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Welcome to The Horrors Of 2023, a series where, leading up to Halloween, I’ll be taking a look at some of the horror(ish) movies that have been released this year (so far)!

And today we’ll be looking the second (and last) non-English language movie: HUESERA: THE BONE WOMAN. A Mexican pregnancy/motherhood horror movie that uses the subgenre to address a bigger societal problem in a spooky and effective way. Now that sounds rather promising…

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Avatar of @marleneroque1292
Your review is too flattering…. But I have to admit at least this is better that the avarage horror Mexican movie.
Avatar of @Fuzziefeelings
Great acting, with very little explained...hated this film.
Avatar of @abtinab3738
I wish you always upload new videos more often, really good stuff
Avatar of @marcoaceves144
Great video. As a Mexican man I must tell you, your portrait of this movie in terms of cultural representation to form a “traditional” family specially in small towns and villages mostly for women is awesome. I usually like your videos, but this one, was specially touching to me. Keep up the great work
Avatar of @ramtron1775
Fudge bro. Missed this channel. Been here since the beginning. "Horrible reeeviews"
Avatar of @victor91garciaify
I only heard about the hype of this movie but I wasn't very attracted to it, however when I watched it I was very surprised, I really really loved it. I didn't know about the reference to the book, now it all makes sense. Thanks for the review, great video!
Avatar of @emilianocortescampos4541
Great to see Mexican cinema being talked on your channel! Greetings from Mexico city!
Avatar of Erika García Victoria
Erika García Victoria
Jeroen, I think this is one of my favorite videos so far. Your commentary is so accurate and precise, the editing, everything. Great great great video
Avatar of Jerry Springer
Jerry Springer
love ur content <3
Avatar of Emmanuel Navarrete
Emmanuel Navarrete
I love so much your videos. I have been a fan of your content for about 10 years.
Avatar of Deborah Cattaneo
Deborah Cattaneo
Avatar of stokellando
Wow why do i feel it's very rare for you to love the ending of a movie.
I'm sure this movie worth to check out.
Avatar of Mare Obleet
Mare Obleet
Heck yes, watched this one recently and it was awesome indeed. Great acting and some frightening and disturbing visuals. It worked on multiple levels. Super creepy too.
Avatar of Xavier
Okay, I'll definitely have to check this out. This seems like the best movie in the series so far. It looks beautiful, and the theme seems intriguing.
Avatar of gonçalo afonso
gonçalo afonso
love your content <3
Avatar of Hank Kirton
Hank Kirton
Nice review. Nice Huldra reference.
Avatar of Ari
Great review again!
Avatar of Monorhyme
I'm personally getting a bit tired of horrors with the undertones of 'we live in a society', not because the topics should be dismissed, but because it seems like a rather simple way to give the plot more depth without actually adding any. Though this one at least seems to put in the effort, very good.
Avatar of Tardisius
Isn't 'Pinkola' the name of a Panther?....=))
Avatar of CorporalGrievous93
I just couldn’t get into this movie. The beginning was interesting, looked like we were going to get a really creepy antagonist, but then it just became more of a drama than a horror film. It was well done, just not for me personally. The message got kind of heavy handed too. I don’t mind a movie making a point, but weave it in subtly, don’t beat me over the head with it like Get Out.
Avatar of kebby kakoon
kebby kakoon
Wow my man is commited to th e bit this year. He might actually finish all the vids he has planned. But where's the talk to me vid?
Avatar of Chattanooga Chop
Chattanooga Chop
Mexican women need to realize that they can start an OnlyFans to get money to go to college and get a gender studies degree and teach 7th graders about butt plugs instead of becoming trapped in the oppressive patriarchy of motherhood.
Avatar of Seagull
As a guy with no desire for marriage and kids i loved this movie.
Avatar of Zadeh Generous
Zadeh Generous
I loved this movie! The lead had a wonderful sense of yearning that evolved throughout the movie. I like that you pointed out the knuckle cracking, that was a subtle touch that I didn't connect to the line from her mother.
Avatar of ColdRaven's Nest
ColdRaven's Nest
Shot you a message on Instagram, down to talk and possibly collab
Avatar of Eletrust
I had the opportunity to see this one in theaters last week and I was too tired.
Kinda regretting it now. ): Great video as always!
Avatar of Offshore Account
Offshore Account
So movie is Boo hoo im gay but I have to have a kid with a supporting husband to fill societal pressures. Seems pretty garbo.
Avatar of Jon Smalls
Jon Smalls
You should really teach a film studies class dude. Thank you for doing the research that I was too lazy to do and explaining the meaning of this movie to me. I liked it, but I wasn’t sure exactly what was going on. The hands on the ankle jump scare really got me haha
Avatar of Jordan Stuck
Jordan Stuck
Damnnn I need to see this
Avatar of Vanilla Squilla
Vanilla Squilla
I’ll be watching this one, thanks man! So glad you popped back onto my feed after all these years
Avatar of Chavi
Mexican comment here
Avatar of Tom Waddle
Tom Waddle
I loved this one as well Jeroen. Even the title brings with it frightening images. The husband in the film does a great job of trying to sympathize with the main character. Cheers.--adam
Avatar of Priscila M
Priscila M
uuuughhhh I've been dying to hear someone talk about this movie!! I loved it, so good.
Avatar of Farside
I only watched this on Shudder because I saw you were reviewing it. It was so bleak and humorless and not even fun. "Baby's suck, embrace lesbianism instead", that's the moral of the story apparently. Review something fun, like Triangle or Sea Fever, or Night of the Hunted.
Avatar of Afrikakorps
So this is basically left-wing extremist propaganda.
Avatar of StabSam
Terrified / Aterrados was a decent movie from 2023. From spain - germand dub wasnt the best though.
Avatar of Panzerkampf
Ok Jeroen. I buy.
I'll give it a watch as soon as i can.

Thanks 4 the hands up.
Avatar of 8Teen Music
8Teen Music
We need a review about Talk To Me!

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