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Welcome to The Horrors Of 2023, a series where, leading up to Halloween, I’ll be taking a look at some of the horror(ish) movies that have been released this year (so far)!

And today we have a found footage movie! Are those still relevant, or interesting enough to check out? Let’s find out with THE OUTWATERS, a low-budget, do-it-yourself experimental approach to the subgenre, that’s been receiving quite some mixed reviews from a divisive audience. Let’s see why…

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The Horrors Of 2023:
• Evil Dead Rise
• Skinamarink
• Project Wolf Hunting
• Knock At The Cabin
• Malum
• Influencer
• Scream 6
• The Outwaters

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Avatar of @ophe1867
I don't really count outwards as a found fotage movie... I count it as pretentious drivel. They tried to hard to make it artistic instead of having a story or character development.
Avatar of @apquickallday
This movie sucks!!
Avatar of @Jingleschmiede
The new microphone is weard. Sounds like you synchronized yourself afterwards. :) I guess, I like the SM58 roomsound more. ..... I guess with the nicer room comes a nicer sound. But it isn't horrible anymore.....
Avatar of @vincentgaliano
Best comedy I've seen this year. The filmmaker is obviously very talented, visually speaking, but he forgot to check what found footage means. Also, it's hard to care or to feel scared when you don't even see or hear what's happening. But the end made me laugh a lot, so... He would have made the same film out of the found footage genre, it could have been a horror masterpiece.
Avatar of Tom Waddle
Tom Waddle
I agree Jeroen. It was just all over the place and you couldn't see anything for 30 minutes. REC wrecks this one. Cheers.--adam
Avatar of MrKzynix Nimmer
MrKzynix Nimmer
Thanks for the info, Jeroen.
Still figuring out if i will watch this though.
Ah, who am i kidding. I probably will.
Avatar of Tony Jurkas
Tony Jurkas
I'm a found footage fan, but I saw the runtime of this and 110 minutes is too long. Blair Witch Project and [REC] are a half hour shorter.
Avatar of Lo Lo
Lo Lo
every night i'm waiting for your reviews my friend, you are the best.
Avatar of Hexagore
I've seen the two shorts included on the ETR Media Blu-ray release and let me tell you, it won't add any newfound appreciation for the main feature, like at all. If it did anything it basically added the same annoying attempts at eerie cosmic horror with some foreshadowing during the straightforward character moments. The whole package felt so unrewarding and probably the worst blind buy I've wasted my money on.
Avatar of Vaecord
I love absolutely everything about these videos from you. The music, the dragging on details, the wrapping up to the point(eventually😂) and the transitions from footage to you sipping that drink I need to try, going "umh" straight into the next point. ❤
Avatar of Kristin R Adams
Kristin R Adams
I think found footage films are a lot of fun, if done well. I'm old enough to remember when The Blair Witch Project first came out. I actually watched the trailers for it on my grandma's web t.v. No kidding. Lol. The mid to late 1990's was so much fun, and a real kick in the head for those of us who love horror and goth stuff. Blair Witch gives me nightmares for days on end, and I still don't know exactly WHY. I've seen tons of other horror flicks that should be so much worse!! Anyway, thanks so much, Gangster! Your content is my favorite in the history of You Tube :) :) :)
Avatar of Tomy Yon
Tomy Yon
It was very dark, literally... 😊
Avatar of Mike Workman
Mike Workman
Sorry, but I love found footage movies, and I really loved this one. It was like someone going through hell in the end.
Avatar of Erika García Victoria
Erika García Victoria
Oh yes. It’s time to see my favorite content creator ever again. Great pink shirt btw
Avatar of Uncle Jakey
Uncle Jakey
Can't believe how long I've been watching you and your content is still top tier
Avatar of StabSam
I am still hoping for some actual real good movies!
Avatar of NeilXSwint
Saw this at the Burlington Cinestarz. I was the only one in the place. Total turd of a film.
Avatar of AstroSpaceNot
I hated this movie. was so hyped for it and it was such a boring artsy fartsy letdown wannebe.
Avatar of Dante Medici
Dante Medici
Cute guy
Avatar of Greg Walker
Greg Walker
Found footage and cosmic horror is always a hit and miss endeavor. I like the idea of found footage, but much of it is boring and just bad film making. Cosmic horror on the other hand is nigh near impossible to film, because much of the horror takes place in the mind, and is rooted in a sense of helplessness and dispair and eventually madness. I understand that the creator of "The Outwaters" was attempting that helplessness and dispair with the second half of the film, since the film was advertised as cosmic horror, but it ends up being silly because of the sudden shift, randomness and why is he still carrying the camera to film it all. This part was not thought out at all.
Avatar of czaku21
This and Skinamarink are one of the worst horrors of the decade, maybe of all time but for sure of 2023.
Avatar of Biscutbuu Horror Reviews
Biscutbuu Horror Reviews
I loved this one personally,, definitely not for everyone. I would recommend it only to people who liked stuff like Skinamarink, Mad God and Enys Men
Avatar of Ari
Idk it looks really bad, but great review
Avatar of isaac q
isaac q
Jeroen i love youuuu! keep them coming, you're doing great in Horrors of 2023. are you covering Beaten to Death, by any chance? been curious about that one but i need an expert's opinion first.
Avatar of L.R. Smith
L.R. Smith
Watching it this weekend along with Winnie the Pooh Blood & Honey and Talk to Me
Avatar of DisinterestedHandjob
Maaaaan, I hated this film.
Avatar of GoldryBluszco
I appreciate you keeping it real with this review. Not sure what's going on this year, but I've seen a few indie horror films and walked away with the feeling of, 'so what was that hype about?'
Avatar of Reece Bennett
Reece Bennett
I've had this on my radar for a while now. I will give it a watch this week now thanks mate
Avatar of Nita Beasley
Nita Beasley
There hasn't been a decent movie made since 2016. I hated this movie.
Avatar of vezonn1
Why would that even be a serious question to ask? Found Footage is just as much a legit subenre of Horror as any other subgenre like the slasher genre or the monster film.
If there is a subgenre that needs to be dead (no pun intended) for the next ten years or so, it`s the Zombie genre.
Avatar of Peter piper picking
Peter piper picking
2023 is not looking good for horror so far
Avatar of He4dsp1n
A question as old as time itself..... 🤣 Brilliant
Avatar of UK RPGFan
Awful film, don't waste your time...
Avatar of kunfussed213
Scallywag. 🤣😭🤣😭
Avatar of scriptmönkey
21.10.2023 haven't seen .REC yet? Oh no. Really?
Avatar of chris kwiatek
chris kwiatek
The flash light comment… yes! Why! Grrr.
Avatar of Aaron Sanders
Aaron Sanders
I loved this one. Thought about it for a long while after seeing it in theaters the first time
Avatar of Aaron Sanders
Aaron Sanders
All the critiques of this movie stem from not bothering to engage with the premise at all lol if you don’t know how to watch movies, yes you will hate this
Avatar of G. S.
G. S.
Found footage..... Into the trash it goes.
Avatar of RukzyThoughts l
RukzyThoughts l
Happy October, Gangstas!
Avatar of Marco Gonçalves
Marco Gonçalves
This movie is complete trash. I don't mind bad horror movies, because most are bad. But this one got to me. Complete meaningless waste of time.

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