You’re Going To Hate Playing Against The New Aegislash! V & ex Immune! Paradox Rift PTCGL

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In today’s Pokemon TCG Live video i play the new Paradox Rift Aegislash which has a pretty annoying ability where it is immune to Pokemon V & exs!

Music Used in videos now credit goes to: GlitchxCity:

Pokémon: 9
2 Bibarel PR-SW 188
1 Aegislash ex PAR 135
1 Manaphy BRS 41
1 Jirachi PAR 126
2 Bidoof CRZ 111
2 Doublade PAR 132
4 Honedge PAR 131
3 Aegislash PAR 134
1 Pidgeot V LOR 137

Trainer: 17
2 Defiance Band SVI 169
4 Ultra Ball SVI 196
3 Rare Candy SVI 191
2 Lost City LOR 161
1 Super Rod PAL 188
4 Battle VIP Pass FST 225
4 Iono PAL 185
1 Raihan EVS 152
1 Technical Machine: Evolution PAR 178
1 Escape Rope BST 125
1 Forest Seal Stone SIT 156
2 Arven OBF 186
1 Counter Catcher PAR 160
2 Boss’s Orders PAL 172
1 Switch SVI 194
2 Colress’s Experiment LOR 155
2 Nest Ball SVI 181

Energy: 2
5 Basic {M} Energy SUM 163
4 Reversal Energy PAL 192

Total Cards: 60

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Avatar of @holeindanssock156
I watch in. 75x speed to learn better. Lul.Ty dude i built a deck like this, i run snorlax voraciousness and radiant tsareena... X2 aegislash ex. Ty
Avatar of @holeindanssock156
Just built mine. Looking forward to enter my local tournament again at 401 games, those kids last time destroyed my noob azz lul. I had a decent roaring moon deck but realized anti metta is CHEAPER to make.....

But hey....

Lifes tough. Get ready boys! Aegislash coming for your 300 dollar charizard decks lul
Avatar of @MerlinCheng
49:17 They can't Motivate cuz thats an ex, and all your Pokemon are Aegislash.
Avatar of @keithcomtois7926
just found out that shred on giratina v goes straight through aegislash. that matchup is an auto loss. same with iron valiant if they turn one yoga loop
Avatar of gedegang
This made lost tina still viable
Avatar of David appleby
David appleby
Nah i beat it first try
Avatar of Simone 09
Simone 09
This deck with this meta is reeeeally good, none is playing sdp decks anymore
Avatar of Carlos Renato Hernández Rivas
Carlos Renato Hernández Rivas
I got the Aegislash deck in the pre release tournament in my city and I figured early this deck would bring many headaches on the current meta.
Avatar of Spitfire3004
“Everytime, guaranteed” 🤣
Avatar of Le-Funtime
broo to be honest, I really really miss the song that plays in PTCGO when battling, it gives somewhat hype to it not like in the PTCGLivee
Avatar of Helzenberg
I like nice deck!
Avatar of Just Joe
Just Joe
Hey man. So I wanna make a deck suggestion: revisit Meoscarada. Because the new sort of “norm” is mostly dark types, not only can it one hit ko darkzard but it can also take six prize turns on Roaring Moon since meoscarada can juggle around that last little 30 damage counter push all around the board, which is everyone’s DREAM right now. You can go for 4, 5… maybe six prize turns against roaring moon? So yeah, just basically requesting that you do a Roaring Moon counter-deck with meowscarada.
Avatar of Steven Carlson
Steven Carlson
Day 130 of asking for a gardy/drifloon/bravery charm deck
Avatar of Riven Bellmont
Riven Bellmont
Ooh i was wsnting to see a list for this me happy
Avatar of Yamil Rosa
Yamil Rosa
I remember watching you back in 2020 I’m thallus you grew so much ❤ Pokémonmasteryams
Avatar of Piano Leg Pete
Piano Leg Pete
I prefer skwovet to Pidgeot for the anti-deck-out. It doesn't activate seal stone, but it still synergizes crazy well with Bibarel
Avatar of Jose Pablo Villalobos Vega
Jose Pablo Villalobos Vega
For me the key to win against the new decks is Toedscruel, its ability is great against tsareena and roaring moon. I always laugh when them attack and loose the turn haha
Avatar of FLI36
Your “okay, wow” after you Iono and got candy and Aeg had me rolling
Avatar of Andyconda
Iron valiant just beat me on turn one of the game 😮‍💨 I didn’t even get to play
Avatar of EnchantedSymphony
I didn't nearly as well you did lol. But I did make Iron Urshi deck out which felt good
Avatar of Matthew Pearson
Matthew Pearson
I just took damage from a mew ex using genome hacking. Is that legit or a bug in ptcgl?
Avatar of MitobeGuy
The average Charizard EX player just can't resist the urge to rarecandy charizard when Aegislash clearly PREVENTS damage from ex pokemon.
Avatar of Matt Campbell
Matt Campbell
Would love to see this list with revavroom as well since the slash can tank hits for set up outside of boss maby a bad deck friday kina a thing thou
Avatar of Benjamin White
Benjamin White
Sword boy was my first pick up deck that I knew I would like from paradox f
Rift. I actually win alsot with it. Mines alittle different though

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