Your rude boss shouts at you and fired you bcoz of a misunderstanding but regret later | jk ff |

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#btsff #fanfiction #jkff #jungkook #jungkookfanfiction #imagine #bts #jkimagines #btsoneshotff

* this is voice over and it doesnot contain music , i hope you don’t mind if you dont want to watch voice over then you can skip it Thank you❤️
* There is no harm to any idol in this imagination .
* This is complete imagination of author and there is diff between imaginary world and real world

* Pictures and music used in this video arent mine . Credit goes to owner
* this story and story lines are mine
* ignore my mistakes
* Like and subscrobe to my youtube channel

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Avatar of @Cynthia-go6ut
Can everyone stop being rude to the author pls. It's HER engagement ofc she might be busy if the video is a bit late what's the issue 😒
Avatar of @Hash_fanfictions
Guys the next part has been uploaded!!!
Avatar of @Superstar-uh4tx
Does he know her from before for Jimin to say i thought you loved her that is why I brought her here but he treated her so rudely hmm we will have to see what happens.
Avatar of @nisha3161
It's really amazing and fantastic. I love and enjoyed it a lot but I'm little disappointed by Jungkook. Thanks for this ff of yours.
Avatar of @kayleeprice2021
Can you please do a part 2 today
Avatar of @Hash_fanfictions
I’ve been receiving alot of DMs for make yn and jk together and some of them don’t want them to end up together. So I’ve decided to make alternative endings!! What do you guys think …
Avatar of @pauladizon9783
Upload next part soon I'm waiting 😢 pleasssssse
Avatar of @mr.strangegaming8295
I am all fine with however you want to end the story but atleast I want you to break jk's ego made him beg for forgiveness in front of everyone how he insulted Y/N in front of everyone make him bg for y/n love too all the best 💜💜 borahae 💜
Avatar of @Aaru_bts
Next part plsss
Avatar of @Rosh0612
Next part soon 😭😭
Avatar of @dishashah4197
But jk should atleast listen to her once and let her explain her side too if he loved her 😔
Avatar of @Anjali028
Waitn for next episode
Avatar of @balakrsna2847
Next part make soon please
Avatar of @music_lover0218
Author write this anyway you want. People don’t need to get all hyped about how yn is treated etc it’s made up story idk…. I’m just different I guess. To me a story is a story and people have a right to their opinions it just seems like opinions go to far into it
Happy thanksgiving to you and your family
Avatar of @priyachakraborty9655
She should not forgive him easily... He should burn in pain and regret
Avatar of @ramshahtazeen6247
Please its already 2nd day make it soon
Avatar of TypeFace beauty
TypeFace beauty
Plz upload the 2nd part plz plz unnie. I have exams in a week
Avatar of dreamy night
dreamy night
Next part plz plz plz soon please
Avatar of abcdd
Let the drama begin don't let yn forgive jungkook easily but at the end please make them together he need to learn his lesson 😊 thankyou ~
Avatar of k2
I just want yn to work in another company as ceo secretary or higher post but don't work in jk company
Avatar of Adira Hara
Adira Hara
An I want an ending that everyone happy with so her is my point... Let jungkook change himself for yn and then make him thought that he had a chance to be with yn... But actually yn is going on a date with jimin(not a romantic date) And then yn have to give him fake hope... And then you have to make that MARY suffer more then what jungkook gets because i know she is the reasons behind this... Also JUNGKOOK has anger issues i understand that because it's been in my DNA... I know how he felt when someone just told him that he has been betrayed and he believes the lie because his mind went blank for a moment there... plus we have to give him a second chance because he realise his mistakes once jimin came and ask him why did he fired yn... He definitely deserved a second chance and plus this is not his fault it's the emotional damage that his having...
Avatar of Fourth Flower
Fourth Flower
Stop dirtying the love word... No can treat someone like shit if they love that person.. Jungkook doesn’t love her. If he did he couldn’t have behaved like that. Broh jimin....trusted her but he couldn’t tssssk..
And this ff deserve a ending of them separating. U should stop listening to obsessed jungkook fans
Avatar of Cookie 🍪
Cookie 🍪
Next part plz
Avatar of PRAGYA💜
Grannu is soo cringe

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