Todd and Rob, husbands from Atlanta, and we recently purchased a mountain home in the North Georgia mountains, along with our dog Wally, surrounded by acres of forest, streams, and wildlife. With our home improvement skills, creativity, and imagination, we hope to create a unique space to recharge, rest, and reconnect with nature in a modern mountain escape. Follow along as we’ll be posting updates on our remodel progress and mountain escapades.

Our home essentials:
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Avatar of @laurelb1962
Greetings to you both, from East Central IL. You both did a great job at decorating for Thanksgiving and I can't wait to see what you have planned for Christmas. Thanks so much for taking us along with you on your adventures to the Corn Maze and Winery, they both, looked like fun. I love myself a good Winery 🍷 😋.
Until next week, Blessings to you both,
Laurel 🦃🍁
Avatar of @MP-xf6gq
You two did such a beautiful job both inside and outside of your mountain home. Always nice to watch a handsome, married couple do their routine. Your painted hutch bring it all together. Todd's 2 shirt buttons open is pure delight it almost makes up for his past southern ga@ lis@ talk. lol :-) LOVE the very end. Todd needs to give Rob more affection so Rob won't be so frisky with Mr. Bones. :-) Ever consider wearing R and T on your shirts so we can remember who you are? lol
Avatar of @lelandpeck4585
Beautiful trip. Fall colors are magnificent! Can't wait to see your Christmas deco. Wow, you guys surely do go all out! Happy Thanksgiving to you both!
Avatar of @dinoinphx
Everything looks beautiful, thanks for sharing. Sending much love.
Avatar of @litodiaz5247
beautiful life ❤❤❤❤ todd end rob 🌳🌲🌲🌿🌿⛰️⛰️🏠🏠⛰️🌧️🌷🌷🌷🌷🌳🌳🌳🌲🌲🌲⛰️
Avatar of @marcoaureliocavalcante
Great video. I love the details showing the fall, yellow and orange leaves fitting with the perfect songs, the shower of happiness you presented us. For Christmas, I wish you could keep pleasing us with your creativity. Cause it spreads to the world the reality of LOVE, UNITY n PEACE. Thanks for showing the world the beauty of your relationship. It'll certainly help to open someone's mind. LOVE, LIVE, LEARN n LAUGH MAC
Avatar of @ronbranch4029
So I'm guessing Larry will be y'all's "elf" on a shelf? ;)
Avatar of @ronbranch4029
Always glad to see you guys having a such a good time with your home.
Avatar of @barbhaley1820
It's so beautiful there. I can see why you love it there
Avatar of @jodieblake7398
Thank you Todd and Rob for sharing this video! The decorations are Great!!
Avatar of @dougsargent1808
I love Fall. The autumn colors are beautiful. Too bad they don't last longer.
Avatar of @mlg1783
Hmmmm. Turquoise and frosty colors for Christmas, an icey theme!!! 😮looooooots of twinkley lights in cool colors
Avatar of @markwagner4909
It’s all beautiful but the best was the toasted marshmallows
Avatar of @lifeastimothy
Would love to see lights and Christmas Trees 🎄 BTW that roasted pumpkin dish looked Uhmazing 😮
Avatar of @MikeAGarza
Why early eat Thanksgiving lunch or just branch and you both live in Tennessee? I like your beautiful house ❤🦃🍁🍂🍫
Avatar of @trevisyoung802
Love your videos!!! For Christmas I would love to see a lot of trees!!! And lights!!
Avatar of @boydpease4103

Both ways scarecrow= versatile ❤
Avatar of @higeboz8889
Avatar of マモ


Avatar of fliyingkatie
bon apetit a vous deux chez nous pas de thanksgiving vivement noel j'attend avec hate vos decorations magnifiques couleurs d'automne
Avatar of Михаил
Вы большие молодцы и трудяги, все что снимаете с большим художественным вкусом, краски осени великолепны
Avatar of Juan Ramos. Jr.
Juan Ramos. Jr.
Everything is gorgeous! I am still wonderfully stunned at the autumn colors of nature! It humbles you ! There is some art that only mother nature can create!❤❤❤😊
Avatar of Todd Merritt
Todd Merritt
Hi 👋 Love y’all’s channel so creative and inspiring ☺😀✌ I’m Todd too and I’ve been with my partner 11 years we love being silly and doing all kinds of fun seasonal things too, life is too short to take yourself too seriously! Keep up the great content , Happy holidays “ Christmas 🎄 is only 42 days away! My fav 👍👍👍 Todd
Avatar of Todd Merritt
Todd Merritt
Ohh and I just saw y’all are in NorthGa too we’re in Dahlonega! So cool , small world! 😎😎😎
Avatar of Bobby
Loving the fall colors, I’m really looking forward to seeing your Christmas lights and Decorations.
Avatar of Tom YOUNG
Do all the stuff you just mentioned. There is never too much Christmas decorations. Just go crazy for the trees and lights. I love Christmas but my husband just tolerates it. ❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉🎉😊😊😊😊
Avatar of Davi Asafe
Davi Asafe
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Avatar of Steven Clark
Steven Clark
Todd & Robb, I’ve said it before.
Your place is stunning! I have always loved the mountains. The fall foliage colors on the hardwoods high canopy and then the understory of dark green mountain laurel & Rhododendron is simply beautiful. You two are a breath of fresh air to watch. Thanks for your content!
Avatar of Insight Studio
Insight Studio
Everything is well prepared!!!
Avatar of Boyd Pease
Boyd Pease
All you need now is a Kardashian

There goes one naked on a dirt bike down your road!
Avatar of James Graham
James Graham
I vote A,B and C for Christmas decorations
Avatar of gerhard rohne
gerhard rohne
we want, we need to see a bit more frugality and austerity in your never ending parties...

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