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Knock at the Cabin asks an impossible question: Would you sacrifice someone you love to save the world?

But surprisingly, the movie becomes less about this question and more about belief. Is the choice real? In this video, I consider what the movie says about these questions and compare it to Paul Tremblay’s book which this movie is adapted from. M. Night Shyamalan made some significant changes which alter the story’s meaning.

0:00 “Not Just”
1:11 Trust in an Age of Misinformation
7:04 Hate Begets Hate
9:46 Book Ending: Defiant Hope
14:10 Movie Ending: Divine Hope
18:11 Shyamalan and Tremblay’s Statements on the Ending
20:55 Conclusion


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Avatar of @david8905
What is it really about?

"Wen has two daddies."

The social engineers in Hollyweird enlisted M Night Shyamalan this time to direct a thrilling cinematic celebration of gay marriage.

In this story, two queer men show the hetero normative class once and for all that they are as good as them, maybe even better.

And what is the surprise twist ending to the film that Shyamalan is known for?

Perhaps it's that those who cannot reproduce in order to perpetuate the species will at least rescue it for those who can with an act of super moral bravery and courageous self sacrifice.
Avatar of @flux.aeterna
Yeah unfortunately the film adaptation seems to validate that “you should have listened to the conspiracy theorists” which is a terrifying endorsement in the trump and post-trump authoritarian resurgence
Avatar of @douglasharbert3340
I find it quite ironic that since they are gay, had they not decided and just let all those people die, the world would have ended anyway. They can't procreate, and their only other option would have been taking turns screwing their daughter to repopulate the Earth...😉
Avatar of @echoesinthedark615
Just saw the movie and it reminded me a lot of Frailty! Awesome movies both! Many interpretations are possible.
Avatar of @echoesinthedark615
I had a strange theory the film was about The Trinity (understood as the Triune God of Christianity) and how it self sacrificed in order to save even those whose hated love itself. I might be crazy, but there is some dialogue in the film to support this towards the end when Andrew is telling Eric people don’t deserve anything because they destroy everything, to me it sounds like an inner monologue that God would have in eternity when God decided to intervene by sacrificing one of himself , the son, the second member of The Trinity. The sacrifice had a real cost that altered the course of destiny and history for all eternity. Many interpretations possible! Loved this movie, works in so many levels.
Avatar of @andrearaul2411
#DaveBautista TOP ACTOR!!✌🏽👑🔥🇵🇭🇬🇷🇺🇸
Avatar of @GoddessTier
I can't imagine buying into the conspiracy. Even if it seemed the will of their God, I would have to assume I was having a psychotic break. I would not decide to agree to sacrifice.
Avatar of @fortynine3225
I think it should have been made clear that it is a hybrid gay interest movie. I am not interested in watching such movie..feel like being conned here and want my money back. btw the only reason why gay people can adopt baby's is because that is how democratic party get the gay vote.
Avatar of @kellymarien9329
Ethan Tremblay wrote this??
Avatar of @maleekpate6770
Who is that @15:03 - 15:05 not even my voice recognition could understand what his name was … obviously I’ve never seen that movie or tv series
Avatar of @johntrains1317
I agreed w Trem after seeing the movie. I was like, welp this God seems like a horrific individual
Avatar of @solosick4172
I thought they picked their family because they were the definition of the corruption of what a family is since they were a gay couple with an adopted little girl and that made sense to me until Batista said that God chose them because they were the perfect family and then I was really confused because they we're a distortion of what a family supposed to be so I figured the god they were talking about was really the devil all along and that was the twist
Avatar of @stevegovea1
It's about the power of love😅
Avatar of @EmviloriamE
I'm here because I am one of those people who watch everything about the film they just watched and enjoyed.
Avatar of @edgarmarafuga143
This movie is very dangerous, especially for homosexuals. The film leaves no doubt that homoparental families are dangerous for society and represent its decline and end. In turn and subliminally, he says that being homosexual is unhealthy and deviant. There are several scenes in the film that say this in a very hidden way. The entire succession of events and speeches in the film is completely against homosexual couples and the adoption of children. The latter being the main objective of the film to criticize. A well-made film, pleasing to the most conservative point of view and for the most inattentive, it is an inclusive film. Inclusive because it gave work to two homosexual actors but ultimately it was done to humiliate and do little for the inclusion and respect for the dignity of homosexual people and their family constitutions. This movie don´t have any plot twist because the only plot twist is the entire movie. The plot twist is that this movie is homophobic and anti gay, without being so obvious. But what remains in the viewer's subconscious? What remains is that these types of families must be frowned upon, persecuted and that they are an attack on the safety, well-being and progression of society as a whole. They therefore represent a danger that must be eliminated. But in the film they were intelligent. The rule was: only one of the couple could die and it had to die by the choice of one of the couple. None of the heterosexuals in the film physically killed the couple. The death here was symbolic and it was as if they had been killed or made to kill them. If there was a film about homosexuals doing things like this to heterosexuals, the film would immediately be despised and seen as made by mentally ill people who are an attack on morality, against God and against the normality of society. This Shyamalan film is simply a parody of the rights and achievements of homosexuals and is represented as being the sign of the end of times. This shit is revolutionary for the conservative people. Well done!
Avatar of @annajohansson7116
The idea of killing a family member as a sacrifice, is very disturbing imo.
I think the book ending makes more sense.
Avatar of @helendamnation2611
Disappointed in the type of terminally-online bigoted audience you seem to attract, judging by this insane comment section. Can’t even enjoy a real discussion on the film’s themes because the fact gay people exist is too much for some people. I usually love your videos.
Avatar of @sebastiansochanski

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