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Knock at the Cabin asks an impossible question: Would you sacrifice someone you love to save the world?

But surprisingly, the movie becomes less about this question and more about belief. Is the choice real? In this video, I consider what the movie says about these questions and compare it to Paul Tremblay’s book which this movie is adapted from. M. Night Shyamalan made some significant changes which alter the story’s meaning.

0:00 “Not Just”
1:11 Trust in an Age of Misinformation
7:04 Hate Begets Hate
9:46 Book Ending: Defiant Hope
14:10 Movie Ending: Divine Hope
18:11 Shyamalan and Tremblay’s Statements on the Ending
20:55 Conclusion


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Avatar of @MrDagonOfTheDead
Being thumbs up # 666, I feel like it means something🤣🤣🤣
Avatar of @alvinbailey2830
The little Asian actress stole the movie
Shyamalan is Hitchcock on steroids
Avatar of @shawnlinnehan7349
I doubt I will watch this. In the real world, I don’t go to my land in the woods without packing heat. All my neighbors out there have shooting ranges on their land. Some people show up at my place, they are getting shot real fast and that would be the end of the movie. There’s two guys in this and one looks like he was some sort of fighter. Uh, you take the people out with no hesitation. This must be California. This wouldn’t fly in Texas or Florida.
Avatar of @AdlejandroP
i loved all the characters and the actors performance's, specially the lil girl, and leonard
Avatar of @nlmbboogz7382
Now Erik dying would’ve been badass 😎😂😂
Avatar of @habinations
its a movie.
Avatar of @arnoldjanikowski7122
i only seen the trailers against my will but from those 2 minutes..its all about grooming kids to make easy prey for evil mentally ill people who harm children hate white people all the loser woke xxxxxx. wake up people they want you to be their slaves and eat bugs.
Avatar of @gerryk101
It's always so funny watching people try and run from the inevitable!
Like that's gonna help ?
Just turn around and face it ! It will be better and quicker and less painful .
Like running from that wave? Yeh sure you gonna outrun that? 🤣
Avatar of @geoffrygo
Thank you. This movie was pretty thematically obvious.... at least I thought so walking out of the theater.... but in all the weeks of searching, you are the first person to lay out the theme with admiration for it's application. Big big thanks for that.
Avatar of @MatthewM575
The moral of the story is....that gay men will save the world🤣🤣🤣 What a crappy movie. It had potential to be really good. Nope...let's push the gay agend.
Avatar of @cb5484
Wow! The book is so much better, so much more nuanced. I like the open-ended ending. It was an OK movie, but it could have been so much more impactful if M. Night didn't make any changes from the book.
Avatar of @benjaminevans1537
This was probably the worst movie I’ve ever watched
Avatar of @AllThingsFilm1
It's a stupid story. And incorporating religion into it, makes it even less convincing.
Avatar of @coffeeandcannabis
I think I would have preferred the ambiguous ending.
Avatar of @TheGosslings
I love watching NPCs in the art world (writers are no exception) succumb to TDS. It pays the bills.
Avatar of @ratatuilleparker3002
I’ve never heard tsunami pronounced like the Cartoon Network on purpose.

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