Why Knock At The Cabin Should Scare Gen Z (Video Essay)

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Knock At The Cabin is M. Night Shyamalan’s recent film and although he has been hit or miss lately, he did not fail to impress with Knock At The Cabin. it starred Bautista, Johnathan Groff and Rupert Grint and they each gave tremendous performances. The movie does have a few flaws but what stood out most to me was the message behind the film. M. Night Shyamalan sends a warning to the youth and to society as a whole warning us of the direction we are heading. And in this video essay I break down how Knock At The Cabin teaches us how we should look to move as a society in the future.

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Avatar of @imnotacannibal
bro ur head looks like the knights from castle crashers
Avatar of breaking lightbulbs
breaking lightbulbs
it was a major plot point that the news broadcasts weren't live that added that shamalayan ambiguity to the plot and made the couple more justified in not believing them. another point was that it was speculated that their perseverance and attachment to their identity made their family's love more of a worthy sacrifice. feels like this essay is missing the forest for the trees in a movie about the tests of faith and love in order to talk ab identity politics
Avatar of Jared Marrero
Jared Marrero
Man this was a great breakdown. Made me love the movie even more.
Avatar of Anna Bertilsson
Anna Bertilsson
You take up great points. Especially how we have been hurt can effect our identity and how it too can add to that. How we have biases and how our world view is based on our own fears or fixations etc. So I agree about this. And the polarizing political views and how that gap is wide and it is hard to bridge that gap. Prejudice does impact our judgement. This is a great take on the movie, you have such great points. Love your view and your wise words. There is a lot to learn from what you just shared. Probably your best essay as of yet! Loved it! I can see that you have grown as a creator and your essays are always so interesting and this one was inspireing too! Great work! Thanks for the upload! 🤩
Avatar of Keith Hill
Keith Hill
Great video
Avatar of R³
I have always said prejudice leads to that discriminate aspect of people becomes their whole identity. Glad to hear someone else agree.
Avatar of Bobby Socks
Bobby Socks
Excellent!!! As a gay man, I completely agree that labels are becoming identities and it's all wrong. The gay community has been hijacked for all kinds of dysfunction. I always said that you can't base your identity on who you are sexually attracted too. I only use the label here to relay a message. Excellent job!!!

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