Tip Tip Tippin On Hardwood Doors! KNOCK AT THE CABIN Movie Reaction, First Time Watching

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If you like strange biblical speechifyin and having to choose between bad and worse, then you’ll love this full movie reaction to M. Night Shyamalan’s Knock At The Cabin!

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Avatar of @cheshireshadow518
"This is homophobic" YOU'RE RIGHT BHGFDBHGF This truly is fucked on so many levels. I'm team Andrew all the way
Avatar of @allaneuzebio00
I liked the movie but HATED the ending. SO Christian! Like yeah the world is horrible to gay people but they should still sacrifice themselves because God told them to. I get that it's trying to be noble and spread good morals, but coming from a straight male director it doesn't sit right with me.
Avatar of @rivercrestfallen8725
Split is my favorite M. Night movie, but I recommend watching it in the series. Unbreakable then Split and then Glass.
Avatar of @cortr3397
You had me cackling with this one. My reactions were exactly yours when I first saw this. I cannot wait until The Blackening is streaming because I know I’ll be on the floor when you react to it.
Avatar of @Mimmers483
I only knew daddy Andrew as Arsehole Guy from Fleabag and I was so excited to see him in this movie! Hope he makes a bunch more!!
Avatar of @arrow_animations5343
Hey Alanda! Love your videos just wanted to reccomend a horror movie franchise you should start on called Wishmaster
Avatar of @my_randomology
I FINALLY did my reaction to this and now I get to watch your video. JOY!
Avatar of @j.decole5372
Not “Tip Tip Tippin on Hardwood Doors” 😂😂😂 Wooo that tickled me!
Avatar of @keishie23
Geezzzzz😂😂😂😂❤❤love the reaction
Avatar of @vintagesubliminals3398
love the beyonce reference in the video title haha💘
Avatar of @chaoticallygamely1687
I'm not gonna lie, I didn't believe Bautista until he started talking in sync with the TV. I would've looked at my husband and said, "let the world perish." Cuz the way I see it. IF I did make a sacrifice, the world will never learn its lesson, plus I would also be saving people who deserve to be condemned such as criminals, pedo's, ect. I am not the righteous person to make the choice. I am Eren Yeager, I choose my loved ones. 😅
Avatar of @horror_nerd9763
I've always found it boring, pointless, and frankly, stupid to watch someone else watch a movie, and I considered the creators of those videos full of themselves for thinking that other people would want to do that. You, Alanda, are the exception. I'm a huge fan of the Scream franchise, and I fell in love with your channel while watching you react to Screams 1-4. Since then, I've been a big fan, and I enjoy watching you react to anything. Keep up the good work.
Avatar of @simadownah
What about signs, invasion, skeleton key🥰
Avatar of @aliyahkay716
“show us what you’re packing daddy andrew” umm okay sir😂😂😂
Avatar of @marquisdesade3025
Doesn’t seem like the horsemen have any choice in the killings. It looks like they enter a trance, hence Leonard puking after the first one
Avatar of @itzyahaira
First Reaction that I cried to and I haven't even seen the Movie....well I must be PMSing lol
Avatar of @gvt4024
The legend of fall creek horror movie
Avatar of @cedricol.204
Depending on what you believe, someone has already died for the sins of the world! obviously, they have miss the rapture and now have to deal with their consequences! In the first place, there is absolutely no way I would have allowed someone to walk through that door after I told them they were not welcome!
Avatar of @valenciaphillips1684
Can you review The Blackening please?
Avatar of @ChrisWilliams-kq9qq
How can someone watch a movie and talk to a camera at the same time
Avatar of @docsaico
You are amazing and so funny and I’m so glad I found your channel. I’m about to head to work and binge your content all day! 🙌🏻 Thank you! 😃
Avatar of @Joshiesgotagun
Yeah, I don't like the plot of the movie. I just don't like that a family has to die to appease some god or he'll throw a tantrum and destroy everything. But the performances were all good.
Avatar of @gotaigo
would u mind moving your camera about 5 inches down when recording 😂😂😂
Avatar of @Mariareads97
the book ends is different than the movie
Avatar of @JessLoveyy
I thought the movie was stupid. how does one family have the power to stop the world from ending? and the fact that it was all real and this family was chosen cuz their "love was so pure" is dumb
Avatar of @momakesvids5704
traumatizing to see ron being a homophobe
Avatar of @jaredbond7908
Haven't seen the movie, but I don't know what the point of it is.
I don't know who this movie is for. Gays?
It's well done, and I applaud M Night for that. But why does he think we need this journey? Why?
To be honest, death is not interesting to me.... it's a cheap gimmick, to get people's attention in movies. Anyone can do it. Anyone can make likeable characters suffer on screen. But there has to be a point to it.... and I don't see it.
Avatar of @eup6cleo
i love ur vids! im going thru a hard time rn and your so comforting thank you <3
Avatar of @christopherdavis5214
Call me stupid but I couldn't live with myself if millions died. I'd just say fuck it and sacrifice myself. The need of the many outweighs the need of the few.
Avatar of @homargonzalez8161
His American accent is Perfect
Avatar of @Shyknit
6:35 You know what I never thought of in so many horror movies it's the dad/husband that doesn't believe something horror related is going down, now there's two of them lmao
Avatar of @auntvesuvi3872
Thanks, Alanda! 😱 Since you mentioned it... SPLIT is worth watching, but it's part of a trilogy. Be sure to watch UNBREAKABLE (2000) then SPLIT (2016) then GLASS (2019). #AlandaParker #MNightShyamalan #KnockAtTheCabin
Avatar of @j4r3d29
I can’t remember their names but the concussed one was definitely more the believer type and the alpha zaddy was more a skeptic and non believer. As a gay, and a somewhat religious person, I loved this film.
Avatar of @dimitripereira8431
33:11 NOOOOOO ☠️
Avatar of @ArmonMitchell
Erase the Four Gospels to save LGTBQIA+ lifestyle but in the trade off throw the world into chaos where people genuinely believe XX is the same as XY.....no amount of miraculous signs will convince some of YHWH. Excellent allegory....without being overtly offensive
Avatar of @SandraSealySeawomanBDS
1/2 hour thru this and realising I'd rather have 4 regular degular criminals break in. Damn! Creepy as heck.😬😳
Avatar of @angelearly229
I don't think I've ever cried harder from a horror movie
Avatar of @Xervello
Wrong movie for this reactor, sorry. Though I am curious what jokes she'd come up with for Schindler's List.
Avatar of @beeggym666
Batista: "I never watched this show before, but I like it!"

