Tip Tip Tippin On Hardwood Doors! KNOCK AT THE CABIN Movie Reaction, First Time Watching

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If you like strange biblical speechifyin and having to choose between bad and worse, then you’ll love this full movie reaction to M. Night Shyamalan’s Knock At The Cabin!

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Avatar of @angelearly229
I don't think I've ever cried harder from a horror movie
Avatar of @Xervello
Wrong movie for this reactor, sorry. Though I am curious what jokes she'd come up with for Schindler's List.
Avatar of @beeggym666
Batista: "I never watched this show before, but I like it!"

Alanda: "Dave, shut the Fuck up!"

Me: "(Dead)"
Avatar of @beeggym666
About to die, Ron Weasley:
"...don't you F###ing look away from me!"

(Cut to Alanda)
"I would absolutely look away!"

Shade Level: ORANGE
Avatar of @moggieo7313
Definitely watch Split... It's awesome... But it is 3rd or 4th in a series ( unbreakable, glass etc) love your reactions!
Avatar of @Secanh0
Xtians have a fetish of killing people in order to please any "greater shit". The perfect excuse for their bs
Avatar of @noelleparris9451
Your commentary, your thoughts just delight me. Thank you!!!
Avatar of @mrdavman13
Imagine being so jaded you won’t save all of humanity for one of your own. The rest of your family will suffer and die if you don’t.
Avatar of @saletheanunnally929
You should watch The Shining and Doctor Sleep
Avatar of @ladygothic7699
I knew they were right was excited for the realization. It does sound weird, but I looked at like this, did Jesus choose to die…NO. He knew what his mission was. Did he WANT to die…NO, but apparently it’s what had to be done. What I found interesting is that the truck and keys were left for them. It must be hard to be put in that position 😢
Avatar of @ChiChisWorld
"If the sky doesn't clear IMMEDIATELY!" 😂 Girl same! I said "It better rain SKITTLES!" 😅
Avatar of @KevinPendragon
21:17 - Im so late to this but I would live for a LOTR reaction

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