Winter Is Coming At The Off Grid Log Cabin

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Winter is coming at the off grid log cabin. Going to need a lot of firewood to stay warm this winter. It’s a good thing this log cabin is tiny. The joy of off grid living.

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Avatar of @bliz75
A wise man once told me, " Life is not a problem to be solved, it's a mystery to be lived." Keep working hard and God will take care of the rest. Stay blessed my friend.
Avatar of O. Smallwood
O. Smallwood
Dads a hoot, thanks for sharing. All the best andstay safe.
Avatar of OffGridBo's Dad
OffGridBo's Dad
Hi Son, just a few words to say how proud i am of you,and how proud i am to be your Dad..your honesty & hard work is inspiring to those who fallow your channel..who live their dream through you..i'm a very lucky man to be a small part of this..i always read the comments on here and they make me always keep things simple and do it your way..there is something your friends on here don't know about you,and i'm going to tell them, and that's a lot of company's have contacted you and offered to sponsor you and send you free gifts..some of them with great value if you would promote their refuse these offers because you don't want to be like some of the bigger channels..i asked you why you didn't except these offers, your answer i'm not going to promote a product to my friends on here that i don't believe in myself !!!!!! "GOD BLESS YOU SON"
Avatar of shawn donohoe
shawn donohoe
Sharpen your saw by hand, 3 strokes every tank of gas. Takes 5 minutes
Avatar of rajeev pushkar
rajeev pushkar
Nice vlog 👍👍
Avatar of IndianaOffGriders
Glad to see you making lots more videos. 😊
Avatar of Terry W. Milburn
Terry W. Milburn
Great Cabin Update No ! Cherish The Time You Have With Father ! He's A Hard Worker ! Loved The Post ! ATB T God Bless
Avatar of Coyote Sticks
Coyote Sticks
Howdy Bo - Love how things are coming together at the cabin. Hope you can get some time to just enjoy the cabin without having to do so much work. I could sit there on a cold day with a hot cup of coffee in my hands and just enjoy the peace and quiet. Such a beautiful location, especially when the snow is on the ground. Thank you for sharing your get-away home with all of us. Stay Safe - Take some time to relax. Kind Regards, Randy @ Coyote Sticks by Wiley in Arizona
Avatar of Arielle-Viking Venturer N Victuals
Arielle-Viking Venturer N Victuals
Hi Bo, great job on your kitchen and loving them Fall colors. So nice to see your dad out helping you. Wood stoves are the best. ❤👍🏻

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