We FINALLY Got It Right! | Pier and Beam Foundation On A Hill Building Tree House on Cabin Homestead

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We FINALLY Got It Right! | Pier and Beam Foundation On A Hill Building a Tree House for our kids on our Cabin Homestead

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Avatar of @TreeHaven
This is gonna be sweet!
Avatar of Charlene Grady
Charlene Grady
Looking so good. The kids must be getting excited. Thanks for sharing❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸
Avatar of Maggie Creech
Maggie Creech
You two are so smart. I wouldn't know where to begin. Have a great weekend.
Avatar of Marie Zafonte
Marie Zafonte
Great work today on the treehouse. Can't wait to see you back full-time on the cabin. With winter coming it will be nice to see you working inside. The guys looked like they all had a wonderful fishing trip.
Avatar of Rita Meek
Rita Meek
Avatar of Leonard Hoogerdijk
Leonard Hoogerdijk
I hope that you and the children enjoyed the fish for a good supper meal! And congratulations with the progress you made in the construction!
Avatar of Larry Feeks
Larry Feeks
There's nothing like a fishing trip with the guys to help you refocus.
Avatar of Colleen Brookes-Gain
Colleen Brookes-Gain
Gary Glad u took the ribbing abt snoring so well... I snore Whn I hav sinus/allergy attacks..... Or when I'm severely overtired......
Glad u chaps had a good time and a healthy break away frm the daily routine. U gota fill the tank cz u cannot run on reserves or empty

Avatar of Maree Hall
Maree Hall
When are you going to finish the house???
Avatar of It's all Grady
It's all Grady
love it yall
Avatar of MAVERICK Acres
good work. its coming right along.
Avatar of Charlotte Jones
Charlotte Jones
0:16: 🎣 The speaker had a great fishing trip in Arkansas and caught a big rainbow trout.
14:13: ✅ The video is about checking and selecting posts for a construction project.
22:41: 🕷️ During a video, a spider crawls near the person's hand, causing a moment of panic.
31:45: 🌸 The video showcases the process of setting up posts in a garden and notching them out for a secure fit.
Recap by Tammy AI
Avatar of texgem
Are you not able to park the trailer on the concrete pad next to where you are working ?
Avatar of Cauin
Mrs R, have you realised that when your garages build the whole area with the kids play houses will be covered up? You will be of the same thing from the house. Listening to a gang of kids screaming when you don't know what's happening is going to give you problems.
Avatar of David Moore
David Moore
I know y’all had a couple of Poker nights so how about next time everyone puts $10 maybe $20 into a pot and Whomever gets the First, Biggest and Most wins the pot. We always did that when up in Pinetop AZ.
Avatar of Brad Garms
Brad Garms
Ive been watching you guys from the beginning and hope to find some land close to your area in the future. I am having another heart surgery again next week, so I will have to be in the Russellville area do to hospital access and my health. Is that close to you and David and DD5?
Avatar of evalina
Glad you had a fabulous weekend with the boy's. First Year. Hope you already rented out for next year. Good foundation. Love, PRAYERS FROM SE MICHIGAN GREAT LAKE'S 🐟🐠🐟 🐠🦓🦓🛐🛐🛐✝️🀄🥀🌹☀️🌟❤️👍🐦🎁💰💰💰🇺🇸🤩🤩🍉🔥🎈🏝️🛐
Avatar of Ronny Dowdy
Ronny Dowdy
❤ Love the content and the work you two do together. This build will be there for years to come.
You and the family will have good memories in the place. It's like a home away from home.
Enjoyed this episode very much. ❤
Avatar of Daniel “Danny” Thornton
Daniel “Danny” Thornton
can y'all adjust your mic's a little so we don't here yunz breathing so loud?
Avatar of Richard Royles
Richard Royles
Goodbye. God bless.
Avatar of Joe
You guys are awesome,you all have an amazing framily with an amazing group of people, there is a couple in Canada that remind me a lot of you two, you should check them out if you get a chance, they would make a good addition to your framily of homesteaders, keep up the good work and stay true to goals, their channel is this off grid life
Avatar of James Baird
James Baird
You and Gary are so good examples of family, friends, and values. So refreshing to watch. Hard work shows quality without compromise. Work hard, play hard, live well, stay blessed.
Avatar of Outdoor Studios
Outdoor Studios
Hello SLR, Yum Trout
Avatar of Brenda Holt
Brenda Holt
Did you think about carriage bolts? Seems like that would have been less work.
Avatar of Glenda Bendel
Glenda Bendel
Happy you men had a great fishing trip. Well deserved. Play house is coming along😊

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