Alanda: "Dave, shut the Fuck up!"

Me: "(Dead)"
Avatar of @beeggym666
About to die, Ron Weasley:
"...don't you F###ing look away from me!"

(Cut to Alanda)
"I would absolutely look away!"

Shade Level: ORANGE
Avatar of @moggieo7313
Definitely watch Split... It's awesome... But it is 3rd or 4th in a series ( unbreakable, glass etc) love your reactions!
Avatar of @Secanh0
Xtians have a fetish of killing people in order to please any "greater shit". The perfect excuse for their bs
Avatar of @noelleparris9451
Your commentary, your thoughts just delight me. Thank you!!!
Avatar of @mrdavman13
Imagine being so jaded you won’t save all of humanity for one of your own. The rest of your family will suffer and die if you don’t.
Avatar of @saletheanunnally929
You should watch The Shining and Doctor Sleep
Avatar of @ladygothic7699
I knew they were right was excited for the realization. It does sound weird, but I looked at like this, did Jesus choose to die…NO. He knew what his mission was. Did he WANT to die…NO, but apparently it’s what had to be done. What I found interesting is that the truck and keys were left for them. It must be hard to be put in that position 😢
Avatar of @ChiChisWorld
"If the sky doesn't clear IMMEDIATELY!" 😂 Girl same! I said "It better rain SKITTLES!" 😅
Avatar of @KevinPendragon
21:17 - Im so late to this but I would live for a LOTR reaction

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