The TRUE meaning of Knock at the Cabin

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In this video, we’ll discuss M Night Shyamalan’s techniques as a director, and more specifically, in regards to knock at the cabin

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Avatar of @SoundsInMyMind
Great review as always, thanks so much!
Avatar of dougieranger
This does look a good one. I loved Sixth Sense and I watched Servant until recently, must catch up with that actually. Cheers.
Avatar of Moon Haneul  문하늘 찬열의 아내🍒
Moon Haneul 문하늘 찬열의 아내🍒
Nice video, like always. I agree with you, Eric is a pretty good name 😁
Avatar of RJres
Looks like an interesting movie - I'll put it on the list.

Shyamalan was pretty hot for a a while (and I enjoyed his first few movies), but then had a few duds and everyone stopped talking about his work. Nice to see you looking into this, and it does look well-shot, matching an interesting premise.

A while back I saw a video on the Bourne movies - fairly revolutionary at the time, but it set a trend of fast-paced shots where you lose track of the action. In those movies it made sense to heighten the sense of the frantic and desperate unknown sense of self , but the style just made things messy when copied forward into other action movies (John Wick though pushed back against this with longer cuts in the action scenes). Anyway, once that was pointed out, you can't help but see if nearly everywhere.

It's nice to see Shyamalan taking his time to build the tension and better control the pacing. (And Bautista, despite being a massive brute, is a damned good actor when given serious roles!)
Avatar of Alex Cool
Alex Cool
The movie has a bad message
Avatar of Koya
Absolutly love his movies, even have a soft spot for the realy bad ones. Always found it unfair that people focus on the "twist endings" instead of how good he is at camera work, pacing and general directing. My favorite scene of his, is close to the end of Unbreakable when David carries Audrey up the stairs.
Avatar of Triadne
Yay! you got to see it!
I agree with all that you said :)
Avatar of Nalu Blackwater
Nalu Blackwater
Great video, as always.

I recently watched the Terminal List and I was intrigued by the filming techniques they used to signify certain things and how they did many of the shots. Even if you don't make a vid out of it, you should give t a watch, if you haven't already.

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