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This is a full Knock at the Cabin movie review where we cover every nuance. Read about the plot and discover how the critics reacted to this new apocalyptic thriller. A few thought-provoking dialogues are also included in the article.

Knock at the Cabin movie plot review

Knock at the Cabin movie: plot, critical response

The narrative of the Knock at the Cabin movie is about a family of three. It consists of two men, Andrew and Eric, and their seven-year-old daughter named Wen. They come to have a vacation at a remote cabin.

While playing outside, Wen encounters a stranger. His name is Leonard, and his approach is quite charming at first sight. From his explanation, the girl discovers her parents can help save the world. Meanwhile, three other strangers with improvised weapons appear in front of Wen. She feels suspicious about them and flees in order to warn her parents. However, the visitors intrude the cabin and tie them to chairs.

The intruders claim they have been forced to come here by their visions. The group foresees an upcoming apocalypse. The only way to prevent this from happening is for the family to bring a sacrifice. They should decide who of them will die for the sake of saving the entire humanity.

In case they don’t make a choice, the family will survive the apocalypse. But they will be the last humans alive. Andrew and Eric don’t believe the visitors and consider them as ignorant homophobic haters.


The film received generally favorable reviews

The film received generally favorable reviews. Rotten Tomatoes, a popular review aggregator, gave it an average rating of 6.3/10. Metacritic assigned the movie a score of 63 out of 100.

Some critics acknowledged its “rich and earthy” cinematography. Others commented positively on how the film provokes deep philosophical dilemmas in our minds.

One can’t use Knock at the Cabin as a tutorial for survival during the apocalypse. Nevertheless, it teaches us a valuable lesson. If you ever spot armed strangers in the woods, avoid them at any cost.

Knock at the Cabin movie: interesting facts

  • The film made $5.4 million on its first day in the box office.
  • Knock at the Cabin movie’s OST is written by musical composer Herdís Stefánsdóttir. Overall, there are 22 soundtracks for the film.
  • Knock at the Cabin movie’s definition categorizes it as a “psychological horror film”. However, it also features elements of mystery, thriller, and drama.
  • The video product helps raise awareness toward the LGBT community. It’s due to the main characters portrayed as a gay couple.

Knock at the Cabin movie: dialogue pieces

Knock at the Cabin movie: dialogue pieces

Below we extracted some of the memorable Knock at the Cabin movie quotes. This dialogue occurs after the couple have witnessed the signs of an impending apocalypse.

“Do you really think that everything that happened today, everything we’ve seen… Do you really think it’s all just a coincidence?” (Andrew)
“Yes, I think it’s all a coincidence, some horrible unexplainable coincidence. Or it has to be a trick! I have to believe that!” (Eric)
“You already don’t believe that.” (Leonard)

Knock at the Cabin movie’s vocabulary doesn’t contain any specific terms. It rather aims at the essence of the words, not their formulation. The film has some profound phrases, one of them sounds as follows.

“Our choices make our destiny.”

It can also be applied to our daily situations, not just to the movie’s circumstances. That’s why it’s beneficial to explore artistic creations made by other people.

What KNOCK AT THE CABIN Is Really About

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